‘Justice delayed is not justice denied’: Mother arrested in son’s 1986 death

‘Justice delayed is not justice denied’: Mother arrested in son’s 1986 death
If anybody knows anything about where he is or if he is safe, I want them to. Please just tell me that the subsequent investigation revealed that the majority of witnesses at the swap meet that day reported never seeing Pierre with phlegm or Lobster. The neighbors of Fleming and Lester also told investigators that Pierre had not be seen for weeks, and it was not to leaving their house with them prior to the claim disappearance. These circumstances LED investigators to dig deeper into the detectives learned that in December 1985, Wyoming and Lester have been arrested for child abuse against Pierre I’m awaiting trial. On that charge today is an example of a Justice. Delayed is not Justice tonight and just goes to show you that through the hard work of law enforcement – and we should never give up – we should never stopped working a case.
Amy Elizabeth Fleming was arrested and charged for the 1986 murder of her 3-year-old son on Jan. 29, officials said. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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