Lawrence: Rudy Giuliani Gives ‘Incoherent’ Defense Of President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Lawrence: Rudy Giuliani Gives ‘Incoherent’ Defense Of President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC
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there are exactly two people publicly defending Donald Trump on the possibility that he might have committed obstruction of justice just to those to public defenders of Donald Trump are Rudy Giuliani and that’s it that is the public defense team for the present Giuliani in Trump and both of them are completely incoherent when it comes to publicly defending Donald Trump and that makes perfect sense what they say doesn’t make perfect sense but the fact that both guiliani and Trump are incoherent in their attempts to publicly defend Donald Trump does make a certain sense and it means but there is no evidence-based defense of the president that is available to Donald Trump or Rudy Giuliani because if there was an evidence-based defense available at least one of them would use it the country in the Boulder long used to the fact that Donald Trump is generally incoherent most of the time about most things and incoherent person though with a wildly disorganized mind and no attention span could conceivably have a very good legal defense that could be presented by a good or average Reven below-average defense lawyer but that’s not what we have here we have Donald Trump and incoherent client who has been a public liar his entire life being defended by the newly in Cocoa Rudy Giuliani and that is a very very big deal and what at Ellis tonight is it the president of the United States as of now has no good legal defense against any of the accusations that special prosecutor Robert Mueller might bring against this present it doesn’t mean that the president is guilty of anything but it is just stunning think about it stunning that the president of the United States of tonight have no good Public Defense of the present it’s one of those things that’s a very big deal but we can’t yet be sure of what it means nobody can make sure everything is absolutely right about that nobody can be sure of anything none of us can be sure of what to believe as of now but how strange is it but that was really Julia answer to this question the meeting with the Russians how can you be sure if the president didn’t know beforehand Rudy giuliani’s answer to that was nobody can be sure of anyone with defense lawyers like that who needs prosecutor soap so why hasn’t Donald Trump replaced his incoherent week TV defense lawyer who’s doing a terrible job of Defending Donald Trump well there are a few real possibilities and rational possibilities for that what is the Donald Trump doesn’t know what good lawyer in looks like and sounds like after all Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s lawyer for years the same Michael Cohen who Rudy Giuliani now describes this way the guy is unethical Trump’s next lawyer be describing Rudy Giuliani that way someday another reason would have Giuliani has not been fired is that it is actually impossible to do a better job of Defending Donald Trump that might just be it’s impossible to do any better than Giuliani has done ruined Giuliani goes into TV interviews with no real ammunition and just follows the Donald Trump kellyanne Conway model speaking as fast as he can it doesn’t matter what the words are because there’s nothing honest to say that could be helpful and that’s the way it is in the criminal investigation when you’re guilty there’s nothing you can say that is both honest and helpful to your defense so one possible explanation for the public verbal incontinence of Rudy Giuliani is that he’s representing a guilty client that is not an unreasonable inference in reaction to the public renting yesterday president Trump Rose in defense of President Trump with a tweet that as usual has absolutely nothing to do with evidence is Robert Moore ever going to release is conflict of interest with respect to president Trump including the fact that we had a very nasty and contentious business relationship I try turned him down to head the FBI one day before appointment as special counsel and Comey is his close friend this morning Rudy Giuliani was asked about the president’s accusation that Robert Mueller has a conflict of interest how can the president make this claim and not supported that’s it that’s the best Giuliani could do with his clients phone line of defense about Robert Mueller’s supposed conflict of interest now I’m sparing you a bunch of high-speed incoherent words that Rudy Giuliani added to that answer that had nothing to do with the question and here’s another example of Rudy giuliani’s ignorance of his own defense Alisyn Camerota asked about phone calls Donald Trump jr. made to a blocked number around the time of Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with Russians in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign made as you know that day before the meeting and I think after I also blocked number was that the president important question about the president’s knowledge about the trunk pains attempt to conspire with Russian government officials and Rudy Giuliani hit his answer is I don’t know Robert Mueller probably knows Andrew Giuliani knows that Robert Mueller probably knows who’s blocked phone number Donald Trump it was calling and that’s why Rudy Giuliani said I don’t know instead of a good strong