Lebanese Trailblazers: Recycling mindsets – BBC News

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Lebanese Trailblazers: Recycling mindsets – BBC News
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classic wrapped in plastic crisis that’s happening and currently in Lebanon our government is dumping 3000 tons of waste directly into the sea the Lebanese people is roll of everyone with their story of plastic when it comes to deal with the waste that’s something that’s directly in your hand as a consumer if he want to really break that plastic addiction then it’s comes couples with access to Alternatives which are affordable so this is the approach that I’ve taken with recycle oven on plastic means no plastic I’m Jocelyn and I’m a Lebanese Trailblazer to pin it on the people as being part of the problem part of the solution is a key factor but it’s only a small pregnant because there’s much bigger problems sorting Andress is being hindered in Lebanon to push for laundry clamation and incineration elections in 9 years and I don’t think what the people can do clearcare today and Marley is making Cutlery kits and grocery vegetable bags from recover textiles that we received from a sewing School closed down what we’re trying to do now is to create a Cuttery kit so that you can carry your straw and your and your fourth and your knife and then have your own reusable to go cuddle each other we’re going to be testing out the price across this weekend and through differently kosu pop up so we can get people’s feedback it’s really riding stables in the hands of the people and show what are the different initiative to shop at a plastic so I do all of this without funds when I try to push it and it’s okay it’s my love it’s my passion that’s why I wake up in the morning it’s about the toxicity in our throwaway Society from the relationships and how we deal with people to the type of product to use to the type of ingredients that are inside the product so stop it stop final straw we’re working with many places to transition them towards Bella plastic and many locations by themselves transitioning towards by the plastic and what we’re doing is mapping out those locations and being on service on demand to help aid that transition and Shine the Light so more people have access to those establishments there are at the moment many municipalities that are recycling in are at the moment many initiatives that have started to recycle recycle Lebanon is active member of the break free from plastic Mediterranean chapter zero waste brand audit clean up in the forest to show Beyond lettering and Beyond Coastal dumping the responsibility doesn’t slide only on legislation and doesn’t like only on consume but the particular realized in the design of our products that are designed for waste so there’s environmentally-friendly options there at the moment more expensive because it’s not on Grand scale and the issue who is the corporate office to take responsibility to change the type of products that they’re providing to the people so that scalability is reaching the Public’s hands faster we have the culture we have the will and we need the infrastructure on the support from the government with legislation that really can push it Forward instead of pushing us backwards with an incinerator the municipality that we are in as home of the other pictures sorting facility for sending them to you now real fast from the forest because he can actually do something with it he takes it and he puts it into equal bored and he raises awareness of those things actually can’t be recycled and what is an other option that you can do every little thing that you do with regards to your story of waist is going to make a difference going to make an impact and I know that it’s okay to throw away but there is no away but there is a way and we need to really show the people that there is an opportunity to not living our garbage there is a way that you recycle it and how can you give your garbage another life
The world now stands together to fight single-use plastic but in a third-world country this might feel like a lonely cause.
Joslin creates initiatives to convince the community to step away from plastic in a country ridden by a rubbish crisis.

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