Kids’ shows lack diversity, new study suggests

Kids’ shows lack diversity, new study suggests
Kids’ shows lack diversity, new study suggests
Paula recently released studies suggest children’s TV lacks gender balance in diversity and highlights that racial, physical and economic differences are not properly represented. That all said, the study is part of a wider effort across eight countries to better understand and children’s television and the Landscaping Wichita per 8-oz. Bringing you on the as of right now has more on this report, so give me a senior so lack of gender and ethnic racial diversity cuz we’re not together, because when it said he came out – and I would mention that they’ve been looking at 2017 shows and Television, so it shows you can see right there that will creator of these different shows that turn towards kids iuc, 35 % of the characters are female, and then this one is well to show you when you see that 74 % of the characters are white or The inference is, are the characters had any physical disabilities or challenges whatsoever? So, let’s take a look at a popular show, for example Paw Patrol. This is why many children enjoy this one and email they’re using voice voice instead, that the kids are all boys, except for this one, that you’re looking at named sky and in case you’re confused as to whether or not Skies a girl, well she’s wearing pink. So this is something that fits along the stereotypical gender. I am so is it just with his one hair curling many that get to participate. Now, when you look at another show, for example, my little pony that points to other factors where, for example, and shows like this, where the inferences that they’re girls it’s for the most part, they have problems with magic. Not always, but often where is you see? Other shows that feature voice. They solve problems with math and with logic and with themselves kind of heels, rather Victory types in so great, so yeah. It really showed some pretty dismal stats. Although I will say that since 2017, there has been quite a few changes, but it doesn’t look female roles where who are in leadership roles, but you know interesting that problem-solving, something we didn’t think about. It’S done a good job of being ahead of the curve. Many times and recently they’ve introduced, for example, of character with autism, and so if this is the kind of different diversity that were talking about to take a look at this particular show 16. Hudson rather – and she is a Canadian draining who felt very, very under-represented – and she created this show so that you got all kinds of different abilities, different backgrounds and have a listen to her and her perspective. Honestly, though, what I’m trying to do personally comes from a place of telling my own story and wanting to have role models from my children. I have two girls, my neck. You has two dads he’s 3 years old, so when Kiana’s for 5, I want them to turn on 16 Hudson and see a family with two dads. These are the lives that we’re living right now, so there you have it she’s, a reader she’s behind the shelf, and that seems to be a key coming out of the study that you need. The people who are writing we’re, producing and directing to really be diverse. If you want to see that reflected in the characters,
Kids’ shows lack diversity and gender balance, according to a new study. It highlights how few characters are women, disabled or non-white, even among animated shows.
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