clear denial that Donald Trump jr. was calling his father to tell him about the Russian meeting before and after the Russian meeting Giuliani is right for all of us out here wondering what happened in Trump Tower in in the Trump campaign than Trump White House nobody can be sure of anything but Rudy Giuliani is certainly act as if he believes that Robert Muller is sure of something something that is very bad for the president of the United States Watergate special prosecutor in an MSNBC legal analyst Harry Litman former Federal prosecutor and Deputy Assistant Attorney General under President Clinton and Rattan than the president of the center for American progress and this issue of giuliani’s public performance the newly otterly incoherent Rudy Giuliani seems to me to make a certain sense if juliani actually does have nothing better to say if the evidence that he aware of it in this case gives him nothing else to say it makes a certain sense that he just talks as fast as he can as if he went to that kellyanne Conway School of talking fast to try to get through these cuz he has nothing better I think the better answer would be for him to be silent he ought to be zipping his lift because if this is the best he can do he is hurting his client what he is saying it makes no sense I read the transcript of that full interview and it’s almost impossible to understand what point he was even trying to make and I think it’s a prosecutor or is it defense lawyer you quickly learn that sometimes the facts are just completely against you and you’re better off saying nothing and in this case that’s what it is but he’s also hasn’t got the law on his side when he’s yelling that there’s no crime that also is in and this argument about whether the word is collusion or conspiracy or aiding and abetting is simply a question of a terminology somehow the American public picked up the word collusion there is no crime of collusion statutes but there is a crime of conspiring together of agreeing together of working together of aiding and abetting and if you take criminal conduct the hacking and you use that material you are part of that and it’s doesn’t matter if you are the gunman in a murder when you go into rob a bank and someone gets killed if someone else pulled the trigger you’re still guilty of murder because you were part of the conspiracy and I would say that we have plenty of evidence of conspiracy nearest fuel says about staying silent is absolutely true for most of possible criminal suspects when they’re in their attorney-client relationship but a politician as you know is in a different situation and politicians feel compelled to defend themselves publicly at every stage of these kinds of processes and we have seen Democrats in the past also find fault the prosecutors are investigating them we haven’t seen anything quite as noisy as this but but if Giuliani has has nothing better to say and if there is a political calculation by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani that someone has to be out there defending the president on TV it’s hard to think of a better way for Giuliani to do this if he’s going to go on TV just talk fast don’t make any sense don’t worry Donald Trump’s voters voted for someone who doesn’t make any sense what’s happening here is really that they don’t have a case they don’t have a legal case write this whole debate about collusion I mean first we should just point at Donald Trump said there was no collusion for a very long time now Giuliani is like I’m there was collusion it’s just not illegal but what they’re really doing is just playing semantics games to give an argument to their base at this moment because I think is really happening that they don’t have an argument for the prosecutor and they probably know the prosecutor has a pretty strong case of aiding and abetting a crime conspiracy of a crime they’re not really disputing that giuliani’s playing a semantic game unit selfish knowing it said the word collusion and the crime obviously criminal conspiracy is a crime please playing these word games and I think what he really is trying to do and what Donald Trump has been doing this entire year is he believes he will Skate free of this if Republicans are unable to act on any report of indictable offences and he’s disciplining his troops and disciplining the Republican to attack molar to opposed to say everything’s political to make up this new argument that there’s conflict of interest but they won’t tell us what the conflicts of interest to visit Lima I act on a report and that is why these elections coming up in 99 days for so vitally important because it’s Donald Trump is placing a bet that the Republican Party he couldn’t could be found polluting orcas criminal conspiracy at wedding or even shooting somebody on 5th Avenue and the Republican party will do nothing about it and that is why we need checks and balances and and Democrats to take a house of Congress for some account Vegas president of the risks involved in the Juliana ATV strategy of talking so fast today he revealed when it seemed to be by mistake that he believes Rick Gates is been indicted by the special prosecutor and is cooperating with special prosecutor was actually in a meeting uh strategizing how to handle the Russian meeting let’s listen to this plenty David it was a meeting the meeting took place with Donald jr. Jared manafort and two others gauge and one more person says it’s too much that two days before he participate