Lara Trump: Doesn’t matter who Trump runs against in 2020

Lara Trump: Doesn’t matter who Trump runs against in 2020
Lara Trump: Doesn’t matter who Trump runs against in 2020
She is Trump 2028 campaign senior advisor larkatoo heavy. Here I don’t like poles. President Trump is only a head-to-head by 1 % and the CNN poll people in this country are are focused on how much better their life is. I think, under this President versus the the Socialist ideas of many of these candidates are proposing on the left, butt clear, he’d be happy to run his Joe Biden, but if it happens to be Elizabeth Warren, then I feel very comfortable there too. So David Axelrod, I was supporting him. President Obama has not come out and supported him, but he seems to be a fan of Elizabeth and he says that she has a super organization. Her campaign is hot. He says it can cool off in anytime. When you look at the way that the rest of the day craft party is sort of looking at her, do you feel like they’re sort of honing in on her right now as a potential? Perhaps we have so far to go until then? Obviously we have treacherous campaign. Seasons can be especially these primaries, but but it would be interesting to see her as a number one Target and see how everybody goes after her, because up until now, we really has been Joe Biden himself, any favors. My next guess, who is John Delaney who’s one of the democratic candidates and it’s reflective of something that a lot of reporters have been pushing in terms of the exchange. Well, that’s what I’m basically saying, I’m not sure about it. I said it. He supports white supremacy. Well, it’s really sad to see that this is where we’ve come in our country. I don’t know how many times the president has to denounce white supremacy and say that and that he does not agree with it, and that is horrific, but he doesn’t seem for any type of racism which this president has done numerous times after the Charlottesville comments. If people continue to criticize him, for you never hear that, of course, this President does not support white supremacy. That is 8 ridiculous. Talking point, for whatever reason advantageous to keep stoking that fire and the other is that in a perhaps for some people he hasn’t articulated it in a way that really hits home and sort of clears. Otherwise, it would still be continued to be pushed by the last, because it is so hard to fight against it when you have best economy that we’ve seen in decades, almost ever in this country, when things are working for people, people are back to work, they feel Better about her future, they know they have someone looking out for them on our Southern border, as opposed to all the Democrats who want open borders. That is very hard for fight against. So what are you? Do you call someone a racist? You called someone a white supremacist or say they support for 26 people in 32 seconds, with an assault rifle there’s indications that the president wants to do. Something on guns is a ban on assault rifles in the conversation. Is it something that you guys talked about in terms of the campaign, and is it something that he would potentially be open to doing? People in 32 seconds do not kill more people than then pistols? In fact, pistols far till far more people than really quickly is devastating, and this is something of the White House is working on and it’s not really something at the campaign that we discussed on a daily basis. But this president has been very clear. He wants to take a stand on this. We continue to see these horrific mass shootings happen on Fortune been happening for decades is not under only.. All of them under the Obama Administration have to do something to fix this, alright Laura. Thank you always good to see you. I know you’re doing a week. Yes,
Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser Lara Trump weighs in on the Democratic frontrunners and potential challengers for President Trump. #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews

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