Lametti on SNC-Lavalin case: ‘There has been no pressure’ from PMO

Lametti on SNC-Lavalin case: ‘There has been no pressure’ from PMO
The conservatives are calling for an emergency investigation into allegations published in the Globe and Mail that the prime minister’s office pressure the then attorney-general Jody wilson-raybould to intervene in a criminal investigation into the business dealings of the combat giant snc-lavalin. Now the PLO, allegedly one and Wilson, were able to make some kind of deal, that’s only Loveland would admit to wrongdoing, and it’s bribery and fraud case relating to his business dealings. Olivia call the remediation agreement, but it would also allow them to avoid a criminal trial. The Prime Minister has carefully denied quote and correcting the Justice Minister. Do anything in any way to pressure Jody wilson-raybould to political intervene in a judicial process. Is that why she was fired as the Justice Minister and moved to Veterans Affairs? Was the prime minister’s office trying to protect the combat company, the current attorney general and justice, pretty hot fire right now? Did the prime minister in anyway try to pressure the former Justice minister to intervene in this case, prime minister has been pretty clear Evan that he did not. He has said that his said that publicly in the Press, I repeated what he said in the House of Commons is done, nothing that isn’t appropriate under the circumstances. No directional pressure. The criticism is, he said I didn’t give a direct. I didn’t direct you to do anything, that’s very different. She felt that the prime minister’s office was pressured now you’re saying there was no pressure is what happened with me and there has been no pressure and there has been no Direction. When I, when I said, I will make a decision on any matter based on the appropriate criteria, so I have conversations everybody I’m a member of parliament of conversation when I was a member of Parliament. The number, as I have conversations with my colleagues, but when it comes down to making a decision as AG as attorney general, I will apply only the appropriate criteria. The Prime Minister called false and now uke Robert. It is that there was never any pressure put on Jody wilson-raybould. So let me ask you a minister: the money. Did anyone in the prime minister’s office communicate to Jody wilson-raybould about this case? I can’t say I can only tell you what the Prime Minister said and the end, and he has said as he has repeated. I can reassure Canadians based on what the Prime Minister said, that nothing, nothing inappropriate happened. She was demoted in January. What did he say to her that I wasn’t privy to that conversation? Then? If you don’t know, how can you come on and say, as you said, how can you say with any degree that there was no pressure put on her? If you don’t know who told you that was the Prime Minister has said publicly and I’m basing the Prime Minister said that there that were false, that he did not direct my predecessors what he has said. He may have pressured her in other ways. The prime minister’s office are you 100 %, confident that there was no pressure in any way shape or form? I can’t speak to a relationship that I wasn’t privy to. What I can repeat to you into Canadians is what the Prime Minister has said. I never felt pressure for the prime minister’s office. Why not prime minister on this matter and – and I certainly feel that he has been reassuring publicly and I’ll repeat what he has said, but I wasn’t privy to those conversations, so I can’t go further. The Prime Minister – and this moment you may have to recuse yourself and act solely as the Attorney General. I read you at Jody, wilson-raybould wrote when she was demoted. She said quote your job, but you’re in that have to be quote free from even the perception of political interference. If now there is a perception, even are you now obliged to call for an investigation at the Attorney General? You are still a member of cabinet. You still sit around the cabinet table and you still taking all relevant information, but at the moment you make a decision. As attorney general, you make you use only the appropriate criteria to make that decision, and I will do that. That is, and that is what – and that is what pressured and Justice minister to preserve that this is an independent, no political leaders. Should you recuse yourself from cabinet discussions about this now? There hasn’t been any reason to recuse myself in any discussions that I have been privy to up until now. It obviously if there, if there is ever a case where I feel that there’s some sort of conflict, personal conflict on my part or situational conflict, all recuse myself, but I don’t see anything now. I certainly haven’t seen any yet and certainly certainly in the situation. You’Ve. Just described, I don’t see any sort of support because of the allegations are so important. Would you support an emergency investigation on the judicial committee to talk about investigate who knew what one who said, what, when I’ll, let I’ll let the committee decide? The committee is master of its own docket, but certainly from what I have seen it. What the prime minister is so I can reassure Canadians that there has been nothing inappropriate that has happened assuring based on the prime minister’s word. The entire story hinges on. If that’s true, but I would use the Justice Minister, take the prime minister’s word and not want an investigation to preserve the independence of the system. The Prime Minister has said that these allegations are false. We haven’t had any corroborating evidence they’re there hasn’t. There hasn’t been anything to my mind that that justifies committee investigation committee budget bill, you put in a deferred prosecution agreement. This remediation agreement, NC apart of the bill, make specifically and actually be able to pay a fine. This work, can you, at the Justice Minister, say to the public prosecution office? Don’T go to trial for these guys to please give them a