Kaetlyn Osmond on why she’s retiring from figure skating at 23

Kaetlyn Osmond on why she’s retiring from figure skating at 23
Kaetlyn Osmond on why she’s retiring from figure skating at 23
There it is you’re, looking one of the greatest Canadian to ever hit the ice kaetlyn Osmond, the country’s most decorated female singles skater ever now, she’s hanging out for competitive skates for good and retiring, and we are pleased to have her on set X Olympic medalist to X, World Championship the list goes on and on national championships as well. Caitlin awesome. Thank you so much for joining us here on set my career. It was a roller-coaster, it wasn’t always an up, and but I was able to finish my last two years at 2 and being able to finish my Taqueria Standing On Top of the podium. There’S. Nothing that could have worked out better 33 is actually getting a little bit. In the figure skating world. I was 22 at my at the last Olympics and I was willing I was the fifth oldest. Actually, in the event, expands are a little young but, and it was a just a personal decision I loved competing and I will always love competing, but it it does take a lot. It takes a lot of a toll on our bodies, intermental estate and yeah. I’Ve always loved skating, I’ve been on the air since I was 2 years old. When I was younger, I have my sister look up to that. I wanted to be just like her, and then it was just my own eyes. I love skating and the team that I had around me was incredible and a questionnaire that question my love for skating and debate retiring when I was 18 but my coach Robbie. I was too scared to disappoint them, so I kept hidden for myself and kept skating for him, and I found a love for it again for myself, you talk about that severe injury that the breaking of your leg. How do you motivate yourself to come back from something like that and my coaches and my family? They supported me so long that I couldn’t just let that be the easy way out that would have been. I could have easily hung up my skates, then, but everyone, whatever the girl, who broke her leg and never came back from it. So that was a big motivation for me was to be able to come back and skate and put all my heart and soul into it. And then you remember as a reply. People are talking about. This is being these times that we live in being remarkable. Almost to Golden Age for Canadian skaters and Patrick Chan, Richmond more they want go on figure skating is in Canada right now it has been for years. It was such an amazing time for skating in Canada. I read somewhere that it’s the first time that we’ve had a gold medalist in the same group of skaters until all disciplines and to be a part of that. It’S just absolutely incredible and just amazing people to begin with, even off the iso, to be a part of that special, and why do you think that was music? Is it worth it to just the trick of the way people were born or or is it about the skating in this country about support for them? Where does it? Where does that that strength come from, I support in Canada. The Canadian fans are incredible: we’ve always had a strong build from even before I was born and the support that we get from Canada. Is it’s all incredible and they’ve built this update work with us since we’re young and they’re always there up until up until you’re, tired, so many young people grow up watching people as they have FBG young person who has watched? You is watching you. There is maybe listen to you today about their career and their motivation, and what’s your advice to them would be, but even if, on the days that it wasn’t the greatest, I was always able to find the one thing that I loved, and that was a performing For me, if it, if things weren’t working, I could dive into the choreography and that would be able to settle. So that’s always what I tell people is to find that one thing that you actually loved about what you do and then keep remembering that and how the average person looks at ice or even feels ice cream and skates on ice and kind of the same thing. That you say that you can tell the difference between hockey ice and figure skating ice walking through some of that appreciation, then getting on the ice and just being like cuz. I feel good and you feel like you can glide on it properly. You feel like you, can jump on it and it’s become a big fan of when you’re on it all the time. But the difference in hockey action figure skating. Is that hockey exactly a lot harder, it’s colder and it sometimes you have to chip away for us. So if we try to catch an edge, the ice is gone for us. Things are different, our blades are different, so different and you were making those leaves and landing on that ice. So there can be soft and hard ice and you can feel the difference, but it was definitely a good day when we spent comfortable tremendous record behind you. What’S next question: when is Ikea broadcasting, so I would love to get into that, but I like being here and another is I actually want to develop skating in Newfoundland? Has Bryce start it and they’ve all amazing support this for me, and I want to be able to give back, and I feel like Newfoundland is a great place to start for me, some actually starting a series of camps that will be kind of a reward base Thing as other vehicle add an event for a week, that’s a small little thing that I’m working on, but I’ll know more in a couple weeks. Congratulations on a tremendous best of luck in the future.
Kaetlyn Osmond has earned three Olympic medals, two world championship medals and three national titles, making her Canada’s most decorated female singles skater of all time. She joined us in studio to explain why she’s calling it a career.

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