Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail | Day 13

Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail | Day 13
Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail | Day 13
Thank you for joining us the pleasure to be back in Hamilton alongside many candidates, particularly our liberal candidate, for right here in Hamilton Center Jasper, kijowski, representing refugees. As a lawyer, the fighting for the victims of gender-based violence as a prosecutor Jasper, is ready to be a strong voice for his community. The first we got an election to win on October. We all have an important choice to make. We have to decide what kind of Canada We Want to Build Together. Choice could not be clear. Liberals won’t reward big polluters, gun gun makers and the wealthiest 1 %. With the tax cut conservatives, will they always do in the fine print while they’ll pay for it by cutting the Public Services you and your family? You can set your clock by. It exhibit a Doug Ford on the campaign Trail conservative politicians love to stay there for the people. We know what happens once the rent office family’s here in it would seem just how far they’re willing to go to help the wealthiest few, how quickly they will make cuts to Public Health into the services people rely on most. They don’t understand that you can’t cut your way to prospair Doug Ford threatened cuts to Ontario’s autism program. He cancelled an out-of-country ohip program and he cut Ontario’s pharmacare program that was focused on the needs of kids and young adults, rewarding the wealthy and big polluters and making life harder for the middle class. That’S what conservative politicians do and now it’s Andrew Scheer want you to double down on conservative politicians, twice the bikes for big polluters in the wealthy and twice the Cutz for you and your family. There aren’t enough teachers offering courses in Ontario this year for grade 12 to put together the credits they need to graduate. That’S what happens when the government focuses on Buck a beer, I’m not for doubling down on the conservatives, I’m from moving forward with you. That’S why we decided to invest in people and in the future we’re off to a great start, but we also know there’s a lot more work to do like many Canadians, I’m proud to live in a country where we have Universal Health Care. Oh no, but our system is not perfect right. Now too, many people are falling through the crack parents and children who have to spend the night at the ER because they don’t have a family doctor in workers who can’t afford the medicine they need to get back on their feet. Teenagers struggling with mental illness, who don’t know they’re professionals who can help with those who can’t afford Home Care, goes on and in a country like ours, that’s an acceptable, every Canadian, no matter where they live, who they are or what they do should receive the care They need to stay healthy. That’S why, during our first mandate, we took some meaningful steps to close the gaps in our Healthcare System to help reduce wait times and improve patient care. We negotiated a new health decor with the provinces and territories. We also brought in the most significant changes to drug pricing in nearly thirty years, which will save Canadians approximately 13 billion dollars over the next decade, and we set an advisory Council to lay the groundwork for National pharmacare. We know there’s lots more work to do. People are tired of looking for doctor’s, tired of spending hundreds colors on prescription drugs, tired of fighting a system that should be helping them so today, we’re announcing would have re-elected liberal government will do to strengthen our Healthcare System. Play me a song, I’m a territory with respect to Mental Health going to the quality of Sarah’s Services. Hospital you go to colleges can take quite a long time. In the last four years, we’ve made Investments to improve access to treatment and address the stigma of Mental Illness, but it hasn’t been enough not for that thousands of people who lose their life to suicide for their loved ones, their friends and their communities. Right now there are people in this country who are dying because they don’t live close enough to a hospital. Others are struggling because they’re on waitlist to receive treatment. There are just too many Canadians who can’t find a doctor, so we’re going to strengthen the Canada Health act so that the full range of mental health services are available to every candy in every Province and in every territory having access to the right doctors and the Right treatments can make all the difference where you live, how much you make or who you know I have any bearing on living a healthy life. A re-elected liberal government will also work with the provinces and territories to ensure that all Canadians have access to a family. Doctor Primary Health Care team on a regular basis to have the same doctor or nurse practitioner to do your yearly, check-up and monitor your health overtime can help prevent illness. They make sure you receive, do all your shots and conducting routine tests. So if something’s not right, you can get the right treatment right away and if you have a family physician, you may not need to spend as much time in the ER which in turn reduces wait time to do this, we will start with an investment of 6 Billion dollars over the next 4 years to support a stronger Medicare system and Public Health Care, it will