remediation agreement, but the the public prosecution service is an independent service, I’m going to let them operate as because they are a delegated authority from the attorney general, but they get to operate independently. That’S part of our rule-of-law system, the and the director has done so. In this case, there is a specific set of rules that would allow the Attorney General to direct in in a public process in a transparent process through the Canada Gazette. That remains a possibility, but I’m not going to comment on the possibility that now, because that current cases before the courts so there is there is there – is nothing to impugn our rule of law standard. As attorney general, I’m going to protect the rule of law, and nothing could be further from the truth. To say that that is the snc-lavalin was brought in because it was most of our allies. Have this kind of love, the UK being a prime example? And it was done only after public consultation, so there were a number of different people calling for that kind of emidio agreement. We’Ve got Canadian companies that do business all over the world, and this was seen as a necessary step and a gap in our own system. Based on comparative lie, based on around our allies experience just Minister and just ask her straight out: did you ever feel pressure? If she did, you would have to, I would say you be applied to call an investigation. Have you picked up the phone and called her? I have, I have had a number of different conversations with the minister of how about her record about about moving forward and and advancing a number of things that she had begun. But I’m not going to go out. I haven’t had a discussion on this matter would be would be. It would be something that I would do and if it was what conference is say, I trust the prime minister. So why don’t you pick up the phone? I have my job to do as Minister of Justice and attorney-general. I will do that job as a as a responsible member of cabinet, but also wearing those hats. I will take those responsibilities very seriously to protect the rule of law, the perception or the allegation, specifically the zoo, KC, a Huawei executive that finger painting Vancouver. Our government undermine The credibility, for example, the ice, the Chinese two very different cases. We have an extradition treaty with the United States and we have a process. That’S been in place for a number of years in Canada, that is a judicial process to respect locations to our extradition treaty Partners, if you will and to protect the due process. Rights of any person that’s being accused into tank will continue will continue to follow that process. I will not intervene downtown that process at all, because it’s before the courts and which element to this, that you look at the evidence and then you can make a decision both legally but also politically. Do you use political factors to determine whether or not this woman could be extradited? The case has such a scrutiny right now.. It would be unwise for me to talk about the kinds of criteria that would be applied for the time being. The case is before the courts and I’m not going to say anything, might Prejudice my ability to make a fair decision at some point down the road, so I’m going to leave it to the courts for now. That’S where it’s properly! That’S where it’s properly discussed and debated this long has Council in Canada. She is just out of quickly defended and we’ll wait and see how that court process procedure and now there’s a mark Normand case the second-in-command of the military, who is on trial now for allegedly leaking cabinet confidence relating to a shipment contract in Quebec. Again, there’s been suggestions of this political interference, not giving enough evidence. You can defend himself, not taking note and an even more powerfully. They point out the Prime Minister himself before there was a K7. This situation is going to end up in front of the court. Was that again now that the Attorney General by saying that, before there was a trial, put his thumb on the scale and in some way politically interfere with this? Basically sending a message to the RCMP put this guy on trial? I’M saying it’s going to end up in the court. Was that a mistake for the prime minister? What I can say is that I’ve been assured by the Attorney General’s office that we are participating fully in the court process, in the sense that any third-party request for documents is being is being complied with. Fire officials in the department and again, if the case is before the courts and – and I can’t comment – there’s a lot of cases that say, for example, the so-called Audrey’s bill that they want to make sure that you don’t have to have late-stage consent. We need to give consent in the case, in the event that you become mentally incapacitated. They still many people argued that second late-stage consent. Will you change the bill to do that? I participated in that process of the Prime Minister gave us a free vote. I participated in that process in good faith, Advanced my opinions, we as a government with a compromised position and respect the rule of law and parliamentary process. I respect that compromise in that piece of legislation. There is a five-year a window in the next Parliament will deal with reviewing a legislation thoroughly after 5 years in the meanwhile, as as a Minister of Justice, I will continue to watch what is happening at in the courts. I will continue to watch what is happening on the ground will get better data as we move. Would you like to make the change? Well, I won’t. Firstly, I can’t can’t speak person anymore, I’m now the Minister of Justice, and so I’m defending this piece of legislation and the legislative process that that led to this piece of legislation and the process that that we’ll look at this legislation again in the future. Parliament
Minister of Justice David Lametti discusses allegations the PMO pressured the former attorney general over the SNC-Lavalin case.

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