Kids’ sweet surprise brings janitor to tears

Kids’ sweet surprise brings janitor to tears
Closing argument: our politics is ugly and didn’t get any better. Today, we are more than that more than just your ugly politics were not start worst efforts. We are more much more America on 1/4 in my grandmother used to say America has a good heart then, and now just fills my heart. This is Who We Are: two that’s Hickerson Elementary School in Tullahoma Tennessee, the man you saw James, Anthony Overjoyed, he’s a hearing, impaired custodian he’s been at the school 15 years to kindergarten classes with their teachers go ahead. Now I’ll run it again. While I talk, they don’t need to see me I’d rather than see that their teachers were Alyssa, Hartsfield and Amy Hershman. They learned to sign happy birthday. They taught the kindergarten kids for Anthony’s, 60th birthday, God bless them all and when’s. The last time you laughed like that, when’s, the last time you felt that kind of Joy, what a gift to him. So we are our teachers, Alyssa and Amy, and all those like them across the country who killed themselves good things in our kids, heads and hearts. Where those kids will look at the world for what it can be in jump at the chance to make a man smile and laugh out loud, we are those who step up with money and more after Hurricane when the need is so are we were all spending More time, making good memories and telling the people that we love them and holding them close, even if it’s just a hurry, kiss on the way out the door, we’re all doing more of that then making enemies. The point is C, but it is also something that you need to remember. We are more than what happens when we are at our worst and I’ll. Tell you why that matters, what matters most it puts things into perspective and when you remember that the ugly things that we’re seeing too much of an that? Yes, I’m a focus on too much. That’S not all that we are and not at all. You should want to watch it’s not all. You should reward with your time. So if you apply this very simply, how do we get this situation to change? This is what I’ve been thinking about. You reward those who do it and you punish those who do it wrong. If the leadership at the top doesn’t want to change, then you make it Bubble Up From The Bottom. You do it with who you vote, for what you watch ratings are all yours as well is how you can do it because remember when you look at who we are, we are much more what we just watch with those kids in that classroom, then we are. What we see too often on the rally stage,
A class of kindergartners in Tennessee surprised Mr. James, their school’s custodian who is hearing-impaired, by performing “Happy Birthday” in sign language.

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