be working with the provinces and territories Implement National pharmacare in Canada. The pool table represents a terrible Financial barrier. Addition like multiple sclerosis or cancer. The situation has only gotten worse increasingly, they need to take expensive Ultra specialized drugs. That’S part of their treatment. It’S a huge financial burden, Tire families, especially for those who are soup too sick to work to lighten their won’t load. A re-elected liberal government will work with provinces and territorial Partners to implement National pharmacare under a re-elected liberal government. We will work hard every day to make sure that no Canadian has to choose between staying, healthy and putting food on the table Trends in the future. The federal government will have to negotiate with the provinces and territories, as it’s always been the case to reach new health Accords when that time comes. Who do you, negotiation table standing up to Doug Ford, Andrew Scherer, who follows Doug Ford’s lead or are liberal team that will fight for you? I got into politics because I believe all Canadians, no matter who they are, what they do or where they’re from deserve a team that listens to them, cares for them and fights for them, a team that puts them first to we have built that team and we’ve Accomplished a lot these past four years, but the truth is we’re just getting started on October 21st. Canadians have an important choice to make. Will we go back to the failed policies of the past, or will we continue to move forward that the choice? It’S that clear and it’s that important I’m from moving forward for everyone. Is this working going to happen off negotiations with the provinces and territories. Given the fractious history of talks between the federal government and provinces and a whole bunch of topics, including Healthcare, you’ll ruin the polemarch and experiences confidence at all the all 14 levels of government on the same page. At the same time, to begin to push this through, we were able to renegotiate Health Accord out with all 10 provinces and 3 territories during our first mandate. Important investments in when did Mental Health Care. The we know, there’s more to do and part of that is moving forward and making sure that no Canadian ever has to choose between paying for groceries and paying for medication, and we’ve taken many steps exactly that during this mandate to bring down the cost of prescription Drug, but we know there’s more to do and that’s why we are going to have to negotiate with the provinces as recommended and has recognized in the expert report on the employment Universal National pharmacare. So the question becomes for Canadian, who do you want negotiating with Doug Ford when it comes to your health? Recognize that there are too many Canadians buying groceries the cost of medications across the country in order to National pharmacare question is on your health care. The conservative politicians have a track record of staying there for the people and then delivering tax breaks to the wealthiest and cuts to everyone else. That is a choice facing Canadians on whether they want to double down. I’M not conservative approach or whether they want to choose forward. We are always going to stand up for Canadians, stand up for hardworking families who need help getting ahead, Reserve Healthcare and that’s why, when it comes to negotiating with the provinces, who do you want negotiating with Doug Ford? That’S the question. People have to ask themselves today hausted National pharmacare program at 19 billion dollars a year. This is just six billion over the next four years and includes access to a family doctor as well, and the steps words from these are Big lofty promises that are very costly. How can that you can deliver on these things that we’ve been hearing so much about for so many years? We promised three billion dollars over four years in the 2015 election and then went on to negotiate a healthcare record with the province that have made a significant difference in healthcare outcomes across the country, particularly when it comes to home care and mental health. Do we recognize there’s more to do that’s? Why we’re putting forward a commitment of six billion dollars over the next 4 years to engage with the province’s on these priorities that all Canadians recognize needing to be able to find a family doctor right across the country needing to be able to afford medications that are So key Healthcare in the 21st century and needing to know that mental health support and Care are there when people need them and, yes that will involve negotiation with the provinces. The question becomes, who do you want negotiating with Doug Ford on the future of your Healthcare, and that is, we are putting forward country investment that will leave Canadians to be able to find a family doctor that will remove that impossible choice between groceries and medications. For so many Canadians and it will provide mental health care for more Canadiens right across the country in times of Crisis, but we know that it does require work with, and negotiation with the provinces and again that Quest for Canadians is who do you want negotiating the Future of your Healthcare with Doug Ford, all Canadian should have exactly the same access to medicine. They need, or should some Canadians be able to get better at sit more comprehensive coverage through employer plans, access systems, medicine or two