Labour tables motion of no confidence in the government – BBC News

Labour tables motion of no confidence in the government – BBC News
The results of tonight’s vote is a greatest defeat for a government since the 1920s in this house. This is a catastrophic defeat for this Government. After 2 years of failed negotiations, the House of Commons, as delivered on her brexit deal on that verdict is absolutely decisive. Hear the words the Prime Minister, but actions if I got much of the past two years, speak equally clearly what time is it in Greece right now to try to keep her failed processing deal alive? It’S been so roundly rejected by Parliament on behalf of the people of this country. Labor has laid our top priorities; consistently, no jail must be taken, no tell must be taking off the table, apartment in customs Union must be secured and people’s rights and protection must be guaranteed, so they do not fall behind at every turn. The Prime Minister has closed. The door on dialog business is better to negotiate a comprehensive Trade union leaders pressed her for the same thing they were ignored in the last two years. She’S only had one priority. The conservative party principal has reached the end of the line sheet. I don’t seriously believe that, after 2 years of fighting she’s capable of negotiating a good deal for the people of this country, the most important issue facing us is that the government has lost the confidence of this house in this country. Are there for me to speak to inform you? I have now titled a potion of no confidence in this couple. Pleased I’m pleased that motion will be tomorrow, so this house comes on the share incompetence of this government, but motion of no confidence in the government just come to the lead. I will come to the right honorable done for the clothes for the fun to go to the leader of
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn says that he has tabled a motion of no confidence in the government.

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says that the result of tonight’s vote is the largest defeat for a government since the 1920s.

After two years of negotiations, this verdict is “absolutely decisive”. He says the PM is only trying to reach out now “after it has been so roundly rejected by Parliament”.

“No deal must be taken off the table, a permanent customs union must be secured, and people’s rights and protections must be guaranteed,” he says, adding that the PM has “closed the door on dialogue”.

“In the last two years, she’s had only one priority, the Conservative Party,” he states.

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