King: Important for Trump admin to tackle cybersecurity

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King: Important for Trump admin to tackle cybersecurity
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the outside of this Administration it became clear from early on in a very real sense we inherited a cyber crisis last Administration all but neglected cyber-security even digital threats were growing more numerous and more dangerous by the day I make no mistake about it those days are over intelligence Homeland Security committee sir how are you seems like everybody else now you did it no you didn’t you didn’t follow through now with your job it’s your responsibility where’s this stuff yes I would tell you the fantasy Obama administration did try Jay Johnson Homeland Security secretary tried at the end of the eight years of the Obama Administration we will not set it off and we were because whatever improvements we made our adversaries did better people didn’t try it didn’t work and it’s really important the Trump Administration to get this done I think there’s risk management sensor that’s been set up under the department Homeland Security is a positive step forward because what we’ve been lacking is more input from the privates remotes of the kitchen cilities are under the control of the private-sector unless they come forward and share threat information unless we can find ways to deter those threats it’s really not going to be affected we have to get more input to the private check to end has to be a greater determines a greater risk facing those who do package with Russia so again we need more cooperation and we need a concerted effort by the federal government to prison Obama’s credit he did directly and pointedly confront Latimer Putin about their interference and also to his credit it was President Obama task the until the community to community assessment which was the first event and a sequence of events that continue at the day and most and most all of it which is the molar investigation and put that into English here I believe the phrase the poop was knock it off I think I think that’s what we heard do it and accelerators after so they would totally ineffective on that and as far as the report that was written in the final weeks of the Obama Administration I look upon that as much as a political job is everything else I mean they waited until the election told that Brandon and call me the carpets and put together this report they put it together in about 3 weeks and the findings that report with different Marie they’ve been telling us me right up till December 5th we were being told at Prince and Russia Wyler interfering that favoring anyone suddenly after this report begins which whole life to Russian was favoring president Trump all along which I don’t believe was the case for the point of making his wife is proving my point that they did no impact whatsoever but you continue to do what they were doing before what states have no concrete plan to fight back against any intrusion how could that be what do we need to do now again this really is up to it’s only election system but we have to pressure them we have to encourage them to cooperate with the federal government again to Schatz write analysis also to come up with the fences so that their voting system cannot be interfered with but you do if your 50 different states each has their own way of but it’s important for them to realize hearing from the ministration are you hearing from the states that they’re taking it as seriously as you’re describing it here and think more of them have to realize this is a serious threat this is not in the last election is not really finding about the interview with the vote totals off-the-charts the rolls and again we know that Russia and other countries going to try to do that so we have to get and get the stage more involved in this f****** Homeland Security I think she is doing a lot but they can’t be doing more and we have to try to do it sitting here on November 7th looking at Sushi all over again
Pence suggests the Obama administration is to blame for U.S. cybersecurity issues. Republican congressman from New York speaks out on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

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