Kirk: Liberals base love for America on who is president

continues to be at Target in the mainstream media take a listen to this one made about him after his Thursday rally there’s no way anyone who knows Donald Trump bought it in some way I could watch him last night and not come away with a feeling that the president of the United States is completely unhinged and getting worse by the day reaction to that Amore Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk alright Charlie there isn’t any way anyone who knows Donald Trump unless they’re bought in some way doesn’t think he’s totally unhinged I couldn’t disagree more actually an American people disagree at that he’s getting more more popular here’s the stunning thing about the Trump presidency despite unprecedented media backlash and targeting is going against historical Trends usually presidents that less popular in their first 18 months he’s getting more popular in fact he’s not 50% approval rating in the latest Rasmussen poll and Rasmussen was the most accurate pull before the 2016 election approval rating with black Americans a 13% a year ago now it’s at 29% Hispanic approval rating or they like you know Charlie I got to tell you if somebody with all the hits he’s been taken I mean and anybody else would buckle and being a quarter this guy’s out fighting the fight everyday he gets energy from this really doesn’t hoop Madonna is suggest Donald Trump motivated her to move to Portugal I’ll take a listen we needed a change and I wanted to get out of America for a minute as you know this is not America’s Finest Hour not the leaving America makes anything different or changes anything Charlie what’s this woman talking about what this actually really interesting example we as conservatives we remain loyal and patriotic no matter who is president United States United States Obama was President I was just as loyal and committed American as I am today it doesn’t matter what we believe in the idea of America we believe in our history and our heritage if there was a republican in the White House distinction going on in America are you thankful to be an American or you angry to be in America right now and many liberals are angry when we should be pouring out our gratitude that were able to live in this country at this time with this president Donna is a perfect example of a you know sometimes I think the people who hate America so much with Donald Trump as President should rethink their address that’s just me all right this tweet Trump Administration or the enemy of the American people Charlie remember Kathy Griffin was about a year ago posted a proposed a picture with a decapitated head of the president knighted states and then try to play the victim 48 hours later cuz she was upset everyone was going after her it did that horrific stunt with Barack Obama said they’ve been investigated by the Secret Service Comedy Tour is just that it’s comedy and look the left like we keep on saying they’re losing their minds I doubt if they had those in the first place but here’s the thing Trump is the Ally of the American people he is fighting he is winning in the Olympics Kathy Griffin take the more they talk the more popular Trump gets I said earlier unlike other historical Trends Donald Trump is getting more popular with time and we’re just getting started ever for people with just High School diplomas and I don’t mean to say just but with high school diplomas I mean it’s across-the-board this positive economy anyway Charlie Kirk thanks so much for being with us
Turning Point USA founder reacts to outrageous comments by ‘liberal elites’ Mika Brzezinski, Madonna and Kathy Griffin.

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