Kofi Annan: Former UN chief and Nobel Peace Prize laureate – BBC News

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Kofi Annan: Former UN chief and Nobel Peace Prize laureate – BBC News
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I coffee on and I go pee and then solemnly swear solemnly swear in December 1996 the first black African un secretary-general I’m the first to be appointed from within the organization during his two terms in office he used his position as one of the world’s top diplomats to try to mediate in many different International crisis the him the focus was always on the issues leadership is not about the individual when you have Macho leaders who believe they have to shine and it all has to be about them forget that purchase interest what is required is the welfare of society and the people they sell and putting an emphasis on human rights in a statement this morning his family paid tribute to him saying that whatever that means suffering or need he reached out and touched many people with his deep compassion and but they hit selfish they placed others first radiating a genuine kindness and warm and Brilliance in all he did have no soul out of the Limelight instead taking on other Global roles including becoming un and Arab League special envoi to Syria trying to end the Civil War there already that being many tributes from around the way four leading Diplomat who will be greatly missed
It was at his elite boarding school in West Africa that Kofi Annan – the man who would later become the world’s top diplomat – learnt one of his most important lessons. It was, he said later, “that suffering anywhere concerns people everywhere”. The idea seems to have inspired Annan throughout a life which saw him play a key role in the crises which have shaped the world, from the HIV/Aids pandemic, to the Iraq War and, latterly, climate change. His humanitarian work would win him a Nobel Peace Prize, but it would also win him a raft of critics. Annan, the first black African to lead the United Nations, would nonetheless became one of the most enduring and recognised diplomats in modern history.

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