Kenney raises separatism concerns in anti-Trudeau video | Power & Politics

Kenney raises separatism concerns in anti-Trudeau video | Power & Politics
Kenney raises separatism concerns in anti-Trudeau video | Power & Politics
Is marking his 100th day in office, a strong stance against liberals ever since April, the federal campaign Trail and what does he think of new developments in to investigation into his leadership rice? I want to play a clip from a video that you recently posted on social media us out of our country, of which we are proud numbers. I would prefer to focus on rather than focusing Alberta separating from the Canadian Federation, I’d like to focus on separating Justin Trudeau from the prime minister’s office, the separatist sentiment in that particular video. In response to a question that I received a bunch of questions on a Facebook live webinar and, as usual, I get a lot of pressure Everywhere. I Go Round this province about separation. I am a Canadian Federalist, I always have been and I always will be. I make that clear everyday, but I also understand the reason why a growing number of albertans feel a deep frustration Federation that they feel like everywhere. They think that we played by the rules contributed massively to the prosperity of the Federation, contributed over 600 billion dollars. In that to the rest of the Federation over the past six decades, get everywhere return. We feel like we’re being blocked in and him down. Prime minister, Trudeau, who killed the northern Gateway pipeline, killed energy East surrender to a video on Northern Gateway. Bungled Transmountain is threatening us with a punitive carbon tax is brought in the no more lines: Loxy 69, that prejudicial attack on Alberta, oil exports off the northwest coast and many other policies that have had a very negative impact on jobs and incomes here in Alberta. So I’m saying to folks were talking about separation. What what wilburn’s are proud Canadian weed? Let’S, let’s work to fix the problems in the Federation beginning with a change in the federal government legitimate, are not publicly legitimizing voluntarily, bringing it up. How did Angus Reid poll – and I think February, saying 50 % of albertans could see support for Alberta, separation and environix pull a month later had, I think nearly two-thirds of albertans saying the Federation is not working for this province would be that better off outside of It another pull recently 25 % out right current support for separation. I don’t actually believe, I think, a lot of people who say those things are, I am absolutely clear. Are you knew didn’t include in that Clipper? I said that I am, and I always have been and always will be a Canadian Patriot. I’Ve had my dad was a fighter pilot. I’Ve had members of my family, defending this country and our UNIF I’m going back since before confederation. So I’m an Unapologetic lifetime Federal list and what I’m trying to do is to take the frustration of these problems and turn it in a constructive Direction. Where We put forward an agenda for a fair deal in the Federation, witching being able to get access to global markets for Energy Products, Alberta contributes about 20 billion dollars next, the rest of the country through equalisation and other transfers. Every year. We simply asked for the ability to develop that those bills, that’s the positive direction, which I’m trying to steer up the current frustrated environment of frustration in Alberta, there’s no to the contrary, I’m making the argument everyday, as I did in that clip on Facebook. I had to, I think, doesn’t about over a hundred questions in a one-hour Facebook session about why I support separation and I’m trying to explain that. I believe we all burdens are patriotic Canadians. We believe in Canada, even if we’re frustrated with how the current federal government has been injury in our economy and I’m trying to isolate the frustration on a federal, a series of federal government policies that have entered our economy. The only alternative, please have been always will be a proud Canadian Patriot. I want Alberta to be a key member of this Federation. I want us to contribute to the rest of Canada, we’re generous as Helper, and we just simply asked for the right to be able to develop our resources, get a fair price for them in Canada. When you were a member of the conservative government under Stephen Harper, you are one of his more effective campaigners and you really built a number of deep ties with different ethnic communities across this country. So the big question is: what are you going to hit the campaign Trail outside of Alberta from history? Well, I made you some events over the next 3 months. I haven’t fully decided yet. My main job obviously is to deliver on my commitments to albertans, but I must tell you one of those commitments was to do what and to get a change of the federal government. So I’ll do my part by making the case for change to be partners and prosperity, 3 months I’ll be in some other provinces, and I may do some things to help Federal conservative candidates. My main job will be here in Alberta implementing our agenda. We just already delivered on 17 % of platform commitments and a we have a whole lot more work to do. But, frankly, that work will be a lot easier. If there’s a change of government in Ottowa so I’ll be making that case through media social media to protect, potentially some events here and in other parts of the country is is is a place where there are so many seats up for grabs and I’m very curious To see whether you want to come too well, I can’t speak to it printer for it, but I haven’t had requests from the number of federal conservative candidates across the country to help them out and I’ll give consideration to that where possible on a personal day, if I put my main focus is getting the job done for Alberta. Like I said, hey that’ll be a lot easier if we have a federal that repealed Bill c-69 repealed Bill C 48 stops the threat to impose a carbon tax on us Insurance, the completion of Transmountain and says that Canada sharing our energy with the world then, rather Than allowing OPEC dictatorships to monopolize Global energy markets, that’s the kind of government I think is good for Canada and I’ll make that case here and answer media and potentially events in Ontario and elsewhere. Theater with Alberta’s Election Commission has reached out to Tariq Chaudhry who alleges that you promised someone would pay for party memberships and that he’s owned us somewhere around $ 27,000 in total, for hosting UCP of events wants to this allegation. That’S on true and we’re happy that all of this was aired before the election happy to cooperate. If there’s any questions from the election commissioner, well I didn’t all I can tell you is the truth that I’ve never asked anybody to buy memberships. That would be against the rules are campaign. Did everything we could at 2 scrupulously follow the rules? This was one of hundreds or thousands of volunteers who offered help on our campaign. Part of that involves signing people up, and I have to assume that those folks pay for the wrong memberships. Those are the rules is, as he should have known. Campaign.. You keep expanding differently during your leadership campaign, tremendously professional ethical people that did everything they could to comply with very rigorous rules. I’Ve always believed that we did. In fact, we ended up winning that leadership by margin of two to one with about a 30 % triple action. It was one of mother for campaigns I went through in 2017, and I’ve always said that there might have been some people volunteers who perhaps didn’t comply with every rule out of the our line of sight from our camp. I hope that’s not the case, and if anybody did not comply with the rules either they should be held to account. For that conversation their. Thank you my pleasure thanks very much Justin, Trudeau speaking about the questions he’s getting a boat, Alberta, separatism and end his position as a Federalist. 10. First use this kind of language when he came to Ottawa in May to testify against legislation that would change the natural resource projects are approved and impose a tanker ban on BC’s northern coast on Saturday heading into the Federal is a strategy group line of a smart Strategy to take on Trudeau, where does he get elected Katie get selected in Alberta? Alberta has resounded lead over the years than for enjoying its Resorts development to its fullest. Can he got elected in large measure, not just playing off the challenges that do not lie? Government had, but also going after the federal government when you’re the leader of a resource-based province like Alberta like Newfoundland and Labrador Saskatchewan. It never hurts to pick a fight for your electoral. An affair with the prime minister of the day you were Jason Kenny is doing. Is no different than what Danny Williams did when Paul Martin and Stephen Harper prime minister saying the threat is from afar. Now, there’s only really a couple of seats in play: it may hurt him in other jurisdictions if the Liberals are able to point to Jason. Kenney is being a key figure and Andrew sheers electoral planning and strategy. You know, I think, probably a lot of Canadians outside the province really inside the province, Alberta scratching her head 3454 km Norwalk. Why ismy focus on getting people to work and I’ll bring his back to work in the province? So I think he’s what he’s doing is really dangerous to say that there is a real what to use that in the way that Kenny isn’t turbocharging it using inflammatory, Roderick kind of framing the issue, as he has doesn’t actually help. You know albertans don’t want to go to war with Jay-Z workrite happenes fights over the years. That lie. I think it was agitated a bit when the go last December. You know made that know: there’s never going to be social license for for oil for a pipeline and go back Kismet, leading Canadiens for small, but what Equalization is I’ll write a check to other provinces he’s also a really dangerous precedent, and I think, in the last Line of that social media clip – you said you said he I’m focused on the next 3 months in unseating Trudeau. I mean that today, Miss Angel should be focusing his province in our our interview, this line of questioning this line of attack against Justin Trudeau, and is there a way they could use it to their advantage Ontario Whenever there appears to be a national Unity crisis and Clearly, Premier or Premiere Kenny is the, but whenever there is a perceived threat to National Unity, Ontario voters tend to gravitate towards the Liberal Party we’ve already seen it become an issue here in the provincial Ontario liberal leadership campaign, where we’re at least Japan. Today, Steven delduca put out a tweet challenging Premier full ticket to condemn the comments. So clearly you know, I think it’s it’s a risky move by Mr Kenny. It may help him in his in his home Province, but it’s risky for National unity and it’s risky politically for his friend Andrew Scheer different, take. If I can, from somebody who comes from a resource-based province, who’s singing this language play out before work for a federal cabinet, minister John Crosby was very much pro-unity in an era when Clyde Wells help to undo the meech Lake Accord, Jason Kenny he’s doing is not So much flaming the Fanning the Flames of separatism, but he speaking to that discontent because it is Kathleen said it’s real in Alburtis, real and other places, mineral Source producing Province and you’re. Feeling like somebody is blocking you. I mean the good politics is 2.2. Who and that’s what he’s doing, but it’s real, I don’t credit among more service, and maybe people who aren’t conservatives in Alberta for saying look. The real problem isn’t that the people here it’s what I was deciding don’t forget. Jason Kenny also came from a party the Reform Party that argued about the West, wanting back in some of those feelings of dissipated, but they’re not too far from the surface scratch. So he’s he’s speaking to that and Justin Trudeau, I think his vulnerable. On the other side, if I can just quickly make that boy by overreaching, sometimes about his potency and power of unity, Premier Premier Lougheed used to used to engage in vigorous debates with the federal government over many years. But I don’t think he ever raised the Specter of Alberta, separation to score political PlayStation payments through, and I hate to leave the conversation here. Cuz, there’s so much more to talk about host of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News, cattle or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Premier Jason Kenney raised concerns about Alberta separatism in an online video which targets Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ahead of the fall federal election. Kenney dispelled calls for his province to separate from Canada, saying he will instead work to separate Trudeau from the Prime Minister’s Office.
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