Las Vegas shooting: ‘The bullet went through my chest’ – BBC News

Las Vegas shooting: ‘The bullet went through my chest’ – BBC News
Woven in the fabric of the Stars & Stripes is a profound belief in the power of firearms to promote Liberty and maintain freedom, but that devotion carries a price best and to my stomach, my liver. My spleen was so much wrapping on my right eye that it broke the machine. There is suctioning it out with. I can hear the sounds. I can feel the bullets looks for 6in from my head. This is a story about the dead, but about those who lived, meets Rosemarie Melanson, a survivor of the Woods shooting in American history for close to a year. Her home is been this hospital room because of a Gunman’s bullet he’s the one that gave me the strength to get through because there’s so many nights and days I didn’t know cuz. I just didn’t feel good the present from her daughter’s an evening at a country, music festival gun, show Panic a man high up in a hotel inspiring round off the ground. He kills 58, but for every minute, he’s firing hinges. 40, more 10 minutes pass before he starts the day, had a buried on mooned yeah the injured, carry a special burden as those they love like Rosemary’s, husband, Steve, has been hard. She’S cried, I cried just watching their pay, but she suffered most people. Don’T know what she’s gone through steal, their whole lives get changed and that doesn’t even include the psychological injuries that they sustained and it’s and years of make infect your whole way of life. You can’t work the normal job you used to work. If you don’t have disability insurance, then I mean, and you could end up on the streets, but elsewhere in life, is to read the hotel to kill affiant from there’s no trace of Carnage, and The Business of selling guns is on the. In the mud report, background checks using an arsenal of more than 20 High Caliber weapons, because he could, when is the Billboard Chart on the main strip, we’re carrying words of condolence by the time I left 48 hours later, there’s was it disappeared and it was back To selling as usual, you looking at life pictures Broward County Florida, where there is an active shooter people dying and America. Moves on some count do that they say. Lessons must be learned with. The past must inform the future watch this shootings on TV before it happened to me. It is another level to have gone through one and then to have it happened it it. It’S like a punch in the soul, every Lisa finally visits. in Vegas back again and you and you can feel it. You can see it smell it all of it and knowing like you’re the sadness of knowing what those victims are going to go through, could do debates on gun control come and go. Nothing changes but everything’s changed for Vegas Survivor, Chelsea Romo, who lost the 9 just in the last few months. My son and I go somewhere with Adams. Mom just make sure you’re not going to go somewhere where you get shot. Okay, the many tens of thousands injured in gun-related incidents every year on America’s Duty secret. They live, changed, quiet lives, Chelsea, Rosemarie and so many others are paying the price countries love affair. With a gun, Clyde Myra BBC News in Las Vegas
It is a year since 58 people were killed in America’s worst ever mass shooting. It happened in Las Vegas when a man opened fire on crowds attending a country music festival.
More than 400 people were shot in the incident and survived.
One of them has only just been released from hospital. The BBC’s Clive Myrie returned to Las Vegas and spoke to her.

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