Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calls for unity over Brexit process

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calls for unity over Brexit process
Labor has been absolutely clear from the start, absolutely a meaningful vote on any Associated deal that was raised by my friend, a member for Hobart and some Packers at the very beginning of this whole brexit process. That should a deal be defeated in Parliament as it was decisively. Parliament must have a say on how the government precedes. This is a vital issue that affects the future direction of our country, and the future is facing all all of our constituents. It determines the jobs and living standards about people, the rights of European Union citizens living in Britain who have been deeply stressed by the situation, as have British citizens across the continent of Europe in the world, and our participation Corporation european-wide projects on issues as bikeless security. Counter-Terrorism and climate change, a job, mrs. Baker must pray to bring people together, no matter how anyone in this house campaign in the referendum, mrs. Baker referendum, we cannot wish away the votes of 17 million people who voted to leave any more than we could ignore. The concerns of 16 million, who voted to remain, we must have it on mines. The views right across the country that fool right, that members of this house represent their constituents to decide the way forward in implementing the results of the referendum, but I’m delivering the results. We have to, but in delivering the result we have to unite. We have to unite people., To create further divisions or two strokes in a phobia Ultra races in to rear its ugly head within our society.
The Labour leader also performed a u-turn and says he will meet with the Prime Minister if the Commons votes to ‘take no deal off the table’ tonight. Today Mr Corbyn swung behind a Commons amendment that would allow Parliament to seize control of Brexit and order the Government to delay Article 50 until the end of the year. The move, led by former Labour Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper, also has the public backing of ten Conservative MPs – with the result said to be on a ‘knife-edge’. Mr Corbyn has said he will support it and ordered his MPs to do the same – but will seek to shorten the nine-month extension proposed by Ms Cooper to three months. This would mean Brexit would be delayed from March 29 to late June. Addressing the Commons today he said: ‘The Labour Party will back the amendment tonight because to crash out without a deal would be deeply damaging for industry and economy’. He added: ‘We have the opportunity to take no deal off the table. When the Prime Minister invited party leaders for talks, I said she must remove the threat of a no deal. If this House votes to remove no deal, I would be happy to meet her’.

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