Kenney proclaims turn-off-the-taps law, but won’t use it on B.C. yet | Power & Politics

Kenney proclaims turn-off-the-taps law, but won’t use it on B.C. yet | Power & Politics
Kenney proclaims turn-off-the-taps law, but won’t use it on B.C. yet | Power & Politics
We proclaimed into law the preserving Canada’s economic Prosperity act, also known as Bill 12, which gives our government the ability to curtail oil shipments up from Alberta. We did this to her the power to protect Albert it’s. It’S undeniable that there’s more bitumen coming in and less refined product coming in and that consequence of that is prices are going up. I came out to do as I’ve been doing since I was sworn in, that’s to say to those who want to turn broad Inlet into an export Terminus exclusively that that’s not something. That’S in the interests of British Columbia. Premier Kenny, I did not make any threats of any kind. We had a diplomatic and courteous conversation last night and I’m confident that that we can get these prices down, but we need cooperation from Ottawa and we do not need provocative action for my neighbors campaign. Rhetoric and the proclamation of Alberta’s biltwell come into His Province and less bitumen make crank up the heat on the issues. Where is this dispute headed time for the power panel in Montreal, former Quebec? Add host of CBC Radio. The house Chris Hall control, where are bitumen, goes where oil goes. Where are not natural resources go outside of our borders? Maybe we can turn it off and not send it to DC DC. It immediately today filed a court injunction basically to fight that off the top of this block Chris, where he is saying now that if the TMX were to bring in refined product that could help alleviate what we know are extremely high gas prices. When does the far as to say that means, then I would support TMX and it’s also a little bit confusing, because those government phones that there are contracts that exist, not a problem by Rachel notley, an NDP government as a threat. In the background, because of John Horgan’s government opposition to TMX expansion, Jason, can you take it one step further self-proclaimed it into law, meaning it can be used, and I think Sean Horrigan was replying in a way you would expect, which is to say we understand you Have this power we think and we’re going to court to argue, that’s a trade issue or two trying to deny trade intervention trade. You can’t do that thought that the relationship between Alberta and BC was any better. It clearly is not because the two will be at loggerheads not only over whether or not TMX goes ahead, but what TMX should contain that you said the contract, but the message clearly from John Horgan we’re happy to take more light crew that we can refine. It is a Park Hills, I think it’s called NBC and and not bitumen, and I guess the relationship between the two provinces and the relationship of the federal government today actually three yesterday in terms of proclaiming as he chose, posturing, 2, /, actually kind of relationship and Looking at General, Canadian, actually targeting BC in a way that Kenny is choosing to do, is not going to help the law lawyers to work, or it’s not actually going to help either people in DC or people in Alberta. I think actually Horgan today made a really interesting points. He actually said in the call they had with Kenny. That is, that Kenny. I need doing that and not lie doing it to have it done by proclaiming it is it now he is triggered legal lawsuit process. Eb, the the attorney general for BC has already come out, he’s already filed in the Queen’s bench Court in Calgary, a challenge to this law. So he just triggered a bunch of lawyers, making a lot of money post actually trying to not further damage the relationship between BC and Alberta, but actually look at how we can get Canadians back to work, how we can get the floor. Oil Floyd going back to the idea that Canadians need more value-added jobs, write. We need food processing, refining more of that product in in country. We know for a fact there’s many members on the west coast that are in those refineries working both Building Trades folks, both uniform theater jobs, while paying family-supporting jobs that we could actually bring some of the bitumen, the heiress and there were find lighter product to be Refined in the prophet we’re using this, but only as a threat and he’s saying the same thing here. You heard that great you were the Great Clip from not like today where she is essentially a guy who swinging a gun around the downtown core. But if she’s taking the bullets out of it today, her clip from Professor today and I thought it was – was being on his cheese, grated posturing and waving threats, but really he’s got no ammo 55 % of albertans to come forward in take more forceful postures. On the development of oil and the extraction in shipping of oil in Alberta, if he’s done anything today, he’s been predictable, which is important and all of this because he did say he was going to get this bill, give the bill of sale and action the bill Make it La make a proclamation about it? So he’s done that, but he’s also setting out that the terms for the public discourse that investors will look at that. You know when it come change. The oil and oil development in in Alberta, I’m going to try and create a climate of certainty where I can, and that is with me, and that is one of the biggest challenges Alberta face, is never mind whether oil moves certainty. By saying that, I am going to stick and fight hard and be consistent on that on a number of fronts, since he’s become Premier just two days in he is done. That is appearance. The senate committee on c49, coming forward with this Proclamation the positioning on on c69 in the like he has to live his words hadn’t gone as far to shut the Taps up. That would have been a stupid thing to do with this juncture in time. So I think what you actually saw from Kenny and the Wake Kenny operates his predictable and pragmatic approach from his perspective, given the Mandate that he has 12 unanimously, but it was like a gun without any bullets. Now, with Jason Kenney is done, is actually put a bullet in a gun and ended in this. This is a political brinkmanship message right off the bat a few days after after he’s been sworn in as premier of Alberta and look at the effect he’s forced a reaction from Premier Horrigan about how high gas prices are in the Lower Mainland NBC. And it’s like a buck 70 box, 71 now and that’s exactly the same type, a message that the BC Liberals are talking about in the opposition. So this is putting added pressure on on Primo Oregon. Morgan. Remember he’s a minority government. He has to talk about high gas prices right now, instead of really talking about the specific issue so sort of forcing creamer Oregon into a defensive position in and then P Morgan. What does he do? They’Re the feds and say? Well, we need the feds to come in and take care of this issue, so I actually I thought in in this game of rationalizing, rationalizing this debate and trying to start his own discussion about how can Alberta get its resources out? I think he scored a lot of good points today. Continue with. Second, LG is only one bullet, so what I’m concerned about is relying on the courts right we’re going to have a court case against the carbon tax of the backstopping in Edmonton Alberta and Saskatchewan and BC in New Brunswick. Now we have Oregon going to court Horry County court with the feds over over to go to court with the Alberta politicians to go to court. I think they like to work together to try to call some of these issues. I understand who Jason can you play into his playing to his audience in Alberta? I’M just not sure what he ultimately accomplished down the road in promoting the idea that there is a better place to invest today when it comes to the politics of resorts Canada, the use of the court is not not a you a new thing it all back. In Newfoundland has David knife now have used it extensively. It’S been used for offshore oil in the like. It’S a pretty common tool, and often it can be an effective tool for a until this case. So you have two provinces going at each other. So why is legislation? Is there a Shinto court because if they restrict, you see how I’m built all specifically ABC has asked to take that legislation right to the Supreme Court to deal with it there and Alberta stuff that cuz there was talk Power & politics by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney proclaimed a bill that would allow the province to turn off the taps of oil and gas shipments to B.C., but the premier says he won’t use that power just yet.
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