Koch Network distances from Trump divisiveness

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Koch Network distances from Trump divisiveness
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president Trump is threatening to shut down the federal government if he doesn’t get his way on immigration reform their president tweeting out that he wants money for the border wall with Mexico and also demanding the Democrats put up the votes for the rest of his immigration reform that just over just under a hundred days before the midterm elections there’s fear at least among that many Republicans at all this could end up helping the Democrats is the funding of a border wall going to wait until after the midterm probably and that’s something we do have a disagreement on so you’re not worried about a government shutdown I don’t think be helpful so let’s try and avoid it presents also facing a backlash from one of the Republican party’s biggest supporters of the Koch brothers and they’re not work I have spent two tens of millions of dollars back in the Republican party in elections are now saying president divisiveness is causing long-term damage there is even been some serious talk of supporting at least some democratic candidates if their interest a line joining us so why is your network raising the alarm right now about the other president we’ve always had the same India public policy and political process is just a small part of what this network does overall but it gets obviously a lot of attention throughout time we seen some great success there tax reform Racine justices we’ve seen the a reform and I can go on and on but we’ve also seen tremendous setback and setbacks are significant our spending bill then we see families being separated at the border and justices that we have to continue to fight again and so we want to make it clear that building policy coalition’s as we move you think is the best way to bring cut through the device in this that we’re seeing across the country and to actually mobilize on some change and make progress on some of these issues we talked about one of those legislation which is for terminally ill patients the ability to use experimental drugs Congress completely agreed on this the House and Senate have legislation on it the American people overwhelmingly support it and yet Congress was going nowhere so we said we have to step up our efforts and we launch the campaign ads highlighting it we mobilize Grassroots pushing forward on it and Loan tremendous bipartisan support in the house and the Senate you’re not worth a cooked at work has been trying to persuade the president the shift his views on trade and tariffs so far without a whole lot of success they’ve got trade battles going on with China with Europe Canada Mexico is that a threat to the all US economy Warriors and the terrorist in this trade War threatens to undermine that progress significantly this is a tax on the American people after all to help farmers now need a bailout is a 12 billion dollar bill out it’s being put for it and it’s really not a bailout for farmers China for the bad actions that they’ve taken on trade and to hold our debt China yesterday telling Politico that officials at the coke Network and I’m quoting him now Andy to shut up and get with the program how do you respond to Steve Bannon course challenges and help people succeed and so that’s where our focus is going to be are numbers up on the screen and 2016 of the budget deficit for that year 587 billion dollars first year the Trump Administration went up to 666 billion dollars the Congressional budget office now suggesting it could be a trillion dollars next year let’s Revenue coming in because there have been tax cuts a lot more spending for military and other issues as well as the coke Network feel about a trillion-dollar budget deficit coming up the problem here is not the tax cut America I need Democrats yet joining your network for support and you got any names you like to mention every issue or not right you’re certainly going to be issues where we can find common interest and we’re going to aggressively pursue those areas of common interest so we can unite to build strong bipartisan Coalition and drive these policy changes make some progress with the problem is it’s so divisive and factionalized at this point that even when you do find Opportunities where there’s agreement it’s hard to work one another because those relationships have been destroyed Florida Society of mutual benefit where people succeed by helping other people succeed creating win-win situation for the American people
In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, spokesman for the Koch Network said that the Koch Network is distancing themselves from the “divisiveness” of the Trump campaign and may support some democratic candidates if their interests align.

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