Kashmir’s violent year – BBC News

Kashmir’s violent year – BBC News
18 has been the bloodiest year in the Indian administered Kashmir. In a decade, more than 500 people have been killed, including civilians, militants and security forces, one of the most militarized areas in the world. What caused the recent Spike and violence dependent in 1947? They went to war every two times and as it stands now, they each control. Apart of the region. Some areas are also controlled by China. Here in indian-administered Kashmir. The most deadly. Was from the late 1980s, through the 1990s resistance to Indian roulette with rise and militancy. At tens of thousands of people were killed, Milan subsided in the first decade of this Century, but it’s never fully going away and the sentiment among people here remain strong. This means every now and then the unrest fight this violence witnessing now has been escalating since 2016. That was when would hun wani a twenty-two-year-old militant leader was shot dead by Indian Armed Forces. Adored by many here had a mess following and his death. Let the anger and protists both sides. The security forces become more active operation, taking place just on the outskirts of the city of Sweden, gunfire going on there, Indian Armed Forces fighting what I believe to be super has three militants who are hiding in their gun exchange has just intensified.. Patient has been going on all through the night for the past 12 hours and it’s these kind of operations that the Armed Forces has really ramped up. This year there been more than hundred inches 2018 Alone 3 on the insurgents were killed, but the problem is, every time a militant dies. It says to inspire more youth to take up arms like he became a militant in 2017. He was killed just see you later. In November 2018 mobile business suits Chico’s. How not to pay last respects to insurgents have been killed. 2018 has seen a sharp increase in targeted killings of policemen of armament would also of civilians, who the insurgents believe give information about them to Security Forces. We’Re on our way now to a district in southern Kashmir, which is known to be a hotbed of militancy where an army man was shot in his home in front of his family. Mukhtar Ahmad Malik was killed by militants when he was at home on leave just heard. There was a stone that was held at this door behind me out. There is a group of protesters who been telling stones for the past hour or so Security Forces, as well as outside, trying to contain them. This is a very regular site in Kashmir. Protest like this happened on a weekly basis, and sometimes when things are more deadly, a very visible sign of the anti-indian sentiment in this region. Civilians are often killed in the crossfire in protest and also an operations conducted by the security services and the the numbers of taking off, and many questioning. The tactics of both sides keep on watching Realtors with weapons roaming in villages, and we have to act it’s hard to predict. What’S 2019 with rape or increase blood shed 2 long before the next killing takes place. Yet
There has been a sharp increase in violence in Indian-administered Kashmir: This year has been the deadliest in the disputed region in a decade.
More than 500 people have been killed, including civilians, security forces and militants.
The area has long seen conflict between Indian forces and armed insurgents, but this year the cycle of violence has intensified with both sides becoming more active.
The BBC’s Yogita Limaye takes us on a road trip in Indian-administered Kashmir to find out why.
Producer: Shalu Yadav. Camera: Sanjay Ganguly

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