Lawrence: The GOP Silence Is Deafening Re: Whistleblower’s “Urgent Concern” | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence: The GOP Silence Is Deafening Re: Whistleblower’s “Urgent Concern” | The Last Word | MSNBC
Lawrence: The GOP Silence Is Deafening Re: Whistleblower’s “Urgent Concern” | The Last Word | MSNBC
Now independent Congressman, Justin Amash was a republican 78 days ago. Today he tweeted Congress must have access to the Whistleblower complaint, allegedly involve crane reports suggest a present abused his position by engaging in conduct that violates the public trust, let’s hear from The Whistleblower. So we can clear the president or hold him accountable, that is the closest we have to a republic calling for accountability today about the allegations that the president of the United States pressured the government of Ukraine to dig up dirt on his political opponent, Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s family over the last 20, some allies of the president have been appearing on Fox to defend the president, but no Congressional Republican has managed to come up with even a word of criticism of the president’s alleged actions Award of discomfort about it. That has led Trump’s conservative critics outside the administration to start asking some very sharp questions and we will get some of those. Now we are Jen Now by Bill. Kristol is the director of Defending marching together editor-at-large of the bull founder of Republicans for the rule of law, also with us as evident Mullen former CIA operative, an informant Independent presidential candidate he’s the co-founder of stand-up Republic and Bill. I know you tweeted today that this would be a a very good day to hear from publicly from some of the former Trump Administration officials, who would be in a position to either Enlighten us about this or show how we should be thinking about it. In some ways. after this phone conversation apparently happened with, doesn’t know if his cross ality their private conversations with the presidency shouldn’t reveal classified information. He could she say, though, very well long, as he could help us think about this. How unbelievable it is for me, the price of the United States, talking to the president of the country in effect, will ask for help in damaging a political opponent and effects and suggested coming unless that help is given. So it was the national interest in mortgage to the president’s personal political interest. I’M thinking about that all the details of the ice, the end of the day it’s our like focusing on. I don’t know how exactly did the Watergate burglars discovered that the burglars were there, but that’s not the important thing. Important thing is what the president said, what the president did, and it really is it’s it’s worse in a way that a straightforward Criminal send me $ 10 to my bank account. The time release date, sleeveless possible political opponent Diamond it really is unbelievable. Congress has to get to the bottom of it, but if you say Republicans have been silent or some of them amazingly rushing to defend the president about the possibility of prison United States demanding asking a foreign government to do him. A political favorites being referred to most of the time as a political favor in trying to help throw some dirt at the Biden family and therefore hurt Joe Budden, who expects he’ll be running against, but this something very, very important than Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. It’S not just political, it’s personal, his lawyers are saying he can be charged with a crime as long as he’s president of the United States, and so this is a real election campaign 2, among other things, avoid criminal charges that could happen the afternoon after the next Inauguration, if it’s an atem inauguration of someone, not names Trump, that’s right in in Lawrence. I think this is something I got used to seeing overseas, where you have a dictator, come to power and and commit a bunch of crimes in the process or commit them while in power, and then is a result of that become vulnerable to political or legal consequences. Should they ever lose power, and so it becomes all the more important and that they hold on power in their willing to take even bigger risks or make even more egregious or illegal or unethical or just downright evil Moves In order to stay in power, because for Them their freedom there, their lives in some cases depend on it. Of course, here in the United States to the Presidents and life isn’t at risk as it might be in a third world country. We still have a legal system that generally works and because of that he has concerns, I’m sure about about that very issue, and so he’s going to fight harder and harder and harder and he’s going to be willing to break all kinds of laws and ethical Norms. In order to stay in power, and especially now Laurence I have to, I think it’s it’s just clear to me that the president is now emboldened after 2016, where you receive for and help where you encourage that publicly to happen. After the Mueller investigation, which has been turned over the results and two the American people in the Congress, he doesn’t he’s not really being held accountable, yet at least by Congress that doesn’t seem in the near-term likely, and I think he looks at that situation and says Congress isn’t going to hold me accountable so Mike. My real concern here is simply being re-elected by by hook or crook, and so he’s going to going to be willing to do. I think almost anything, including using the the powers of his office of the American presidents to not only welcome foreign assistance, but to compel it to course it and that’s what we seem doing with the with Ukraine and I think we’re just we’re going to see more Of that, but it’s all the more reason that I think efforts in Congress need to be stepped up from Republican to or just incredibly absen cowardly. In this moment, we can talk about the politics of that, but we need to hear from them and if they’re worried about their constituents, not understanding or supporting them will guess what that’s what leadership is in there used to be more of that from them. If they start talking to their constituents about why this is important, why this is a true threat to the Republic, then they can bring some of their constituents a long and it may cost them their jobs in Congress, some of them, but dammit it’s worth and they Need to take that action actually said. President actually said the few weeks before the phone call and question that he would do the kind of thing that people are now suspecting that he did do. George Stephanopoulos asked him if he would accept interference in our elections, help from a foreign country. He said he said it’s not interference, they have information, I think I’d take it. Those are the words of the present. Thank you both very much for Janice, and I really appreciate it new channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC.
Donald Trump reportedly pressed the president of Ukraine repeatedly to investigate a Democratic opponent. Rep. Justin Amash, who recently quit the Republican party, says Congress must have access to the complaint from the whistleblower. Lawrence discusses with Bill Kristol and Evan McMullin. Aired on 09/20/19.
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Lawrence: The GOP Silence Is Deafening Re: Whistleblower’s “Urgent Concern” | The Last Word | MSNBC

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