Lawmakers launch bipartisan Caucus to End the Youth Vaping Epidemic

Lawmakers launch bipartisan Caucus to End the Youth Vaping Epidemic
Lawmakers launch bipartisan Caucus to End the Youth Vaping Epidemic
Before I begin, I want to thank my colleagues and the many courageous Advocates who are fighting to end the youth vaping epidemic. I want to first thank Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Peter King for partnering to launch this bipartisan bike. I’D like to recognize the campaign for tobacco-free kids and present Matt Meyers, the parents against vaping e-cigarettes American Lung Association, American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics. Now that I recognize everyone who made this talk as possible I’ll try to keep my remarks brief. After all, it said that most people most speakers need no introduction. What they need is a conclusion. We are in the midst of a national public health price among high schoolers e-cigarette used road by 80 % in 2018 alone. E-Cigarettes are used by 28 % of high schoolers and astonishing 5 percent of middle-schoolers. My wife and I are parents – are both a high schooler and a middle schooler, so this is personally alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nicotine harms youth brain development. The attention span and, in many cases least a future substance abuse. At the same time, 380 people in 36 States across the country have experienced mystery, vaping related long and respiratory. In fact, there have been seven deaths from these illnesses relating to vaping and just the last few months alone. As a result, the CDC issued an urgent warning earlier this month recommending that nobody uses cigarettes during the current outbreak of lung disease. As many as many of you know, I launched the leading Congressional investigation to Jewel in June and he’ll the two-part Hearing in the oversight committee with the co-founder of the company. I was dismayed, find it for the last several years. E-Cigarette companies like juul, directly targeted and illegally marketed their product without FDA regulation. In fact, the findings of our ongoing Mission Force the FDA to deem jeweled marketing illegal and the Trump Administration cited the investigation in his decision to ban all flavored vaping product. I want to pause for just one second, this was a major bipartisan accomplishment. Can I get a round of applause from everyone who is ready to ban e-cigarette flavors? The truth is that for years, Liberty cigarettes were used to hook, kids and it played an instrumental role in getting a generation of Youth addicted to vaping and nicotine. According to a new survey by the American Heart Institute, flavors, especially fruity flavors, were the most likely factor to motivate young adults aged 18 to 24 to initiate vaping compared to other age groups. I want to make one thing clear: The Vaping industry is already. It is already trying to Lobby to create an exclusion and exemption for mint and Menthol in the administration’s pending flavor ban. I think I join all of you and saying I’m fat that mint and Menthol are flavors and they must be included in this band. Are you with me by lost me? It attracts kids. The current band at the Trump Administration proposes must be Swift and it must be comprehensive. But if we learned anything from the new proposal to ban flavors is that members of Congress, what sides can work together when it comes to the health and safety of American Youth is so important. There many people, including elected officials, and Advocates working to end the youth vaping epidemic, but this coffee will serve as the premier forum for like-minded leaders to discuss and crafts legislative solution to prevent youth, e-cigarette use, depriest addiction and save lives. I’M a pro proud co-sponsor, a piece of legislation introduced introduced by several members for standing beside me, including taxing e-cigarettes, investing and youth prevention programming and strengthening our Medical Response to this crisis. But we must ban flavors in a comprehensive manner. We must increase resources in youth, e-cigarette prevention program. Those are must, and those are things that we are all going to campaign for. Finally, we must also hold companies accountable, marketing, legally sound products that are safe and approved by the FDA, and we must ensure that no tobacco or e-cigarette manufacturers profit on the backs of our children. Are. are not for sale. Thank you. So much for being here I’ll introduce each of the following speakers is before they speak, but first I like like to introduce my caucus co-founder Congressman Peter King Germany. Give you great credit for this was this is not a political issue. An artist issue is that an economic issue – this is first and foremost, is a public health epidemic issue. We have to stop this epidemic of Youth vaping and, with all of Aries methods of procedures we may have. The end goal has to be to end youth, vaping, and one of the clearest way to do that is to stop the flavoring of e-cigarettes. This is it again number people, just the last few months, rushed to the emergency rooms on the verge of death, because you’re vaping, both young people, add adults. This is a serious, don’t have the numbers for the resources I know recently. My daughter was in politics locally. She introduced legislation on this and the next day, her Facebook back that afternoon, her Facebook page without position