Labour Leader Corbyn: Political declaration ‘worst of all worlds’ – BBC News

Labour Leader Corbyn: Political declaration ‘worst of all worlds’ – BBC News
Thank you mr. speaker, I’d like to thank the Prime Minister for the advanced copy of his statement. These 26 pages are a testament to the failure of the Tories, bungled 19 extra pages, but nothing has changed. The only certainty contained within these pages is at the transition. What have to be extended all you’ll end up with a backstop and no exit it print. It represents the worst of all worlds, no say over the rules that will continue to apply a no certainty of the future. I can trade secretary said it would be easiest in human history. Instead, we have 26 pages of waffle. This project, your European medicines agency, the European chemicals agency and the European Aviation safety industry. Direct access to some, I didn’t know, you. Promises to enable many office for the commitments and they have made to any known member State. They said we couldn’t Reserve hopping doing throughout the United Kingdom, strong and collaborative future relationship with the EU. Yes does. It depends rights and protections and preventive race-to-the-bottom. Does it protect National Security? Show me yourself, man, the prime minister. This is this is a good day of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom Play Party politics.
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn described the agreement as “26 pages of waffle” which “could have been written two years ago”.

“This is the blindfold Brexit we all feared – a leap in the dark. It falls short of Labour’s six tests,” he added.

“What on earth have the government been doing for the past two years?.”

Earlier Mrs May said: “The British people want this to be settled.

They want a good deal that sets us on course for a brighter future. That deal is within our grasp and I am determined to deliver it.”

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