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this was Donald Trump’s worst week as president and no doubt the worst week of his life the second worst thing a businessman or a politician can here is your accountant has immunity the worst thing is you’re under arrest and that is usually the next thing that happens to you when your account gets immunity and that’s what we discovered today about Donald Trump his accountant has immunity Allen weisselberg was father’s accountant and then Donald Trump’s accountant and now has the title of Chief Financial Officer of the Trump organization Allen weisselberg knows more about Donald Trump than all of Donald Trump’s wives combined and children Allen weisselberg knows about every dollar of Donald Trump’s income and he knows what Donald Trump has done with everyone of those dollars Allen weisselberg knows what has happened to every dollar that has come into any one of the many businesses Allen weisselberg knows exactly how much federal tax and state tax those businesses have paid how much federal tax and state tax Donald Trump has paid and how much taxation those companies and Donald Trump have illegally failed to pay if any and now we know at the end of Trumps worst week that Allen weisselberg has immunity from prosecution in exchange for telling the truth about Donald Trump and his businesses and his illegal watch the women during the presidential campaign and who knows what else it was already Trump’s worst week before we discovered the presents accountant has immunity Donald Trump has had many bad weeks as Pres beginning with the first when he was greeted with the most massive worldwide inauguration protest we have ever seen but this was the week that changed everything because this was not just the week when the President’s Men were being found guilty in federal court and pleading guilty and another federal court and grabbing immunity deals in exchange for telling the FBI everything they know about Donald Trump this was much more importantly impeachment week this week is the week when everyone began talking about impeachment and when I say everyone I mean everyone from me to Fox News and Donald Trump well I guess it’s just something like high crimes and I don’t I don’t know how you can impeach somebody who’s done a great job I’ll tell you what if I ever got impeached I think the market would crash I think everybody would be very poor because without this thinking you would see if you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in reverse the week began with political TV’s strangest character saying this in defense of the president of the United States truth and Donald Trump the Ghostbusters of political commentary say things like that the world worries worries that the minority of American voters who made Donald Trump president are out there obediently nodding their heads and chanting truth isn’t truth but they’re not not all the propaganda isn’t working and we discovered that in an extraordinary interview that won enthusiastic Trump supporter gave to Fox News after she voted guilty on all 18 counts against Paul manafort Paul of Duncan says she voted for Donald Trump and she would still vote for Donald Trump again after being firmly convinced Beyond A Reasonable Doubt by Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors that Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul manafort was guilty of everything they charged him with she explained the Paul manafort got a hung jury on some of the counts only because there was one juror who refused to vote guilty on the undecided counts the vote was 11 guilty one not guilty on every one of them that’s how close it came to being convicted on all 18 counts the way that Trump supporter Paula Duncan wanted to be convicted and tonight all of Duncan is the most important voice standing between President Trump and a pardon for Paul manafort how would you feel if the president pardon Paul manafort it would be a grave mistake for president Trump to Pardon Paul manafort was done the evidence was there and that’s where it should stop Donald Trump has to listen to that a trump voter a strong Trump supporter stilt who is ready to vote for Donald Trump again is telling the president of the United States not to pardon can’t afford because she studied the evidence in the magnification decided Paul manafort was guilty of everything everything forget what Rudy Giuliani says for the present about parting Paul manafort what Paula Duncan says is much much more the Paula Duncan’s of this country are now Donald Trump’s worst political nightmare Paul Duncan was supposed to think it was all which on Paula Duncan was supposed to think Paul manafort didn’t do anything wrong it was supposed just think the truth isn’t truth but the brainwashing didn’t work Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani all of those messages into the propaganda fog that was supposed to make Trump supporters unable to see the truth it didn’t work Paul Duncan took an oath to put aside any sympathies are biases that she might have and evaluate the evidence placed before her and that is exactly what she did and so Donald Trump after worry tonight how many Paul of Duncan’s are there in his loyal base of all those people who say that after all of this they would still vote for Donald Trump again how many of them will change their if they are presented with evidence Beyond A Reasonable Doubt the Donald Trump committed crimes the Paul Duncan’s out there have the future of Donald Trump’s presidency in their hands now because if some of them if of them turn against Donald Trump if they are presented with proof that he committed crimes than Donald Trump will be impeached and he will be removed from office even if Republican still control the Senate because that would mean that I Republican voters turned against Donald Trump that 16 or 17 Republican votes to convict the president in the Senate would be possible impeachment is a quasi-legal quasi political process if there is proof Beyond reasonable doubt that the present crimes in the legal elements of impeachment would be satisfied but the votes on impeachment would still be a political calculation if the Democrats win the House of Representatives as polls indicates they indicate they will then the impeachment process will really began with the United States Senate serving as the jury in the trial removing an impeached president from Office requires 67 votes in the United States Senate when Senators passed those votes and Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial all checked the polling on impeachment in their states everyone tonight the poles have very bad news for the present 60% agree with Trump supporter Paula Duncan the President should not pardon Paul manafort’s 62% say the President should not pardon Michael Collin 66% think it should be legally permissible for sitting presidents to be formally text with a crime and here is the most frightening response in this poll released today which included this question should Congress begin impeachment proceedings to remove president Trump from office right now tonight it’s at I 4242 and there was only one direction that that poll question is going to go the more we hear from Michael Kohn and from all of the friends and businesses YouTube Donald Trump now have immunity the more ready the country will be for impeachment and his column today in the Rupert Murdoch owned New York Post frequent Trump apologist Rich Lowery said if it wasn’t obvious before it should now president Trump is in an impeachment fight that won’t happen unless Democrats take the house and do so with a healthy margin in the fall but Michael Cohen statement that he committed campaign-finance violations at the behest of trump makes it that much more likely Democrats will impeach him once they have the power and the votes to do it so long as he has the vast majority of his party with him he has a brake against a removal vote in the Senate that’s from a Conservative Republican writer on the editorial page of Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper today the Friday of Trump’s worst week impeachment week so long as as the vast majority of his party with him he has a break against the removal vote in the Senate and that’s true and that’s why it’s all up to Paula Duncan and Trump supporters like Paula Duncan Trump loses Paula Duncan and supporters like her he will lose his presidency and when Paul Duncan voted guilty on all 18 counts against Paul manafort and then came out and publicly said she opposes a pardon for Palmetto for Donald Trump discovered that we cannot shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it with all of his supporters because Trump supporters like Paul a Tonka still no truth is truth Channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word and the rest of MSNBC
In one week, it was reported that three top Trump allies started cooperating with federal prosecutors and, for the first time, impeachment became a talking point on both sides of the aisle. Plus, a Manafort juror and Trump supporter warns Trump not to pardon Manafort.
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Lawrence: President Donald Trump’s ‘Worst Week’ As Top Allies Talk To Feds | The Last Word | MSNBC

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