in a meeting with it roughly the same group of people but not the president and the people in that meeting tonight people even able to interview never said that about that meeting in your reaction to that you know it it’s a complete slip-of-the-tongue by him the only sort of use your right it’s all been in I accepted the extended give some possible preview of what they see as coming to Big slip-ups in the interview that’s the first and revealing not just Gates’s they are but they used the very existence of that other meeting and then the whole trying to move the goalposts on collusion you know years of no collusion no collusion no Collision it oh wait what’s collusion there it is and you you were looking for someone to sort of cardamom away and give him a sedative and I don’t I don’t agree that it’s the best he can do even if they do they don’t have much in substance you can try to contrast with the manic crasto and speaking of crass how about that comment smaller stand up and be a man I mean it it’s it’s just it it echoes Trump and the thing to do here and someone else could do it even without substance speak with some dignity some com make certain legal points even if your your chastising Mueller there’s a way to do at the people might actually listen this frenetic unhinged perform makes you think that nobody has any idea what they’re doing over there and the real lawyer in charge Emmet flood must be tearing his hair out listening to both Trump & Giuliani complete losing it on national TV by the way at least Trump’s tweets are all going to be admissible everything he he says would come into court just just misstep after misstep Rudy giuliani’s calculation if there is one is that what worked for Donald Trump in the campaign to eke out a win in the Electoral College can work here what part of the Donald Trump presidency has been dignified so far I mean who associated with Donald Trump is thinking the first job is to be dignified in their response on TV or anywhere else but I think that Rudy Giuliani is just doing a kind of Carnival Barker experience here experiment and trying to just throw sand in the air muddy the waters make people believe there’s some respond Donald Trump has been incredibly successful and getting and minority of the country to agree with him and some pretty wild claims and I think that is their strategy going forward to just get their base to believe this whole thing is the one thing I would say though is that these this the strategy post Helsinki I think will be much less successful because people saw themselves broad Publix by themselves Donald Trump basically couch going to Putin and this whole this whole issue of Russia was made really clear to the American people in public pool since Helsinki have shown stronger support even the most Republicans for the Mueller probe and for finding what happened and that’s why I think the White House is almost in this panic and giuliani’s performance is so Panic particularly on the eve of the metaphor trial the rod Rosenstein said in testifying to Congress that there is a process in the justice department for bringing conflicts-of-interest to them they’re open too if you want to bring them a conflict of interest they will examine it and he said there are no conflicts of interest with Robert Mueller the notion that the president offered him the or or considered him for FBI director is unclear we have never heard mother’s side of that conversation that could be Mahler went in there to explain to the president that he could not do it and possibly make some suggestions to him about who he should choose we don’t know what was in that conversation exactly and all of this really is nonsense because it was a lot of discussion about potential conflict of interest having to do with Mueller’s golf club membership at a trump club and some dispute about the fees and that was resolved a long time ago it was reviewed by Department of Justice there is no conflict of interest the president is simply repeating over and over again because it seems to have some Effectiveness he just keep saying in the same way he says no collusion and then hopes that space will believe that even though it isn’t and he argues as he has done that the facts are not theirs at the law isn’t there and you know the truth is if the laws against you argue the facts if the facts are against you are you the law if both are against you you better plead guilty and I think we’re getting to the point where we can see Guilt very clearly and I think he is now worried because I think he finally has seen all of the evidence name from Cohen’s office and I think if there’s any leaks coming it’s coming from them to get out of head of this they want to protect and serve get the first word it’s a very basic tenant of trial advocacy that if there’s some bad get it out yourself on direct examination don’t wait till cross join thank you for starting a soft and I really appreciate it thanks for clicking on the button below for more from the last and the rest of MSNBC
Rudy Giuliani and President Trump are the only members of team Trump defending the president and, according to Lawrence, their bizarre denials in the Russia investigation show that they don’t have a strong defense for the president’s actions.
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Lawrence: Rudy Giuliani Gives ‘Incoherent’ Defense Of President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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