my did to I was like the Irish, my daughter organized. We can’t let that intimidate us cuz. We know that the great majority of the American people, if you talk to them there with us, so we can’t allow those Scare Tactics to chase people away to keep people away from doing it at to be done. Do a free choice of life and death. We have to stand together. I’M glad to be on this. Clock is co-chairing the caucus With Robson, Dick Durbin and all of the people that again Republican Democrat. We have to make sure that the Youth of our country, I no longer being influence and Suede and sometimes being driven to death by sleazy tactics of the e-cigarette manufacturers. Thank you very much is congresswoman Diana degette, a Colorado High and unfortunately has more teens using e-cigarettes in my home state of Colorado. According to the CDC, the number of high school students Now using tobacco products went up 38 % in the last year or love wanted for high school. Students are now using tobacco products, and the vast majority of those are using e-cigarette one person who who uses these vaping products, who knows what they’re inhaling or how it might affect their health and the recent surge in The Vaping related illnesses shows that we are desperate For more Federal Regulation of these dangerous product Congress simply cannot afford and we keep operating as if nobody is paying attention related illnesses that I’ve talked to say: that., the glunz don’t stop developing until they’re 25 or 26 years old, and if a teen gets a vaping Illness before their lungs developed, it might permanently inhibit their long development and prevent them from ever having the capacity of an adult. That’S why Congress has a responsibility to protect our public health, and it’s really important that we do so. I’Ve been working on this issue for years, along with many of the people standing here, and it’s Franklin unfortunate that it takes to get sick and even die across this country before we really pay the kind of attention that we should. I need to get these products out of the hands of our kids and we need to do it now. That’S my last spring I introduced legislation to ban the sale of flavored nicotine products. Flavors, like bubblegum Tutti Frutti, have no place in the marketplace when they’re marketed to kids by using a flavored product. The data also shows that 81.5 % of the teams currently using E-cigarettes are using them because they have a flavor that I like and somehow I don’t think that flavor is nicotine. So, if we’re going to be serious about protecting our teams from these dangers, we’ve got to start by stopping the kid flavor versus nicotine also cast to raise the smoking age in this country. Studies have shown that nearly all adult smokers started before the age of 21. I’M also sponsoring legislation which has bipartisan legislation in the house: cerveza Nationwide smoking age for both traditional and E-cigarettes to 21, and I invite everybody here to make sure that you or your Congress people are co-sponsoring it. If we can keep nicotine products out of the hands of our kids, the longer we can decrease the chances of becoming addicted later in life. Finally, I want to say, as the chair of the oversight and subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which is the committee with drift, we’re investigating, what’s causing the recent surge of vaping related illnesses and also the overall of health effects. These are having we’re having our first major Keurig on this issue next week, and I really want to say, representative Christian birthday and also representative King, we’re taking the lead on organizing this important Dukakis. As well as the legislation and the hearings. We are going to be working tirelessly to make sure that we these products out of the hands of our young people. Thank you very much. Thank you. Diana next speaker is congresswoman Rosa delauro of Connecticut. Thank you. Let me give a shout out to the ditch Jewel crowd. You don’t know how much we need your voices in this fight and it is a fight if I college, with Rodger Kristin murtha pewter, Underwood Angie, Craig others, because together what we are trying to do is to fight to defend the help. Our communities and you are making an impact. Your commitment has been crucial to all of our efforts and it’s wonderful to know that we are together. It’S Democrats is Republican. It’S the advocacy groups as we March forward. We appreciate being here. Please. Please share your story with us and with others. It’S a bipartisan Congressional caucus to end the youth vaping epidemic and I want to just say two Congressman krishnamoorthi sick time is your leadership on this issue is really a beacon of light for all of us. We are in the midst of a used, vaping epidemic. Let me just point out the cover today of Time Magazine the new American Addiction on how Jewel hook, kit and ignited a Public Health crisis. That’S exactly today, 1. At 5, high school students use e-cigarettes in my home. State vaping is the most common form of you, smoking used by Connecticut High School student and to read about what they are inhaling with these devices. It is so scary. Last week I held an event where the doctor Pnina Weiss: a medical director for Pediatric pulmonary function, laboratory at Yale-New Haven, Children’s Hospital ethylene glycol as a toner for LaserJet picture, shanann implicated in the outbreak of lung illnesses, fine particles and carcinogens, fruit flavorings to attract you And nicotine brain development, one juul pod – has as much nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. That’S a cocktail, and now people are falling ill and they are dying on a car. Earlier today, the Center for Disease Control and prevention confirmed vaping related lung illnesses have risen to 530, probably cases Sevendust and 38 States and one US territory in Connecticut 11 p.m. have fallen ill. Enough is enough. I have the honor and really a blessing to chair. The subcommittee that funds, the Department of Health and Human Services and I have Earth HHS and FDA to exercise their existing Authority under the law to take Vapes and E-cigarettes off the market. 