Killing Jamal Khashoggi: How a Brutal Saudi Hit Job Unfolded | NYT – Visual Investigations

Killing Jamal Khashoggi: How a Brutal Saudi Hit Job Unfolded | NYT – Visual Investigations
There were 15 of them most arrived in the dead of night late, they’re trop and waited for the Target to arrive. Target was Jamal khashoggi Providence and it’s young Crown Prince. He is creating an environment of intimidation and fear in silence, since his killing in Istanbul Turkish media, the officials weeks of Investigation by the times bills on that evidence and reconstruction unfolded hour-by-hour. Our time line shows the ruthless efficiency of a hit team of experts that seem specially chosen from Saudi government minutes. Some hot links to the Crown Prince himself after a series of Shifting explanations. Saudi Arabia now denies that this Brazen hit you up with premeditated, but this reconstruction of the killing on the botched cover up called there serious question it’s Friday morning, September 28th are at the local marriage office in Istanbul and go straight to the counselors to arrange they Tell him to return in a week. It all seems routine, but it’s not inside. There’S a Sally’s by who’s working under diplomatic cover, Duffer AJ, he flies off.! That’S how it’s going to talk to plan to intercept cash OG, but he returns to the counselors fast forward. To Monday night, into Tuesday morning, Saturday agents converging assemble up separate flights, hussaini. The Spy fly back from Riyadh a commercial flight carries a three-man team that we believe flew from Cairo to of the men are security officers and they previously Travels With The Crown Prince Jet flight from Riyadh land. Around 3:30 a.m. Playing is often used by the Saudi government and its carrying 9 Saturday officials. Some who played key roles in cash Oggi’s death will get to team 3 later on focus on these men from the a higher ranking forensics an autopsy expert in the Saudi interior Ministry. Another is Mustafa Al madani, a 57 year old engineer. As we’ll see, it’s no accident that he looks like a Shoji – and this is my hermit crab, the leader of the operation investigation into his past review, link between new tribe under Sally Crown Prince this year, we discovered him a glowering figure. In the background, we found him again in Boston, singing New York in Madrid and Paris to This Global tour was all part of a charm offencive by the prince to paint himself as a moderate performer back then, who travels in the Royal Guard now breaking Shoji’s killing His close ties to the Crown Prince beg the question just how high up the Saturday chain of command to the plot to kill? Go The Saturdays near the cross paths at the airport. The Saudi chains check into two hotels which give quick access to the consulate to Shoji heads home with his fiance. He just bought an apartment for their new life together by mid-morning. The Saturdays are on the Move. Blue trap leaves his hotel 3 hours before khashoggi is due at the counselors. The rest of the team isn’t far behind the building is only a few min and soon the spotted at this entrance arrives. First next we see how to basic the autopsy expert. The stage is almost set a diplomatic car pulled out of the driveway and switches places with a van which box in Turkish official say this fan would eventually carry away. Cuz Shorty’s remains from 12. We can see the driveway is covered, hiding any activity around the van from public view, walking hand-in-hand in their final hour. Together the chart about dinner plans, a new furniture for their home at 1:13 p.m. they arrived at the counselors cash OG gives her his cell phones before he enters he walks into the Constitution. It’S the last time. We see him inside the show. She is brought to the consulate General’s office on the second floor. The hit team is waiting in the nearby room. Bree from the evidence told us. She quickly comes under attack, he’s drags to another room and it skills within minutes. Then I’ll chew, baiji. The autopsy expert dismembers his body, if I listening to music by her mood, call Swiss Superior, he says, tell your boss and the deed was done outside the van reportedly carrying ascioti’s body, pulls out from the side entrance and drives away. At the same time, the salaries begin trying to cover their tracks, but it showed his fiance weights here where she left him. Two figures leave from the opposite side: one of them is wearing his clothes later. The Saturdays would claim that this was Cash OG, but it’s Armada me the engineer now, a body double pretending that the missing journalist left the Constitution life. If there’s one glaring floor, the clothes are the same, but he’s wearing his own sneakers, the ones he walked in with. Meanwhile, the van that allegedly carrying ascioti’s body makes the 2-minute drive from the consulate to the Saturday consoles residence there’s several minutes of deliberations, but the van eventually flows into the driveway again, it’s hidden from public view. It’S now three hours since he was last seen the body and continues weaving a false Trail through the city, popular tourist area, and then later we see him joking around and surveillance footage over at the airport. They spent just five hours in Istanbul, but we’re not sure where they go again from the console’s house. It’S time for them to go with travel. Others check out of their hotel to airport security, despite heads to the airport to but as they’re leaving estambul ascioti’s fiance is still outside the counselors pacing in circles. She’Ll soon raise the alarm.. I choose wait for him until midnight. The alarm spreads around the world 9 days later, the Saturday send another team to assemble. They say it’s to investigate. What happened among them are a toxicologist and a chemist who also has ties to the hit team. He into baiji attended a forensics graduation days before he showed you was killed. Turkish officials, laser say V was not to investigate. What’S a cover up the killing. Now the Saturday story has changed and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for several suspects in cash Oggi’s killing, but that doesn’t include Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. How many Western government officials are convinced authorize? The Killing remains still haven’t been found.
An autopsy expert. A lookalike. A black van. Our video investigation follows the movements of the 15-man Saudi hit team that killed and dismembered the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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