Ken Cuccinelli: ‘Give Us Your Tired’ Poem Referred To People From Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Ken Cuccinelli: ‘Give Us Your Tired’ Poem Referred To People From Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Ken Cuccinelli: ‘Give Us Your Tired’ Poem Referred To People From Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Would you also agree that Emma Lazarus his words etched on the Statue of Liberty, give me your tired? Your poor are also part of the American ethos, tired in your poor, who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge. An overseas American Immigration prior to being appointed to this job, he appeared as a pro Trump defender on CNN discussion panels. His rewrite of the Emma Lazarus poem on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty made a lot of news today and tonight he offered this explanation on CNN people. Coming from for the head class-based societies. Were people were considered wretched if they weren’t in the right class? Still with us tonight is Rick Wilson, Rick you’re, familiar with the work of Ken cuccinelli, no doubt, and he what’s the response get engender today, and that is that it’s some kind of changing the rules, while the game is underway and across our country, people said things Like I don’t know about, the came here without any 401K is no Kemp. Roth IRA is no healthcare plan. This is the American story writ large generation after generation after generation who came here, not because we were race not because we were a single tribe, but because we were propositional nation and idea that if you came here, you could become anime the one unique Nation on Earth with 0 racial or cultural universality, there’s a there’s, a universality of the idea of America and what Ken is saying – and I think this is incredibly disappointing – is it he’s adopted the Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump mode of thinking that immigration should be based on? Let’S be honest about this code for for when they come here with a 401k or not code, for where do they come here? If they’re, white or not – and this is Administration, is explicitly racial and its desire to have its immigration system look a certain way in the president said it himself about s, hole countries instead of Guatemala, and so I think that this is a very disappointing moment, and This is one of the things where it shows the Delta between traditional conservatism, which deeply believe in the power of America to create Americans. The belief that being an American is somehow a racial or genetic component that certain people can never have. How about we go out on a little Emma Lazarus, The Wretched refuse of your teeming Shore send these the homeless tempest-tost. To me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door. Youtube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe? Just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos,
Trump critic Rick Wilson reacts to Trump’s acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli’s comments on the iconic poem on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal.
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Ken Cuccinelli: ‘Give Us Your Tired’ Poem Referred To People From Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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