tier? We believe in Universal pharmacare, as laid out in the principles of the Eric Hoskins expert report. But part of that report recognizes that it’s just the federal government that can drop in a national pharmacare program across the country that it requires Partnerships and negotiations across provinces and territories. That’S why the question that we have to come back to in this election on so many different things this, who do you want standing up for you who do you want negotiating with Doug, for when it comes to your health care? Is this going to be a system where a government plan is replacing employer health benefits right now? There are Canadians who are facing impossible choices, Queen the groceries and their medications, and that means people choose to skip doses or they skip a meal. That is unacceptable in a country as it was as many opportunities and as many resources as that’s. Why we need to move forward in making sure that everyone has access to the medications they need who like Andrew Scheer. Who does not think that we need to help. Canadians afford their medications. We know that there is much more to do and that’s why we will be guided by the principles laid out in the expert panel on climate on the expert report on pharmacare in our negotiations with the provinces in our moving towards Universal pharmacare, which is something we Have already taken taken tangible and concrete steps on, but again the question for Canadians is who they want: negotiating with Doug for Doug Ford on the future. Just I think Doug Ford on your Healthcare System., impossible choices between pain, medication, CBC News. Just let’s be extra clear here at there’s: a difference between National and Universal pharmacare National with the PBO costed at 4. National because it included co-payments from insurance companies. Then there’s the universal. You guys are using this term change. Believe you’d, like clarification on. What exactly are you promising Canadians who would be covered and who’d be not by a farmer program into the Liberals report that we commissioned that looked at different models that looked at different should have looked at services and and options across the country made a series of Recommendations to move forward to make sure that nobody ever has to face those impossible choices between paying for groceries or Heating and paying for the medication that they need for their loved ones, need. That is the report that will guide us forward, but we also know that no federal government can impose National pharmacare on its own. We need to negotiate with the provinces and territories in order to do that, and those discussions will happen. We have already taken significant steps in creating Canadian drug agency, I’m moving forward with high-cost medications for rare diseases and up for lowering drug pipe prices by 13 billion dollars over the next 10 years. These are steps the Federal have taken already and we are going to continue to do that in partnership with the provinces and territories to determine that a model that flows from the expert panel, the expert report, but the when it comes to those negotiations that are going To have to happen, who do you want negotiating with Doug Ford when it comes to the future of your health care, National pharmacare of a timeline or any kind of at a cost of what his National the cost of bringing in this pharmacare? We were announcing today billion-dollar down payment over the next three years on implementation of national pharmacare, on making sure that more Canadians are all Canadians have access to a dr., Aurora Health Care team and get better access to Mental Health Services. That we recognize are an essential part of healthcare right now. We know that the Canada Health Care, Canada, Health act needs to include clear standards and expectations for right across the country around mental health. These are the things we will be moving forward with. These are the Investments we’re going to be making in partnership with the open system, we were able, in our first mandate to sign Landmark agreements with every single Province and territory on moving forward on renewing or health quotes on Envy things, specifically in mental health and home Care – and this is the next step on that and making sure the Canadians see the right future for their Healthcare System. That is the choice that people are facing weather. We continue to move forward or whether we go back to the Harper years by doubling down on conservatives who believe in Cut. We are going to be continuing to invest in a better future. All Canadians and Universal pharmacare, according to the principles of the Hoskins report, promises tax money for healthcare. What is the difference between conservatives and liberals? What about tax cut under the conservative dress $ 400,000 in income approach? A better one, not giving more? The question becomes, who do you want to see the negotiating the future of our Healthcare System you’re, making the announcement you’re promising billions of dollars? What’S the vision behind that it looks like each party is trying to buy voters with billions of dollars ourselves to be a different choice. investment to the middle class in community. Our economic growth in Canada, Abbott he’ll, help us healthiest 1 % instead of working hard to Harper Harper years over the past four years that an approach that invests in communities invest in Canadiens is exactly the way to