Lebanese Trailblazer: Proud in drag – BBC News

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Lebanese Trailblazer: Proud in drag – BBC News
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when I’m going to jog I feel happy I feel vikon because I feel like this is my Alter Ego coming out of me if it’s hard for me to be gay in the society because it’s illegal for me to be gay there’s no place for me to be free I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong that’s why I keep on fighting for the things I want so this is in the making and Sakana is this woman that has so much power very sexy Who’s the present active no one can approach her and get everyone wants her at the same time to the very strong Oriental woman and very strong feminist as well they might not accept me now but they will eventually because I’m not going to change the way I feel I want to dance I want to enjoy my time I want to be proud of who I am that’s my most important message that I want to send through my drug because this is a celebration over who we are and the celebration of how proud We Are of ourselves because we know that we’re not something wrong we’re not something unnatural closest you can get to the rainbow I like to do a quality through the clothes hayrides and that’s what I always wanted to do and that’s what I’m doing right now my garments are old gender-fluid I don’t have a specific sender whoever license can wear them that’s my whole concept the whole idea behind collection amazing in Beirut is on fire it’s always on fire always will be and the never stop being on fire we have a very strong lovely community surround you and helps you all the time there’s a lot of ngos here in Lebanon fighting for our rights in this week is pride week and there’s a lot of interesting event I’m hoping that these events will really help people say that the LGBT community isn’t here to find his other culture to just throw the Traditions away with identity Community is really nothing different than who they city arts we both people we’re both here to live and enjoy life together was cancelled even Scott suspended because the police just decided to stop it for no specific reason even though we’re not doing anything bad and that’s something very sad because this is where I should celebrate being proud of who I am even though the Lebanese forces stop these events I don’t think. The events are still going maybe they’re not under the name of a with private we all know that is in the spirit of these events so there’s a story thing is on for everyone to come up and tell this story what you like to do and no one can stop you from being who you are I will tell the people that are afraid to come out that it’s not a very scary place on a scary thing to do to gay communities and I think if being gay was legal here at this place will be the ACT
Drag queens are on the rise in Lebanon. Nothing can stop them from being who they are as they defy the laws that prosecute them.
This is the story of Anis who fights for his right to be gay alongside a “strong and supportive” LGBT community.
Produced by: Janay Boulos and Eloise Alanna

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