Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: Withdrawal agreement does not meet our tests – BBC News

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: Withdrawal agreement does not meet our tests – BBC News
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: Withdrawal agreement does not meet our tests – BBC News
The speaker and I want to thank the Prime Minister from the bounce copy of a statements, the withdrawal agreement and the outline political decoration represent a huge and damaging failure is a fungal negotiations. The government’s produced a bunch deal the breeches, the prime minister’s own red lines and does not meet a 6 test. The government mrs. Baker is in chaos, leaving the country and an indefinite halfway house without a real site simply cannot put apartment. This half-baked deal, the both of brexit secretary and his predecessor have rejected. No deal is not a real option on the government has not seriously prepared for it. The government must publish its full legal advice and the treasury of full economic impact assessment of the deal and the obeah an updated economic forecasts leaving the dock unable to find Delphi never did find date. There is no mention of the prime minister’s favorite term implementation. Anywhere in the 585 pages of this document. I no wonder there is precious little new to implement Spell agreement or the political Declaration of the agreement. States transition can be extended and the last two years gives us no confidence. This government can then those negotiations would have to be put on hold, because the focus was then inevitably shift from the go see a shins on the future. Relations 132 applies paying a huge financial contribution in order to extend the transition.. If we have to avoid triggering the backstop, as a prime minister, insist, is her position itself leave without the agreement of the EU in the backstop restrictions on state aid, a hard-wired in with an arbitration mechanism, but no such guarantee exist. Can the Prime Minister also confirm that the backstop applies separate regulatory rules to Northern Island, creating a de-facto dick to the Customs Union, but not the rest of the UK? This is despite the fact that the current prime minister said this is something, and I quote, no, you cry. Uk prime minister could ever agree to of her red lines bridge. In fact, the list of EU measures that continue to apply to the quote to the UK respective Northern Ireland runs to 68 pages of the agreement. This affects v80 decorations and rules of origin checks. Are the prime minister’s Red Line regarding the jurisdiction of the European court of justice has also been torn up? Stop or still in transition way will continue to contribute to the budget and follow the rules overseen by the ecj and all those that work in those businesses that risks decisions for investment being deferred even further costing jobs a living standards. A many companies may decide that they will no clear plan to get a strong deal with a single Market to ensure continued access to European markets and services, mailing of a commitment to go beyond the Baseline of the World Trade Organization. Both the first Ministers of Wales and Scotland make list the prime minister that participation in a customs Union to protect the economy and jobs was essential. Likewise, mrs. Baker, nation of the European white arrest warrant or an equivalent, and no clarity about a status with europol. Euro. Just even the Galileo project about any future. Okay, I knew you unfollowing the wind Rush Scandal. Many EU Nationals here, but have no confidence in this system. The country was promised and Parliament kennel and, I believe, will not accept a false choice between this battle and people. Around the country will be feeling King of the cabinet, this Parliament, the country as a whole,
In response, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the withdrawal agreement and political declaration represent a “huge and damaging failure”.

He says the government has negotiated a “botched deal” that breaches its own red lines.

The withdrawal agreement, he says, “does not meet” Labour’s six Brexit tests.

The withdrawal deal is a “leap in the dark”, but he tells MPs that leaving the EU without a deal is “not a real option”.

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Jeremy Corbyn asks the PM to confirm that if the government cannot agree a comprehensive relationship by January 2021, then negotiations will change back to extending the transition period.

“The backstop locks Britain into a backstop from which it cannot leave without the agreement of the EU,” he says, and no “guarantee exists for workers’ rights”.

“The list of EU measures that continue to apply” runs to “68 pages of the agreement”, he says.

“It is utterly far-fetched for the prime minister to suggest that we have taken control of our laws, money and borders,” he states.

He calls the draft agreement a “substantial dilution” from May’s previous commitments.

“Uncertainty continues for business and all those who works in those businesses,” he states, “many companies may decide the lack of certainty simply means they will Brexit”.

“There is no ambition to achieve continuation of the European arrest warrant,” he adds. #BREXIT #BBC #NEWS

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