Kevin Durant says Drake ‘talks a lot of trash over there on that sideline’ | NBA Sound

Kevin Durant says Drake ‘talks a lot of trash over there on that sideline’ | NBA Sound
So do whatever takes each position on try to be the best version to me, both energies possession easier said than done, but I just try to focus on that. I just feel like a just got to do what’s required at this point. You know it’s going to be some games, that we got a great team game going. We can be teams with the flow of our offense for moving moving a body. It’S going to be some games where I got to go, get Buckets, and tonight we were down early down big and I just tried to be aggressive to get a bucket cuz. My only focus is, like I said, just being the best version of me that I can teach possession on both ends and once you just focus on that, you get lost in the game and makes her message to turnovers or mistakes. We don’t matter School internet. Try not to have as many as as trying to have a lot of mistakes, but if you do have once move on oh yeah, it does actually. You know they got a great Defenders koala stuff because I like to dance with the ball of beer. You can’t do that with him, because he just got his handwriting so quick that he can get the ball with you play around so that you got to use more energy just to beat him, and then you got search helping out. You know I had to get my sleep last night and drink a lot of water today and you know the defense dead matter, but I was able to make a couple shots. You serious reaction when you nailed the Deep 3 minutes I mean I just. I think it was on those guys I just love to play, and you know he feel like that’s just his job is the goddamn play both ends of the high-level and you learn that stop being on the same veterans? Do it everyday, like Tim Duncan and manage notably and Steven Jackson and Tony Parker, do it over and over again they said a great example for his first year in the league, somebody I got total respect for and but I just feel like who I walked into Every game feels like he has to do that, no matter what describe to be honest, I know everybody’s going to be excited, but nobody’s going to be more excited to he is he wanted to play tonight? You see him on the bench we talked and he was just chomping at the bit to get out there, especially having to match up like Kyle Lowry, somebody respect and we all respect. You know he believe that we’ve been a great test form but stops when those guys, I trust, training, staff and Trust organization. They got his best interest in next game, we’re looking forward to having them back. We just look at the whole picture. How do you think the team in your self-interest, the Ebbs and flows and come with playing with them, really well, obviously, more games? Light experience throughout the time will not divide about ourselves each guy individually. Thank you know. We found that in a couple. I know if that can work, even when Steph gets back off the bench and send some guys John display great basketball, scores Kratom off the dribble and pick her up. So you know I got the crate more for the team on the pick-and-roll in the in the post, but we would definitely like going back to our roles and what we do best on this team for full team. But I feel like we learned a lot about ourselves individually:
After the Golden State Warriors’ loss to the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night, Kevin Durant talks about what it’s like to play against Kawhi Leonard, (1:58) his interactions with Drake throughout the game and admits that “He [Drake] talks a lot of trash over there on that sideline so any time I can throw it back in his face is definitely a win for me,” but still handed over his jersey to the Raptors fan after the buzzer sounds.

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