Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the PM’s statement – BBC News

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the PM’s statement – BBC News
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the PM’s statement – BBC News
The Prime Minister for an advance copy of a statement and I joined with her and condemning the car bomb attack, be staying in London during the weekend on command the emergency. This is on the local community for their response until the Good Friday agreement in reducing violence. In Northern Ireland must never be taken for granted, it was just started step forward, but we cannot take it for granted still appears not to have come to terms with this scale of the defeat in the House of Commons last week the Prime Minister seems to be Going through the motions of accepting the results but in reality is in deep denial, slicer defeat is it. The Prime Minister must change her red lines because her current deal is undeliverable. So can she be clear and explicit with a house which of a red lines? Is she prepared to move on? The prime minister’s invitation to talks have been exposed as a p asham, every opposition party politician play things with the same response country throughout the Prime Minister just said, there was no flexibility, they would no negotiations. Nothing has changed. Go to the Prime Minister was heard. There was a noise. I could register on the same as to apply for the position, but I do welcome the commitment that the fee for US citizens to apply for several States. This will be waived a possible deal on the table, but sorry you negotiating partners of clear – and I quote unanimously the European Council. The boys said that if the UK chooses to shift its red lines in the future to go on the simple Free Trade Agreement, then the EU will be immediately ready to give a favorable response to the house voted to hold the referendum. It also voted to trigger article 50. Majority of this house is support a deal in principle and to respect the referendum result, but it requires the prime minister. Instead, We Now understand the prime minister is going back to Europe to see concessions on the Back store. Can I ask the Prime Minister this: what is the difference between legal assurances and concessions? What makes her think that, what she try to degree negotiation December will succeed in January. This is us feel a bit like Groundhog Day. So the first thing she must do majority in this house against leaving without a deal, I’m rule out no deal and stop the Colossal waste of public money planning for an outcome. Questions cost of the chancellor. He reassured businesses that no deal would be ruled out by the commons, yet he is sanctioning 4.2 billion to be spent on an option he believes will be ruled Define secretary said last week. It was very unrealistic to believe the House of Commons would not find a way to block No Deal. This is Baker. I asked the prime minister to meet first with that Chancellor and a foreign secretary and see if they can convince her to do what is in her power to rule a no tail and if she will not do that. No will. She confirms the house and, if I’d Amendment instruction, the Prime Minister agreed the backstop because of her pledge to the people of Northern Ireland to avoid border, but no deal would mean a hard Border in Ireland and break the prime minister’s commitment. She seriously willing to accept a hard border, but today how’s the stocks of a democratic process, navigate brexit forgetting to the state. They wanted us to have no Democratic scrutiny whatsoever, labor set out – and I believe they made a majority in the house with such a proposal. For a new, comprehensive Customs Union ceu that would include eyesight a strong single Market deal that delivers frictionless trade and ensure no race to the bottom on workers, rights or indeed any other of the important Galatians retractions rehab. We will be said consistently from beginning of No Deal Noble, family talks. Parliament will debate and decide on this time this time. Mr. speaker, I hope and expect the government to listen to this house being said in the toilet. So far he said there was a consensus and he said there was no view across this house at school today and then principal. That’S exactly what double secure the support of this house to enable us to leave European Union with a Dale, and we are continuing to listen to Cruise across the house. Ruling out No Deal or No Deal does not happen. That would be a betrayal to the referendum decision that was taking place in 2016 and the other way. The other way is to agree a deal with the European Union, but I want that. I’M talking with members across the house about I want to talk with. He complained about being spent, is there actually., 4.2 billion, whatever Milan and across the house for those were concerned about no deal? That means we should be leaving with a deal, but we need to find is the way that this house comes if we can secure foradil. What is being clear from the discussions that we had so far is the issue, but when it comes to it, when it comes to it, we all need to be Lookout. Constituents in the eye and say that we did the right thing by then that is leaving with a deal that we in Shoals we deliver on the referendum on protect the jewels
Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn condemns the car bomb in Londonderry at the weekend.

He says that Parliament “cannot take for granted” the Good Friday Agreement.

He accuses the prime minister of going through the “motions” of trying to seek consensus but he says she is still “in denial”.

He asks which of her red lines is “she prepared to move on”.

He states that there was “no flexibility, no negotiations” in the cross-party talks that were held last week.

He welcomes the commitment that the fee for settled status will now be waived by the government.

“There is a clear majority in the House to support a deal and to respect the referendum result,” he says, but he says the PM needs to work across the House.

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