Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn: Government in ‘complete disarray’ – BBC News

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Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn: Government in ‘complete disarray’ – BBC News
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Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn: Government in ‘complete disarray’ – BBC News
Thank you. Thank you, mister speaker, and I thank the Prime Minister for a copy of the statement before we we met here this afternoon, we’re an extremely serious and unprecedented situation. The government has lost control of events and is in complete disarray Cloud on regardless reiterating. This is the only deal available. Can she be clear with the house? Is she she is seeking changes the deal or Mia reassurances? Does she there for accept Titan for the European commission at lunchtime saying that it was the only deal possible? We will not renegotiate our position, has not changed. It is not possible renegotiate the Irish Border backstop stating that it was the prime minister’s own red lines that made the backstop necessary further red lines in order to make progress.. The deal presented to this house is not off the table but will be represented with a p assurances. Bringing back the same box deal either next week or in January. And can she be clear on the timing? Will not change its fundamental flaws and think they held right across this house which go far wider than the backstop alone.. This is a bad deal for Britain, a bad deal for economy better than this. The real deal the deal damages our economy and it isn’t just the opposition saying that the government’s own analysis shows this deal would make us worse off. If the Prime Minister cannot be clear that she can and will decree negotiate a deal, then she must make way if she is on with the speaker, if she’s going back to Brussels, then she needs to build a consensus in this house and since it appears businesses Change for the next to die, It seems impossible but necessary that this house debates the negotiating mandate that the Prime Minister takes to Brussels. There is no point, no point at all in this bringing back the same deal again, which clearly does not support. That is not supported by this house misses pecan. We’Ve enjoyed two years of shambolic negotiations, bold announce then cast aside each one of them has been excluded from these five negotiations. We were promised play some substantive document and go to vague 26-page wishlist, and they become the first government ever in British history. To be held in contempt of Parliament is in disarray. Uncertainty is building for business. People are in despair. The state of these failed negotiations, I’m concerned about what it means about that jobs that livelihood communities on default forgot lies solely at the door of this shambolic government. The prime minister is trying to buy himself one last chance to save this deal. If she doesn’t take onboard the fundamental changes required, then she must make way for those who can responsibility of briefly to his wife. European Union are saying it was the only deal and then goes on to say that the whole deal needs to be renegotiated is whether they wish to deliver brexit the result of the referendum if you wish to. But if you wish to deliver brexit, if you wish to honor the result of the referendum, spend the deal protect tulips indoor economy forward, but everybody will have his or her Chums, but the questions have been put on the ounces. My similarly be heard the prime minister Dil does he wants to be in the free movement requires about stopped because that’s all commitments to the people of Northern Ireland. He claims he wants to says about the uncertainty he says about on certainty for British business. I can tell the gentleman
Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says “we are in an extremely serious and unprecedented situation” and accuses the government of being in “complete disarray”.

He says it has been apparent “for weeks” that the deal would not be satisfactory to the Commons, yet the vote was pulled at the last minute.

He says the Irish Taoiseach has said there can be no changes made to the backstop. He asks if the deal in “front of this House” is not “off the table” but is instead being brought back later on.

“This is a bad deal for Britain, a bad deal for our economy, and a bad deal for our democracy,” Mr Corbyn states.

He says that if the prime minister cannot negotiate an acceptable deal then “she must make way”. He adds that the PM must work on building consensus in the Commons.

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