Kim-Putin summit: “There’s not an awful lot that Russia can do”

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Kim-Putin summit: “There’s not an awful lot that Russia can do”
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Kim-Putin summit: “There’s not an awful lot that Russia can do”
Kim-Putin summit: “There’s not an awful lot that Russia can do”
Alexa bringing a T4 and editor opossums hello. How are you kind of accepted to to listen to offer his Services as a broker, but effectively its position is that sanctions will continue until North Korea starts to denuclearize this little that Russia can do to persuade the United States to change its position. United States itself determines best to do so. I don’t really see that this very much that Russia can do Beyond offering a surance is to the North Koreans, but it’s got its interested state, but it’s wet willing to listen, but it’s prepared is Vladimir Putin set up the press conference today to talk the United States explain the nuances of North Korea’s position, but ineffective, tombs more than that to remind the world, but it is a global player, but it does high fall through a border with North Korea. I like China, or that much will the United States, but it’s reminding the world that it’s that on the scene, institution is not known to be exactly as diplomatic Rosalie. When it comes to the International Community world saying about Russia, trying to project itself as a global player from the East in the East makes it a global player. In recent times, its economic crisis has sucked away from not to degree, but Putin is trying to make sure that Russia stays on this evening able to carry the closet, the China, Japan and the United States have in the region. It is going to be that it does have a border with China. It does have a border with North Korea wants to be considered. The point of view of North Korea is useful to have a reminder to the United States that it does have other Allied potential friends in the region and turn to who might be interested in trading with it. Who might be interested in investing in it or the quite clearly at this present stage, doesn’t have a particular interest in investing in North Korea.
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Chief foreign editor Rob Parsons talks about Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin meeting each other today.

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