Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: ‘She achieved nothing’ at summit – BBC News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: ‘She achieved nothing’ at summit – BBC News
The Prime Minister for advanced copy of his statements on Ukraine. As NATO is said, we need both sides to show restraint and deescalate international law at head to including Russia allowing unhindered access to Crane Sports unless he has resolved into enough crisis and if any more evidence was needed of why we faces grave situation. The Prime Minister demonstrated it last week’s Summit, negotiate those away to replace by words about preparing for no deal, but that cannot hide the cold Rihanna. She achieved nothing. Standing last week the Prime Minister said I have made some progress. Mr. speaker, she has not made any progress at all. The prime minister said so well still in Brussels, and I quote: the EU is clear as I am I that this is the deal the European commission has been categorical. It will not be negotiated counselors, giving the car fication that were possible at this stage. So no further meetings with the UK Appleseed the deal is unchanged and not going to change the house just get on with the vote and move on to consider the realistic Alternatives there can be. There can be no logical reason for this life, except that taking shambolic government to a new level. The prime minister no longer has the backing of her cabinets. The international trade secretary suggested that the prime minister’s deal no longer has the backing of the cabinets. What’S cartridges woods on a quote, I think that it is very difficult to support the deal. If we don’t get changes to the backstop, I don’t think it will get through. I’M not even sure if the cabinet will agree for it to be put to the House of Commons, so we have the spectacle of the last few days with numerous cabinet members coming forward with their own Alternatives. The international trade secretary suggested that a two-year Transit is Juno jail is an option. The recompense insectary saves. The government needs to try something different and build a consensus in Parliament. The Attorney General is reported as saying he wants her gone on for Pillsbury renegotiated. While the International Development secretary is allegedly liaising with the ERG to launch an alternative option. Others are reportedly working on a second referendum, no longer backs the deal, then, who knows what the options would be so kind of? Prime minister answer this: one still have the confidence of the cabinets. 2, East cabinet, Collective responsibility still in operation 3, Doesn’t Remind government policy to avoid a No Deal outcome. Mr. speaker on unacceptable deal is on the table, has been secured, renegotiations have been rebuffed and not even assurances have been offered on the prime minister’s Shawnee jail. No longer even has the backing of the cabinet. The Prime Minister run away from putting a tail before Parliament was even our own cabinet has. and she herself admits Parliament won’t back it, so we left edging ever closer to the 29th of March deadline without a Dale and without even a degree plan in cabinet to Get a deal, Prime Ministers has cynically run down the clock. Trying to maneuver Parliament into a choice between two unacceptable outcomes in the country on princesses are increasingly anxious. Even yesterday, this email, I said uncertainty is struggling firms and threatening jobs, not in the future, but right now the brake chamber pharmacist said there is no time to waste a responsible prime minister wood for the good of this country. I put this deal before the house. This week this week, so we could move on from this government’s disastrous negotiations. This speaker is a constitutional crisis and the prime minister is the architect of it. She’S leading the most shambolic and chaotic 100 Martin Street even cabinet no longer functions. A prime minister whose authority has been lost a cabinet, a cabinet, Greeks infections and a conservative party, so fundamentally split that is very existence, is being discussed. Negotiate a deal failed to get any meaningful reassurances. There is no excuse for any more or July this government’s. The speaker has already become the first government in British history to be held in contempt by Parliament. Meaningful vote was pulled at the last minute and the Prime Minister has not wasted five weeks. Having achieved nothing, not a single word renegotiated, not a single reassurance game. Last week I didn’t farted the failure, chaos and indecision at the heart of this government’s shambolic. Today, they’ve been dragged, Kicking and Screaming to announce a date to restart the device. Mrs Baker, you can do so much better when you try. This is Jeremy corbyn, but misses fake. It is disgraceful that a month has been wasted, since we were due to vote on the 11th of December. That can be no the accountability of government. To this speaker, three three questions during a response does: does the cabinet want to avoid no deal that we leave the European Union with a good deal on that is this Tale? National crisis is an opposition, irresponsible, Andrea Mitchell crocheted? It is most unlikely to secure the support of This House of Commons. In these circumstances, it would be wise to seek an extension 250 Andrew Mitchell to seek an extension to a 450 speaking out extension.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says that the UK faces an “unprecedented situation” and accuses the prime minister of having led the UK into ” constitutional crisis”.

He says that “she achieved nothing” at the summit over the weekend, “she has not made any progress at all”.

The Commission has been “categorical” that there will be no further re-negotiations. He says that the prime minister “no longer has the backing of her Cabinet”.

He lists the Cabinet members who are secretly working on other options, including some who are working for a second referendum.

“An unacceptable deal is on the table,” he says, and no reassurances have been offered.

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