Kyler Murray is in top 5 of my 2019 NFL draft projection – Mel Kiper Jr. | Get Up!

Kyler Murray is in top 5 of my 2019 NFL draft projection – Mel Kiper Jr. | Get Up!
Kyler Murray, going 13 to the Dolphins. Now with this news yesterday, how do you see that changing now that you see where teams are and terms looking at him now is strictly an NFL guy baseball’s, not a fact. You told about the combine going to find out and try to figure out what way he’s going to go now. You know that, already couple weeks before the combine ever mock coming out next Monday, less than a week away, I’ll, probably have Kyler Murray, the top 5 grand, even certainly in the top 7 overall, in that mock draft okay, by the time we get the late April, Always that we see quarterback before stop and Kyler Murray comes into the NFL and the perfect year. The perfect fit suits Mary 100 % top five top 7. Very interesting that you have had Ohio State, Dwayne, Haskins ahead of him. Do you believe that might change a pocket, passer, Kyler Murray is the point? Are the distributor fit suits today’s NFL to a T, and I think if you couldn’t have scripted any better, he comes in the 80’s 90’s early 2000’s seven years ago, Russell Wilson. What a great career with two teams NC State Wisconsin, was the 75th third round draft choice fast forward, 75, 9 and 1/2 in the top five. Possibly it’s amazing. It’S the way the games play the way it’s changed and if you adjust the changed and the young guys have some of the old guard, but the young guys are the dictating their the policy and, what’s going to happen with draft type in the NFL., I think By the time we get to late April, he goes very early. I think, he’s the most fascinating player, quarterback prospects in the history of the NFL draft history of the draft Mel Kiper so-called to keep you busy as we work our way towards late April. Thank you. Let me bring it over here with you. You play the position. You study the position, every single, what needs to workout for Kyler Murray to become an upstanding NFL quarterback in the shotgun so Tomales point that helps the timing of this, but he’s a shotgun quarterback. You got to make sure that you move the pocket for him constantly is not a God that you’re just going to let sit back. There go 5 and 7 step drop, so shotgun quarterback your pieces around. What is your roster? Look like your offensive. Lineman got a plane space a little bit. Your receivers have to play in space a little bit that don’t the roster construction, a big part of it and then for general managers. That you’ll be the riskiest pick in this draft and you got to have a courageous, general manager. That’S I want this kid because he does not look the part you cannot fall back on. I took the big quarterback that was 6 ft 5 and put a 25 lb. He should have worked out if he doesn’t you clean the coaches, this guy, when you take Carla Marie you are putting yourself on the line. Is it committed to go if this doesn’t work out? It’S on you because he does not fit the mold. He does not look like the traditional quarterback. Those are the main things for him to go, be successful, which I believe he will be body has. Do you believe he is going to be a terrific player on the next level? More yards rushed for more yards through, more touchdowns won a Heisman in one season for rookie of the year, but everyone has doubts about what Kyler Murray will be when all he’s done. Is proven the fact that he can play against Alabama and 17 yards could probably be first-rounders and he escaped those guys. You know what I mean if you surround him and do exactly what Dan is saying you got to do a lot. You have to make plans and build around him, but he can certainly be successful. You know what I mean course, of course it is not that if you were big, you have you automatically 16. First, in the first round of the NFL draft, in the draft there, only one quarterback in the NFL Kyler Murray, performed at the same level in the same position in the same system and they have hit better outfit. This is a question. Everyone needs to ask himself when it comes to early drafted quarterbacks. What is their flaw? What can what is the bad part about their game, and can you get better find me Carla, Marie’s? There is not a huge fault to his game if we’re going to say Kyla Marie sloth is 10 lb in an inch people need to overlook that, because the end is about Talent. It is about special talent, Kyler Murray’s, one of them.
Mel Kiper Jr. joins Get Up! to explain why he will have Kyler Murray in the top 5 of his draft projection as we get closer to the 2019 NFL draft because teams that need a quarterback would trade up to get a talent like Murray. However, Mike Greenberg is skeptical about Kyler Murray’s NFL potential because of his height and the limited success that shorter quarterbacks have had in the NFL.

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