Kim Pledges To Shutter Nuclear Complex If U.S. Takes ‘Corresponding’ Measures | NBC Nightly News

Kim Jeong gun pulled out all the stops to welcome South Korean president moon jae-in to North Korea with cheering crowds and intimate lunch and one of those famous highly choreographed North Korean stadium shows old for this today both leaders promising tensions and Kim Jong on promising to scale back his nuclear weapons program return the Korean peninsula nuclear weapons and nuclear threats Kim said Kim of rings are closed his main missile testing facility and saying he’ll closes biggest nuclear complex if the u.s. takes corresponding measures North and South Korea also agreed to create a no-fly zone on their border or those mountains are you can send North Korea other meeting US Air Force flight like this one we recently joined our in principle now no longer allowed president it looks like we were going to war with North Korea and now we have a lot of progress but North Korea has so far done nothing to get rid of a nuclear bomb it already has and US intelligence officials have told NBC News they believe North Korea is still making nuclear weapons Lester despite that Kim is planning to go to Seoul soon and North and South Korea even say they will make a joint bid for the Olympics so he’s getting a lot and so far still keeping his nuclear weapon exclusive thanks for watching
The leaders of North Korea and South Korea pledged to ease nuclear tensions, turning the peninsula into a “land of peace.” Kim agreed to close his main missile testing facility, and would close his biggest nuclear complex if the U.S. takes “corresponding measures”.
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Kim Pledges To Shutter Nuclear Complex If U.S. Takes ‘Corresponding’ Measures | NBC Nightly News

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