Leaked Documents Give Chilling Look Inside Chinese Muslim Detention Camps | NBC Nightly News

Leaked Documents Give Chilling Look Inside Chinese Muslim Detention Camps | NBC Nightly News
Leaked Documents Give Chilling Look Inside Chinese Muslim Detention Camps | NBC Nightly News
We seen China’s Muslim re-education camps the way the Chinese wanted us to see them on a tightly-controlled tour earlier this year and we’ve seen glimpses from leak. Videos like this one. China says the camp stop Muslim week from becoming extremist and offer free job-training. But now an inside look in the Chinese government own words: Elite 9 page memo reads like a how-to manual telling officials to strictly Implement measures to prevent Escape 24/7 video surveillance, watchtowers doors with a lot of people and a secret vestnik minorities. Did someone take a huge risk, these documents since 2017, that is a stunning number of people – 1.8 million people in camps? So how easy it is to be singled out by the Chinese government for Education and Training simply using a certain app or communicating with people overseas? Can draw suspicion in 2017 rushan Abbas, a uyghur American stop calling her family in China to protect them. There are over 1 million innocent. We were people, but then last year she criticized China during a public panel in Washington, 6 days after I talked my sister and my Aunt Sally Asian. For my activism, you don’t think it was a coincidence. I don’t think so. Her sister is still missing. You literally don’t know where she is. No, I don’t I don’t, even if she’s still alive or not when the Chinese government says these are vocational camps, they’re, helping train people for new jobs. What do you say to that? Many people into camps are University professors, writers, poets assistant, Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific, the Chinese government, the uses for the the terrorism – and they have said things like well, the US had a war on terror. That’S what we’re doing here. You can’t walk up a whole group of people identify them. This is terrorist, is a terrorist event on your own and terrorism. Just that doesn’t make sense. If you could talk to your sister, would you say to her now? I’M sorry she’s there because of me, but I want to tell her to stay strong, stay, strong and believe that she will be free, hopefully someday soon. In response to a request for comment on the documents, the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom told our partner. Can the Guardian newspaper, the personal freedom of the trainees is fully guaranteed? The US recently imposed sanctions on some Chinese companies implicated in the surveillance of minorities in sinkiang. There are more details about that program. The documents will have Wan that tomorrow morning, on today, exclusive thanks for watching
Chinese authorities claim its centers holding Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are vocational centers. Leaked records show the re-education camps are run more like prisons. NBC News is reporting on the previously undisclosed documents, obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, together with 17 news organizations around the world.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Leaked Documents Give Chilling Look Inside Chinese Muslim Detention Camps | NBC Nightly News

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