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the stars of the day for kids at City Academy and Inner City Bristol it’s a school One More than 70% of the students are from black and ethnic minority communities and it’s where I work I’m a teacher and assistant principal and that makes me rap Society while you’re saying but it doesn’t matter when I said Supply then it would be very naive to believe that is not going to matter in the school setting we do need more black teachers children should be able to see themselves in actually was below they say around the teachers in Bristol is worrying a lot of people the running me trust race equality Think Tank says the wrong shoes disadvantages Haitian for black people in Bristol and too few black teachers is a big part of the problem is life gets off to a bad start your chances of success on my sativa juice I’m going to talk to people who are affected by that and people who can change it the bells going on its mass first good morning class today secondary schools we have in Bristol my students are working out how many black teachers are in the schools we hardly have 19 secondary schools or 30 secondary schools 1346 teachers now how many of those teachers do you think Aunt black Gary school’s I should know you had 45 so you won’t answer is the nearest we had numbers as big as 436 which demonstrates that we felt the number of black teachers with much larger in Bristol that actually is the first pets get this right we’ll get five please okay so the answer is 1.9% percent of black teachers in Bristol secondary schools Weldon Sammy because the fastest mathematician children make about 1.9% especially compared to the black population who’s the richest 6% different because kids would see that everyone’s being represented good to hear from students but that’s two teachers this is Terry he’s Bristol born-and-bred and he’s been teaching Maths for 19 years and he’s got a very low memory when I was a kid it would have been nice to have seen more 30% I believe that if you had put some of the teachers I do believe this should be an environment that the kids could have like tomorrow in my ideal World black kids with pink actually it’s normal to see Bristol West the thing is she never told in her city of birth so why is that the experiences I’m getting in London I wouldn’t be able to get that in Bristol my fast teaching school in London the headteacher of a Google what’s up black woman of Jamaican descent the vice principal of that school was from Trinidad so when you look at that that at the top of the structure that is inspirational I didn’t get as inspired when I look Bristol why does skin color matter in teaching whatever ethnic group you have it in your school that should always be a teacher to reflect that culture people need to remember that schools are a reflection of The Wider Society General when I was great to catch up with Shona she gives me plenty to think about but I’ve got an appointment with my boss now and he’s someone who’s got the power to act and change things I told him our students were shot by the new numbers of black teachers in Bristol does he find it shocking should we have more black teachers in the school I mean we have over 70% of our students from the VMA Community yes close on a teacher’s well things we are proactively identifying colleagues in the building where we going we can you go to the scales in the knowledge and what can we do to put things in place for you so you can begin dinitro class mail you are the right person to be encouraging and inspiring these people even within already buy selling the principal with a huge amount of influence who else is going to do it and I’m not I am the leader and she think that we need to recruit more black teachers I’m going to recruit 10% whatever it is but unless they are applying it sounds like Joan wants to employ more black teachers but he’s concerned there aren’t many coming through the solution will be the University’s where teachers are trained but we need to know the number so it’s back to class so now we’re going to things that we have in our area and the number of trainee teachers that we have in the University westering do we have just 1.2% of trainee teachers Which is less than the original 1.9% of black teachers that we currently have in Bristol Secondary School and the figures I send Lilo and other West universities everyone that we think about it over the past 5 years UE Bristol has trained the most teachers in our region yet only 1.2% of them are black I’m meeting the woman in charge of that teacher training courses I’m really worried about you I think it would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t think this was an issue because it is not enough and it certainly isn’t representative in some labor so we won’t into save teachers and black leaders I’m in across some black people becoming teachers if it’s one issue maybe would have fixed it it’s lots of different issues it’s over stink it but I suspect of equality children Elsa teaching this is a white profession we both cycle an issue of entertainment amongst some groups including black people the issue we have is simply not enough applications will actively going into schools and colleges Who Have Heart and said that Britney people’s to encourage them with taking off the street and Busters with us they were from those groups as well we have to wait for Holiday answer shrinking food about the keishin but we certainly want to exceed with manager in the past and move astrology that so I’ve heard from the students teachers and people with power that message is clear they will say they want more black teachers but to me it looks like the number show Ranchito and to be honest I’m really shocked by what I found I thought it was going to be bad but not this bad but I found some hope in the form of one of my people’s I think I might really consider being a teacher now because I think that I might Inspire and my impact the future generation of black kids
The lack of black teachers in Bristol has been described as “shocking” and “terrible”.
A BBC Inside Out West investigation has found there are 26 working in Bristol’s secondary schools, out of more than 1,300 teachers, which equates to just 1.9% of teachers currently employed in the city.
One teacher, Aisha Thomas, assistant principal at City Academy, asked her white boss if he was the right person to be leading the multi-racial school.

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