Lahren: Dems putting hate for Trump above love for America

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Lahren: Dems putting hate for Trump above love for America
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so he’s talking about how we’re standing for the national anthem but it was just a couple of days ago we brought you the story of a selectman from Haddam Connecticut by the name of Larry magic he was shocked but two weeks ago at one of their regular meetings by the name of Melissa Schlage during the pledge of allegiance that was injured July 16th well last night they had another meeting what happened let’s take you back to Haddam Connecticut in the audience to scream at her to stand up telling their stories offended they are it doesn’t seem to bother her she’s against the flag and the Pledge of Allegiance the safest place if people died for gives you the right to do that disrespect that life your right is that what you would like to do on your own time a lot of folks it hadn’t would like to see her resign she has said she would not oh this is this about Freedom or is this about disrespect Tomi lahren is contributor well it says me that town really said it better than I ever could and you can see their emotion you could see their patriotism which is something that I personally love to see I think what she’s doing is disrespectful I think also we have to remember that just because she has the right and it also doesn’t mean she’s going to be shielded from criticism she’s choosing to do this you choosing to disrespect the flag clearly veterans in the crowd feel that she disrespecting them all of the remains that are in taskets coming home to America families without their loved one they made the ultimate sacrifice doesn’t have answers so these stories and then you see people kneeling for the flag knowing what our servicemen and women have done for this country I mean to me it’s just it’s just so sad disheartening I think you hit the nail on the head there because we have so many Americans that have fought and died for this country and just shows usually on the Democratic side of the aisle for this President is greater than whatever the issue is with this present whatever their issues with this Administration or republican or Trump supporters it shouldn’t Trump if you will have embraced as Beyond me I don’t understand it why is patriotism something Americans believe in you can dislike this present in his administration you can also use the other 23 hours and 58 minutes you don’t have to use the Pledge of Allegiance he said he was so shocked that she had done it he kind of lost his place in the Pledge of Allegiance fast forward that he told us on our air that apparently she’s been doing this for a while and in fact so that she’s taking a knee she has removed flags from different events of the American flag and I believe the Connecticut flag as well here’s her reaction to the folks in the audience calling around listen to this so the town doesn’t like it but its fascist and racist she says citizens she’s removing American flag kneeling for the Pledge of Allegiance this respect for the stars in the choosing to represent her country as an elected official can you show the even the people that claim to hate this country refused to leave it so it must be a pretty great one right and then begins to section noises of your people
Fox News contributor sounds off after a Connecticut official kneels during the Pledge of Allegiance to protest the president.

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