grow the economy for 10 years. Job creation, economic growth with stop under Stephen Harper, because he still believe that trickle down the giving advantages to the wealthiest was the way to create economic growth. What he failed Canadians with his vision, and we demonstrated that we could both create over a million new jobs. Most of them full-time and Lyft 900,000 Canadians out of poverty, including over 300,000 kids by investing in communities by investing in Canadian but investing in our future, and we did so in a way that remains fiscally-responsible. Our debt continues to decline as a share of our GDP and we continue to get tan ratings from the international Credit Agencies. We have an approach that has worked for the past 4 years and helped Canadians in an uncertain World in uncertain times. Our approach is to continue to choose forward and Canadians have a choice between returning to the failed Harper approach with Andrew Scheer are moving forward with us published a story showing some of the founding signatory to the People’s Party of Canada have either current or past ties To Neo-Nazi group soldiers of Odin far-right group in light of this, would you ask the commissioner to reconsider the decision to allow me in the debate in the last election, Stephen Harper gamed the system around debates cherry-picked which ones he wanted to do which one he didn’t Want to do – and we made a promise to Canadians that we would need an independent debate, commissioner, who would make the determinations around where, when how the debates and who would be part of it? And we trust David Johnston and his team of experts to determinations removed from politics about who should be in the debates and how they should unfold so that every Canadian has a chance to watch their leaders. Discuss contrast, their ideas make clear the choice facing Canadians right now. I look forward to the opportunity to call out Mister Bernier for his intolerance and his coach that I think hurts Canadians Global News. You mentioned last week that it was during a rafting during your time. At at the Expedition into was a costume day. What exactly was that costume? I am continuing to be open with Canadians about the mistake I made. This is something that I take responsibility, for. This is something I should have known better. But didn’t, and I will continue to work every day to fight racism, to fight discrimination, to fight intolerance in the country. What was that costume? I have been open with Canadians that will continue to be open with Canadians. I will continue to fight racism and intolerance everyday. I take responsibility for the terrible mistakes I made in the past and commit to continue to fight against racism and intolerance. Everyday, I’m just wondering if they have some steelworkers are looking to unseat your candidates. They believe that you have broken their. Can. You speak a little closer by Hamilton, Steve steelworkers, how are campaigning against your candidates? They feel that they’ve been they’ve been lied to and with regard to the pensions. What do you say to them? We faced a situation as a where are closest Ally and trading partner, with imposing a punitive tariffs on our steel and aluminum workers across this country, while at the same time threatening to rip up the most important trade deal. We have NAFTA Accord that Assurance jobs and prosperity for millions of Canadians right across the country and indeed underpins our economy. We renegotiated those Accord that a time of American protectionism and uncertainty. I just heard a good deal for Canadian workers in for Canadians right across the country have confidence in their future and this time of uncertainty and more than that, we brought in countervailing duties to those two aluminum tariffs that brought the Americans to lift unequivocally. Those steel and aluminum tariffs are approach work even though Doug Ford and other conservative politicians said we should Stop Those tariffs unilaterally. That’S not how you negotiate with the Americans. We demonstrated that we are standing up for workers that we’re going to continue to stand up for steel workers, continue to work with Labour as an essential partner in growing the middle class in this country. Because that’s what Canadians need – and that is the choice facing Canadians right now. Do we continue on an approach? It is protected Canadian workers right across the country, or do we go back to the Harper years? Altering your wait-and-see approach on Bill 21 in Quebec in defense of young women, who are male police officers, want to be. Teachers were already leaving leaving the province. We have a situation where at quebecor are taking bills 21 to court. They are defending the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The way the charter is designed, it is there to protect Canadians from laws they feel or unjust. We are watching very carefully as that process unfolds. We will continue to make determinations around next steps because I have said many times: I’m opposed to any law that restricts Canadiens freedoms that tell someone what they should or shouldn’t wear. I believe in defending people’s rights, and I always will guess it will turn on. Thank you so much Hornets Progressive voices for us to continue the work already done.
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will make an announcement and take questions in Hamilton, Ont.
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