2009. The Congress gave the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate all tobacco products, including East people, say that Congress has an act. If we acted in 2009, we said regularly: do your job regulate the bipartisan family, ADHD authority to regulate tobacco products before they enter the market, and that includes e-cigarettes. However, the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA, allow dangerous e-cigarettes from a premarket review. What is that? The process which would have required manufacturers to prove the safety of your product prior to their sale? The FDA restitution does skip this review and what they call the night quotes enforcement discretion and they allowed these devices to be sold. Their enforcement discretion has wound up making people I’m telling people as a consequence. Thousands of these products on the market without any independent science based assessment of their long-term Health. Diana degette is here how to get. She spoke about Energy and Commerce. They will be doing a hearing on this issue. We and the labor HHS subcommittee of Appropriations are going to be holding a hearing as well, and why? Because I can cuz, I chair the self we can do this. The country is waiting for us and I’m proud to stand alongside of my colleagues, and it did not a partisan issue. All of our kids, R kids, we’re going to move forward, so we need to mobilize the health of our children and our communities. Next step is Congressman. Tom suozzi of New York are the kids here today. Smoking is the number one cause of right now, how many years it’s so obvious. It’S such common sense – and I want to thank all of my professional colleagues – are up your Democrats and Republicans. Yesterday I introduced a bill along with Peter King, was co-sponsored right away by Rajan, we’re so grateful to your eyes and see if I left right and I’m sure I’m going to get my other colleagues that is going to do some things that we think are essential In addition to what the President says, he’s going to do flavored cigarettes permanently in legislation, new was the mayor of New York, the governor at the time, and I was actually smoking in the country on cigarettes and it works. We know it works, so we need to do that e-cigarettes. Thank you very much. Everybody is Congressman Chris Stewart of Utah, I have what what I refer to as my longer or shorter Rule, and that is the longer the line of Congress. People who speak before you the shorter you should be so I’m going to do this 2. 1. Second, from a minute again Rodger. Thank you Peter. Thank you to the youth behind us who have the courage to stand here with us against, by the way, the opposition of some of their friends, the opposition against some of their peers and it’s taking some courage and that it’s very clear that these young people behind Us at very Bright Futures in the in the character that they have demonstrated here, I remember, is being in an Appropriations markup and holding up a Slurpee, and it look just like any Slurpee. Add the lid and everything else in it and you would open it up and inside of courses, avakin cartridge and there aren’t very many forty-five-year-old truckers were pulling into 7-Eleven and say, give me one.. This is very, very clearly marketing towards our children, which is the point of why we’re here today. Some of you may know I represent the state of Utah because of our predominant religion are normally smoking and drinking. Now, it’s not perfect, obviously, but it’s generally lower than it is nationally. We have about almost 20 %, 20 % now of our young people are vaping a little less than nationally. That’S nearly one out of three people. You know I grew up in an era when we went through this transition words. He was really considered uncool. We took it out of our movies, you didn’t see sports figures, smoking or change the advertising and we’ve lost all of that. With this campaign towards addicting our children and we’re no longer considered uncool to go out to the point of in urine High School smoke, it’s kind of considered, edgy and hip to pull out your Vape on the start. Using that in front of your friends, we’ve got to change that. That’S what we’re about here today. I just mention one other thing: when is the gangsters the DEA in my state, and I was shocked at the things they’re finding in those please. The illicit cartridges at the kids are buying out on a street the amount of THC that they’re packing and releasing some of the poisons and, frankly things that we have no once again, they’re being targeted to are kids. So thank you for being here. Thank you for showing the support thanks all those who are participating. Rodger Peter bless you all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you