Lawrence: ‘The Senate Is An Unfixable Crime Against Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Lawrence: ‘The Senate Is An Unfixable Crime Against Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Lawrence: ‘The Senate Is An Unfixable Crime Against Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC
Sickening, that is the word I kept hearing this week from sexual assault survivors, who felt they were being ignored by the majority of the in the United States Senate. That is the word I kept hearing from women. Who’Ve, never experience sexual assault. I felt that the majority in the United States Senate does not believe that the word of a woman is of equal value. To the word of a man, sickening is the word I kept hearing from the people who opposed Brett kalamatas confirmation, which is according to polls a much larger group of people. Then supporters of Brett Cavanaugh’s confirmation is the least popular Supreme Court nominee in history and is on his way to becoming least popular nominee ever actually confirmed he’s the least popular nominee to actually get confirmed the last nominee with Brett Kavanaugh his polling numbers, Robert pork was Defeated in the Senate vote, in that case, United States follow the express will of the people not today, and that adds something profoundly disturbing to the sickening feeling that opponents of the cabinet nomination have tonight. There is an unfortunate truth at the base of what most people are feeling tonight, and that truth is that the Senate is not a democratic institution. That is the sickening Corps of what we feel deep down. When we watch the Senate work, the Senate destroys the American illusion of democracy as it was designed to do. We are allowed to ignore that uncomfortable truth, most of the time, but not now, the founders deliberate created an anti Democratic institution and called it the United States Senate. That was not the founders. Only anti-democratic designed the founders did not believe in democracy. They experimented with it. They did not allow most people to be voters. Their experiment in democracy was to only allow voting among men white men that group of white Republican men sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee was the founding fathers idea of what democracy was supposed to look like. That’S what senators were supposed to look like and that’s what voters were supposed to look like most adults would not be allowed to vote Founders design. Most of them know. Women were ever supposed to be allowed to vote according to the founding fathers. That’S why there were no founding mothers. No black people were ever supposed to be allowed to vote because slaves were never supposed to be allowed to vote. No one educated people know poor people. Different states instituted different rules about how much land do you have to own? How much wealth do you have to have or how much you literally had to pay in a poll tax so that you could cast a ballot, but that favored white male minority that was allowed to vote was not allowed to vote for president, and they were not Allowed to vote for United States senators, they were only allowed to electors who would then meet in Electoral College in those elektra’s within decide who the present would be, and those electors were free to vote for anyone they wanted to be present. The founding fathers didn’t think mirror citizens would ever be wise enough to vote for United States Senator, so that was left of the state legislators to decide who the United States senators would be. The founding fathers did not believe in democracy. They never believed in one man. One and they certainly never believed in one-person-one-vote, and so when it came time to design the United States Senate. Since they were not Believers in one man, one vote each state would get to Senators. The big States get to in the tiny States would get to understand how that seemed kind of fair at the time, but they never dreamed that there would one day be a state called California with a population, almost the size of England and the Delaware would become Even smaller and relative size to what it was then compared to the big States when it was a founding member of the United States of America, the population gap between the big States and the small which is bigger than ever and keeps getting bigger all the time. So the votes of New Yorkers and Californians become worth less everyday in the United States compared to the votes of people in The Dakotas, Naomi and most of the Confederate states, and so the set. It is now deeply undemocratic and getting worse every single day. People who live in countries that have never really pretended to be fully demek, don’t feel the disappointment then sick. This that Americans feel when democracy so obviously fails. People in those countries are realists about the limits of their so-called democracies, an American realist. No, it’s that the federal government has never even tried democracy not for one day, and so today, in the United States Senate the Senators who represent 55 %, the American people lost an important Senate vote. Again, I love the Senate when I work there just loved it. Everyone did, and everyone was proud to work there like everyone else in the Senate. I looked down on the truly an unsophisticated House of Representatives with its gerrymandering districts, but after my first few years, working in the Senate, it was slowly Dawning on me that the Senate was a nun, pixable crime against democracy, and that is truly sickening. That is at the base of what people are feeling today. You live in a country where the founders believed you would never be smart enough to vote directly for United States Senator, and they were wrong about that. They were wrong about a lot, but it does mean that you have to work much harder in this. If you really do believe in democracy, if you want to elect the United States Senate with a majority that actually represents a majority of the people than you and everyone, you know who feels that way. He has to work much harder than the founding fathers ever believed that you could, or you would, and that means that every election matters, whether it’s a midterm election or presidential election year, and it means most weight in every state that every vote matters. The vote for United States Senate, but the founding fathers never wanted you to have thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more. From the last word of the rest of MS ABC
A majority of Americans do not want Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed, yet the senators who support his confirmation do not represent most Americans. Lawrence tells us the Founding Fathers never designed the Senate to be a truly democratic institution, so Americans must “work harder” to make democracy work.
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Lawrence: ‘The Senate Is An Unfixable Crime Against Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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