Lawmaker predicts Mueller will indict Trump Jr. and Kushner

Johnny is not from Memphis Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen is a Democrat he’s a member of the House Judiciary Committee look at your quick reaction Congressman to what the Ruth Bader Ginsburg now says she survived two Cancer’s she can survive anything she’s Physically Active she’s mentally strong she’s brilliant we need her for at least two and a half years I think she makes it and she serves America admirably today’s meeting of the enemy of the American people as you know the new publisher of the New York Times Warren the president during a private off-the-record meeting that is a tax the president’s attack but actually lead to violence against members of the news media do that people could take the presidents vitriol as a as a call to Arms I definitely think they could have seen a lot of his supporters they listen and believe everything that they put out it’s like James Jones and drink the Kool-Aid and I’m afraid that he couldn’t cite them to violence a lot of them are on the edge anyway and it’s unfortunate what he said the Free Press is important to America as a bulwark of democracy and the rule of law president tweeted about the meeting and as a result salzburger the publisher James been at the end of the editorial page editor decided to give their version as well let’s get to another new development to Congressman the president launching the most personal attack yet on the special counsel Robert Mueller talking about nonspecific conflicts-of-interest calling at the Robert Mueller Witch Hunt now all of a sudden what do you think of this latest attack on the special counsel when you can’t defeat you defend yourself against the facts and the truth that the president knows will come out in the report you attack the investigators that’s what’s happened it’s clear as as as as as you could have it the president knows that Mueller things about him and his campaign that were incriminating so he’s attacking like Wycombe taught him the investigators and that’s unfortunate Robert Mueller’s and American hero Donald Trump is not all of a sudden Rudy Giuliani I today telling CNN that he doesn’t know if collusion with Russians is even a crime what do you think of this new line well I think they’re getting closer to knowing that the truth going to come out that there was cities with the Trump campaign in Russia and releasing those hacks and guiding them to the states and localities where they came from some of that was Jared kushner’s responsibilities some up it was Donald jr. I think you’re going to probably see indictments of both of those people actual indictments from from mollera specifically against to against Donald jr. and against Jared Kushner you think both of them off his rocker not that he’s on it now and and then issue pardons well I think they were probably the people that were in connection with the Russians and and conspiracy to affect the elections but you have specific evidence whether I’m correct or not but I believe I am correct and if you see it as we said before if it if it walks like a duck if it swims like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck and you can see where it’s going let me finally most recent tweet over the weekend to shut down the federal government are presumably before the midterm elections he says it’ll be the Democrats fault for not fully funding a border wall with Mexico what do you think of this threat you know I think if if Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall then then then maybe we shouldn’t have a wall I mean the whole campaign in this is a campaign pledge was Mexico will pay for the wall and the threats Who’s down the government is childish it’s it’s Misha gosh so so it is there going to be a government shutdown when the government twice because people don’t want government shutdowns
Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) says he believes that special counsel Robert Mueller will probably indict Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner and then the President will pardon both.

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