Kawhi Leonard is the 2nd-best player in the NBA – Max Kellerman | First Take

Kawhi Leonard is the 2nd-best player in the NBA – Max Kellerman | First Take
Learn more about the Raptors or the Sixers in this one the Raptors beat the Sixers. We know the issue within the Raptors. Just had the Denver Nuggets come to Toronto and, as I said before, that game, you can circle on the calendar Circle even home games. Even if you’re rested that you might lose, that was one of the really hot Western Conference team, with a great player and you’ll get shut, playing really hot right now and they lost it in a one-possession game. How did they respond? How does Kawhi is the leader of the team? Kauai responded with a game that reminded us why I said when everyone automatically says Katie is one of the two best players in the world coming in Hawaii is the second best player in the game and the guys coming from his for his spot or the the Young Guns, ad and Giannis what a healthy quiet as a two-way player book Hawaii is the best defensive player in the game, he’s a special all-time great defender still in his prime and that isn’t fully half this value 3. Well, you can think of a guy who could be on the ball. Well, all these things and what is he can still be the best player on a championship team, something he has already done in his career, healthy, Kauai, second, best player in the game in the Shell, because the numbers of similar and last time I checked Kevin Durand – Play some defense to let’s, let’s be very, very clear. Last night, was about the Sixers. We knew what we were getting for the Toronto Raptors. Basically, you have long athletic dude siakam, an OB Tunis can Ball by the way, give him a lot of credit, little pitbull. That goes after you, we know what he can do and he’s one of those cyst if not be assist leader in the NBA. He deserves a lot of credit of Court. Kauai is big time. I’M not knocking that, but to me watch was the Philadelphia 76ers and I’m not placed. Let me be very, very clear. Joe L & B is a stud got to learn to play in the postseason. You got to get your butt at 72717 feet to what major major skills he can barely got Hardy ain’t scared of. Nobody really knows how to talk enough trash. You go up against a big boy like Valanciunas and all of a sudden, you can’t find your post game. I got a problem with that Ben Simmons at some point in time, rather than just saying it, we got to remind everybody, the brother can’t you all right at 6, shots just 6 shot in a game against Toronto with the weapons that they have. I need more from Ben Simmons. I don’t need eight points and seven turnovers from a kids that good. I know you have to work on it because I know he’s not a shooter, but you got to be better than that tempted. To give me eight points and seven rebounds and then I’mma, look at coach look at coach breath breath and I know people in Philadelphia. You know because I got on it because you can bully blue 3 playoff games and I stand by that. Damn it to be the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers I like him. I wish him nothing but the best, but I need better coaching because he has a reality. Where do I get to look at right now? We look at JJ Redick, who is just been steady. We looking Jimmy Butler who’s, just been steady, they’ve been there to supplement and Beads and Ben Simmons, so guess what they should be helping. You still shouldn’t be carrying you. This is one game plan B. Get it, but you got to take your behind down in the Lowe post sometime and remind them that you’re, 72 and you’ve been Simmons. You got to be more come down to, shooting Benson is going to have to shoot, and then you going to have to learn to shoot. Other words he’s going to have to shoot another in order to start knocking them out the butler you’re right. But I don’t think we agree. Why and I want to talk about his comments out. He played like trash and everything I agree with MB and I agree with you, but it’s not because big man must play with his back to the basket. So I think you can do that the problem with them, because he shoots for Three’s a game. That’S all on for a 7 + foot, big strong dude. In a way he has the potential to be the most complete Center because he shoots so many threes. He is so big. He has good footwork. He plays such good defense. He didn’t 29 % from 3 great to be taking the shots, he’s knocking them down around 30 %. If MD will shooting 35 38 % from 3, he might be the best player in basketball and that’s the point Steven A we’re at a critical juncture. Actually them beef, the top 10 NBA player right cuz – he really does affect the game – is a tremendous player. Why should why? Isn’T he the best player in basketball and it comes down to actually, in my opinion, the shooting it while he could knock it down from outside consistently TV writing the it’s not the point, you’re, not a stretch for your a five strand. Obviously, and obviously you are formidable defensive person, but here’s the real when I didn’t sit up there and say he should take his behind out in the low post and ignore the rest of his repertoire. What I’m saying that has to be added to it, because when you I’m not talkin about grabbing the ball, spinning face in the basket, stop putting it on somebody. It also means you can dictate paste, which is going to help your team Max. Why? Because you’re not that deep control, you’re giving yourself a breather, your teammates you’re not to have to look at his b**** too much he’s going to rely on the top 7 God and that will make the 76ers
Max Kellerman explains why Toronto Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard’s defensive prowess pushes him past Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant as the 2nd-best player in the NBA. Stephen A. Smith says Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid needs to work on his game with his back to the basket and Stephen A. also wants to see more out of Ben Simmons.

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