Ken Langone: Trump is keeping every campaign promise he made

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Ken Langone: Trump is keeping every campaign promise he made
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Ken Langone: Trump is keeping every campaign promise he made
Ken Langone: Trump is keeping every campaign promise he made
Alright, Macklemore that interview with a billionaire second, the Home Depot present Home Depot cheap wood, saying already it’s a billion-dollar kit on top of the tire, instead of already being attacked and how much Home Depot do. I have no idea, but do you agree if it’s China thing isn’t settled in soon Home Depot a lot of other businesses and a lot of us average folks are going to feel it our stuff out they’re going to Vietnam, president that’s enough backbone, and I think He does the stand Home. Depot shareholders are looking at this Sunday. People may pay a small percentage of it has had a free ride since we said to them 47 years ago. I want to help you get all your feet and want to help. You come into the world that was then today, China and the United States represent 39 % of the GDP of the world. John is 15 + 124. The matter is, we can’t afford any more to allow this to go on Asbury points out. They’Ve been cleaning all clock, intellectual property means nothing over there. These joint ventures of this is a fight worth high, but good. Why have we had before now, because politicians, the swamp creature, push it down the road correct? We saw that with what is a clear strategy. This is Robin Clinton. Are you Republican play the thing we need to understand about Trump he’s keeping every campaign promise he made to write down a list of things. He said he was going to do right now. The man’s instincts are correct. China and needs recognize. They can’t be a rogue State like they are in Commerce. There are ropes taken they do what they please, and it’s been allowed to happen if Friday or Saturday night on Mark Levin Show he had a guy and the guy was talking about bureaucracy in Washington, America, the politicians, they run America, and we we need to understand That we can’t do what we did in the past. The way we’ve done it cuz. We have no more in the polls. Why people don’t want to love his style? He does chase people off, he is who he is. I mean he is he’s, not a politician. I said you could win over people if you act like a politician, he says I’m not a politician, I’m going to do what I think is right and I have to go. He may be Italian, but he’s my brother and yet you’ve started this operation. That’S all about handy., It’s weird! Only in America, when you started at the moment, you started against all the odds that you just lost a job you could have invested anywhere. Call me to tell me that I don’t. he knows. I tell him all the time. Nobody ran that business better than Bernie Marcus, absolutely was humbly Steilacoom glass aquarium in Atlanta. How do you spell the fish are happy? They are there where I, like those Beluga shock. Is that what they were at the other night all these years gentleman seriously? It is a great Testament, capitalism, just good prevailing what you’ve done and then, where you make one of the great joys in my life is my friendship and partnership with him. We were meant to do what we did to get the day the day. He called me to tell me he got fired. I said they got back you. There is a God. Man talk to you right now. Okay, I knew Steve Jobs on his just starting out a new Michael Dell. What is just starting out a new Bill Gates when he just went public? I knew these two guys when they were near millionaires now they’re multi-billionaires and neither one of them neither one remotely and as they say only in America,
Home Depot co-founders Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone on U.S. trade tensions with China, President Trump’s record so far, their success working together and Marcus’ contributions to the Atlanta Aquarium.

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