Kobe explains why Kawhi chose the Clippers over the Lakers, gives KD injury advice | NBA Interview

Kobe explains why Kawhi chose the Clippers over the Lakers, gives KD injury advice | NBA Interview
Kobe explains why Kawhi chose the Clippers over the Lakers, gives KD injury advice | NBA Interview
During the season a lot of players, they said it’s an honor to play for that Team. Usa, ultimate honor to pay for pop it. What is different for 4 lotto me, some of those guys haven’t, had the opportunity to play for United States and I’m sure, if their health allowed them to. They certainly would have been over here playing coming off of serious injuries until trying to figure out how to navigate through that to get healthy again. Hundred percent other guys are moving moving. Different cities got family that need to settle in, and it’s a big adjustment for family. So I certainly understand in Tucson the aqr part of that Team USA in Beijing Olympics. Where do you think you’re going for the gold medal. cuz that was a.? Where are we had lost last few times and Ian the competition in the world and truly caught up? And then we put together this group of individuals and try to make this group of individuals into a team with some high-powered. Every wind up having a great time, got a chance to know each other quite a bit and he went out and played and got the job done, so I’m affecting the record all can get paid this year. I think it’s it’s the teams that they are playing against. You have to keep in mind that they have been playing together for a very, very long time, the culture of European basketball. What’S different than that of the states, where a lot of these teams grow up playing together, no international basketball, together playing for the national team together, where there’s two Junior 15 16 17, you teams, and so they have a natural understanding of what they like and don’t Like and how they play defense together office, the other day. Each other, how each other think that was a huge leg up for them, and we put together a group of guys that really really talented basketball players individually but haven’t had enough time together. Yet to be able to figure out how to take some of these teams apart. First Eli experience with was trying to find footage of the players that I’m playing against you. No, because that’s a huge advantage that they have is that they can turn on any television and watch you play I’m going up against the team from Grease I’m going up against the team from France. I don’t know who these guys are. A lot of these guards are choosing to stay in France and play their choosing to stay in Greece, and play are more than capable. So I need to be able to find game film, so I can watch them and study them and prepare for them versus them. Just being able to study me all the time lot of things going on that didn’t matter matters what they put around those two guys and then what is the offensive and defensive system that they’re going to be executing their? You can have Marquee names and put those Marquee name together until guess if he can play together or not, but ultimately it comes down to what system do you have them in and how that? How does that affect the rest of the guys, Clippers and the Lakers? You had that would be better because he has been dealing with health issues, Bishop’s bronze going into his 17th year. I think 1764 lecture Anthony Davis been dealing with health issues off and on throughout his entire teeth entirety of his career question marks movie. Take a look at the season and kind of say: okay: well, this is going to be. The best team in the steam over here should be finished in the top three. Now it’s hard to gauge because you do have a lot of strong Duos, but if one of those oil gasket hurt, then how does that compromise? Cuz? It changes everything so and we’ll see. I think it’s a little different now, because everyone is essentially a journalist and in that regard, growing up. It was a big. It was a big deal to write a piece about a game to do an interview or something like that. But nowadays everybody is a journalist. I think it makes things a little different for young guys are grown up now. Do you understand why I think he wanted to challenge – and I think you saw a great opportunity participate in that challenge with them. Both kids are from LA Lakers was their favorite team, but you know you grow up in things change, so I think they both saw it as an opportunity. As a challenge, I try to take your clippers organization. That’S that’s, says all the right. Things has been doing. The right things and in terms of turning the team in the right direction and saw it as a great chance to to jump in and be a part of it English. Before a lot of patients Community different Achilles you’re, not dealing with the muscle where you can you’re working back into shape, then you got to let the tendon heal and there’s no. You can’t rush it at all. So it’s a lot of being patient and then pay attention with the saying you have to do the physical therapy every single day and it’s boring. I mean it’s really boring. Life is really really boring, but you have to be able to find a small little challenge. Hell and I kind of everyday boring stuff because out, that is what will get you to where you want to go players play on the court. Do you feel a little bit itchy that you actually want to coach for a team know? I don’t know I don’t enjoy that I enjoy helping kids learn, especially at it age. Can you can teach him in the neck, can figure things out and then they can grow and involve and the certain level of excitement that comes from that at this level is different. This level, your coaching just for results – and I don’t enjoy that part I enjoyed watching kids, learn
Kobe Bryant analyzes Team USA’s early exit in the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, why Kawhi Leonard chose to sign with the LA Clippers instead of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019 NBA free agency and gives Kevin Durant advice on his rehabilitating Achilles tendon as he awaits to step on the floor with the Brooklyn Nets.

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