gif.. Thank you. Chris Matthew, Myers, the president of the campaign for tobacco-free kids, Matthew. Thank you. It is an honor and privilege to be here today we Face a real Public Health crisis that is worse than we thought and getting worse every day. There is an urgent need not for more talk, but for real action and that’s why we’re thrilled to be here to support the creation of a bipartisan bicameral caucus to directly address these issues. The kids were using. E-Cigarettes are democratic, kids or republican kids. They don’t know they’re their difference, they’re all of America’s kids. We have had a lot of talk. What we need is real action. This clock is gives us the opportunity to do it. We need to raise the age to 21, but we need to understand its flavored e-cigarettes if he’ll this epidemic. This is straight out of its back Industries: old Playbook, introduce sweet flavors that appeal to kids Lasik with massive levels of nicotine, get them on social media using the exact images the tobacco industry did 40 years ago, and when the crisis hits hire lobbyists to prevent government To act this this caucus is the antidote to that action are hope in our pledge to you is. This will result in the movement of legislation to increase the age ban, all flavors, and if we don’t ban mint and Menthol we’re just kidding ourselves, 64 % of all kids that use e-cigarettes is mint and Menthol e-cigarettes trying to exempt it. There is no evidence that those product actually help adult smokers quit and if they have the oven they are presented to FDA, they haven’t done it because that’s not through their target audience really is. I want to thank Congressman Chris Murphy, Irish McCain, Senator Durbin. This is exactly kind of caucus that we need. Everybody should be working together if there is a member of Congress was prepared to raise their hand and say I’m voting against Banning the flavors that have fuelled the e-cigarette epidemic. I want them to stand before the moms dad’s in their district and explain why that’s the case, I don’t think will happen, but what we have to do is ensure that those votes take place and take place soon. Thank you. Thank you. Miss Myers. Next up is dr., Linda of the American Academy of Pediatrics 7000 pediatrician members of the American Academy of Pediatrics and I’m proud to represent them today, I’m a pediatrician from Worcester Massachusetts. I also want to thank represented representative epidemic, so without a doubt, you’ve heard many people before me say that we are facing a public health epidemic which we definitely are. The epidemic of vaping has reached epidemic proportions. You’Ve mentioned the statistic: 530 cases so far of severe lung illness and 7 deaths that go along with that. These products are dangerous. They are highly addictive and pose an immediate threat to Children’s Health. As a pediatrician, I tried everything possible to ensure that children can grow up healthy and I’m seriously concerned that these products are addicting. A new generation to nicotine and the numbers are alarming. As you have heard, 5 million children children are using the administration’s decision to remove flavored e-cigarettes from the market has a very welcome step and the FBA really we would love them to follow through without delay. We now need Congress to help us leave the way. We cannot miss this opportunity to do what’s right for children, e-cigarette flavors that appeal to Children. You’Ve already heard some cotton candy gummy bears Captain Crunch designed to look like flash drives pens and watches, and children often think that these products are harmless, but they are far from it. So when I see Adolescent Clinic, I asked him if they smoke and they say. Oh, no, that’s bad for you! Well yeah! That’S just water vapor! That’S just eat! They have no clue what they are inhaling into their body. So juul and similar products are designed to deliver high levels of nicotine to users quickly. So addiction can happen. One juul pod. If you heard contains the snuff nicotine is 20 cigarettes, or one pack, pediatricians have seen the harmful toll of a thing in our own Teenage patients, ranging from wheezing coughing exacerbation of asthma. Come from lung function is already been mentioned and, most recently to seizures respiratory distress and death. We also know from a number of studies about the harmful effects of nicotine on the developing adolescent brain the AAP sounding the alarm on the dangers of e-cigarettes to Children’s Health. Now we need our federal leaders to take bold action to keep these products out of children’s hands. We must eliminate child-friendly flavors, including mint and Men Menthol from tobacco products. Congress has the power to do this once and for all and pass this legislation. Flavored products are designed to attract kids plain & Simple. There is no place for product on the market. Pediatricians, look forward to working with the members of this caucus to advance policies that will protect children from tobacco products and reverse this youth vaping crisis. Tackling this epidemic is going to require Swift and decisive, and we have no time to waste. The future of Children’s Health depends on it. Thank you. Okay. Pairs of speakers. First is Meredith Berkman and Dorian Furman they’re, the parents and co-founders of parents against vaping, e-cigarettes, Meredith and Dorian. We are so thrilled and proud and honored to be standing here today with members of Congress who have put aside any thought of partisan politics to protect your kids from the youth facing epidemic of flavored e-cigarettes. As you’ve heard all of the numbers, the five million kids were using these products. We represent the human face, the toll that this epidemic has taken on millions of American families, and it continues. We hear from parents every single day through social media or calling us a reaching out on our website who are desperate because they need information. They need resources. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to their kids have changed, their kids are sick and of course now maybe their kids are in the hospital with industry long illness, the mystery long illness is terrifying, but it is really a symptom of the underlying issue, which is The FDA allowed these flavored e-cigarettes to remain on the market without pre-market review and so really have absolutely no idea because of the proprietary flavors. What our children have been sucking deep into their lungs for a very long time for years now, and we are grateful and for the president’s promise, take these flavors off the market, and we will be even more grateful if that promise is fulfilled quickly completely and for Good, so we very much want to spank Krishna Murthy and Congress member King and Senator Durbin and all of your colleagues who are putting protecting orchids over politics. And I guess we just want to say that we will not allow our children to be used as human guinea pigs and that’s why those flavors must come off the market now write so you’ve heard the figures. You’Ve heard that vaping affect the developing brain, but what you don’t know is the effect that nicotine addiction vaping addition addiction takes on families the toll it takes on families. It changes a personality of a child of a growing child at leads to great outbursts of anger. It leads to depression, it leads to conflict within a family, and you hear that kids are are are drawn in by the flavors, which is true, 90 %, 95 % of kids, who begin to vape is flavors and I’ve got to say mint and Menthol are flavors. They are the predominant flavor that kids were using today, 75 % of Jewel sales are meant 8 % or Menthol, but it’s really mint and Menthol that are the hue draw for kids and we get emails, as Meredith said every day from kids and families, especially families Who don’t have any resources? Because there are no cessation techniques? There are no addiction programs, kids were addicted to nicotine and this. This e-cigarette addiction is very different than a cigarette than a combustible cigarette addiction and we have to use the resources of the government. First of all, too slow down, stop this epidemic and then to treat the kids and the family’s of the children who are already addicted. Juul, a juul wrap came into our kids school without the knowledge of the school through an out an outside anti-addiction group, all of which we testify to at the hearings that representative krishnamurthi ran and so and I’m a movement. An army of motivated mom buckets around the country who will partner with these leaders, who are willing to help us protect our kids society that does not protect its kids from a public health epidemic. The one that were facing is now society that has hope for the future, and we know that with leaders like these, who are thinking about putting aside any political differences to fight to protect your kids from this public health epidemics, we will have hope for the future. So, thank you all so much. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much thank you, Meredith and Dorian, and finally, we’re going to have a couple teams that were actually impacted by The Vaping epidemic, namely Caleb mint and fill it for Caleb and Philip I’m. So grateful to all the members of Congress here today willing to put aside politics and partisan issues to protect our generation from Jewell and other flavored Vapes, as I testified in Congress is summer. Over a year ago, a juul representative came into my school and told me, and my friends at the Joule was quote on quote totally safe. I’M grateful to the administration for promising to ban the flavors that have hooked. So many of my and although my generation may be the dinner generation of damage control, you must work together to protect teens like us and younger children, from the dangers of vaping and E-cigarettes. Thank you. I just want to thank everyone here who is trying to keep these devices out of the hands of me and my friends. I started juuling with the mint pod and I liked it because it felt cool in my throat and every one of my friends who still Jules, I know star with a flavor and still uses a flavor. This is become the social Norm. Some of my friends are now trying to quit because of the new data that is come out, but it is honestly just too hard to do without help something has to be done and this caucus. I think it’s is words going to get done. Thank you. Okay. Thank you, everybody for coming Brian. Are we take questions? Okay will take take a couple questions. We’Re done. Okay, we’re good, okay,
U.S. lawmakers meet on Capitol Hill to launch the bipartisan caucus to End the Youth Vaping Epidemic. The newly formed Congressional Caucus comes in light of recent teen deaths linked to e-cigarettes and vaping companies allegedly marketing to children.

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