LeBron James explains why he called Trump a ‘bum’

we have a prime-time exclusive with the one and only LeBron James one of this generation’s greatest star athletes three-time NBA champion four-time league MVP LeBron James started out as a kid from Akron a kid who Miss 83 days of school fourth grade but a kid with Big Dreams now he’s a man on a mission helping kids just like him opening the I promise school and his hometown LeBron the Superstar who’s had so many great moments on the cord says opening the school maybe the Great moment of his life for us to be in a position where we can bring like this intuition and then see stories of kids that’s going through the same thing that I went through it even makes it even more of like yes we did this for this is why we should have did it there is a lot that is got LeBron James fired up off the cord listen to what he says about living while black in America no matter how big you can become no matter how successful you are no matter what you do in the community no matter what you doing your profession you know being an apple American in America is always tough and they always going to let you know that you are anywhere no matter who you are so is there a run for office in his future and someone tried to recruit Ron to run for president they said listen they’ve got no one if you don’t run Trump’s going to win would you run well in that case I’m a LeBron James one-on-one thank you for going to everyone who says I’m who knows I’m doing this as much respect much respect where I promised but you have so much going on why do you want to do this you know either verbally or I can just hear the mental I am one of them not too far removed so it wasn’t even a question that was it happen organically you just said that you figured that this was the best thing for you to do are you are you nervous about this cuz I remember when Oprah was open in school to think of such a big responsibility I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous about anything I felt this much are Level responsibilities really like humbled and blessed that first of all that the Akron Public School System my hometown even you know did this joint venture with us that allowed us to even make something like this possible and then you know my just my support system and my Foundation you know Michelle Campbell first of all the number one point a person in my Foundation they they brought this whole thing together in and brought it to me and I was like absolutely let’s go. Absolutely you can’t get no where you were I think it was a third grader who interviewed you for rainbow gray and asked you about all the challenges in about the single mom is important because it know the everyday struggle to me and my mom had to go through at that age you know being in a third and fourth grade and for us to be in a position where we can bring like this intuition and and then see stories of kid that’s going through the same thing that I went through it makes it even more of like yes we did this this is why we should have did it but how do you conquer the Spheres cuz it’s Jayden was his name talked about hearing gunshots and that person walking through being tempted by drugs and all those things how do you think how do you get them to understand that that’s not the path that they have to be I think being in a support system and that’s what this is all about you nothing for me when I did go to school or when I was playing Little League Sports you know being around kids being around people that have fun and aunt and kind of speak the same language as you it allows you to kind of Escape away from the drugs and violence in the gunshots and things are gone you know on an everyday basis and no natural for right now that’s what I’m opening the school to be able to get these kids mine away from anybody away from you even we even you know made the hours of being in school longer from 8 to instead of three to five so we can let them know not only do we want you here but we we really do care we really do care about what what happened with you are all of that math reading social studies all the way down to the gym class to Music Arts everything I think I think Athletics are important but also their mind I think both I think it just plays his brain when you’re when you’re part of sports and you’re apart of your mind it just bring some so much camaraderie and so much fun you know we we right now in America more importantly where this whole this race thing is is it’s taking over you know and then because of one because I believe our president is kind of trying to divide us but I think not only is dividing of them and what I noticed over the last few months that he’s kind of use sport to kind of dividers and I and that’s something that I can’t relate to because I know that sport was the first time I ever was someone white you know and I and I and I got an opportunity to see them and learn about them and they got opportunity to learn about me and we became very good friends and I was like oh wow this is all because of sports and sports has never been something that divide people is always been something that brings someone together do you remember the any of your first experiences around someone who was different than you someone was what you said because that was through sport do you remember what it was and what was your reaction it was different I mean first of all no they ate dinner at a different and I’ve ever ate dinner before earlier like supper at like 6:30 in the afternoon everything is where I grew up everything is on top of the refrigerator you know maybe I could live life without no care no worries either you know being around a lot of my know why friends growing up and it was just a pretty cool thing though I’m glad you mention that because I’ve been watching you especially over that been watching for long time this is not the first time I’ve interviewed you remember interviewing you for your website some other things that you did but something has changed in you over the last here to is it what’s going on in the country racially is it is it politically is a little bit of everything and I think it starts with the Trayvon Martin situation you know and in a reason to start that I believe it because I’m having kids of my own have a boy’s arm on it home for me to see it’s a learning story and to think that know if my boy left home and he never returned that that kind of switch to switch from me and from that point on I I knew that my voice and my platform had to be used for more than just Sports good for you good for you man give your boy your boy never returned home but then there are people kids are returning home you think that the kids are being taken away the same thing that your heart like breaks when you ask someone comes over they want a better life and all of a sudden your kids are being taken away from the canoe I can imagine it in and you know we’ve always grown ups and this is the land of the free and opportunity here in America and to be a parent to be a father to be a husband and two things that you have a beautiful family one day and then the next day they can be taken away or something you never ever could imagine you were talking about about Athletics right now how you think that this person is divided who wanted some action figures and he was out doing stuff with his mom and he got like the cops called on him like he had to tell these kids even with that you know when you’re just living while black how do you get them to keep going I think absolutely and I think the best way to tell him to keep going is that no matter no matter how successful you could become no matter who you are when you’re African-American kid man or female you’re all going to be going against Osco and see the one or two things that you can do you can allow it to affect you and for you to degrade or you going to allow it to empower you even more and it’s the rise above it and I think you look at some of the greatest leaders what time you look at you know Muhammad Ali you look at dr. Martin Luther King and all the adversity they went through they never let them whenever they never let it down them they always use it to say okay this is even more motivation this is even more away from you even be more powerful and they’re the reason why we are here today your challenges become goals and your haters become your motivator absolutely right using Apple athletic Stoudemire people do you heard what the Man In Charge doesn’t comment you’ve heard what the president said about Marshawn about stabbed up about men of color who have means and a platform girl what’s up with that what’s up with that is all wrong and it’s not up is down and you know for him to like I said use Sports the kind of divide us this time I can’t I can’t sit back and not and I’ll say nothing why don’t you tweeted about a couple when Steph Curry when he said you know he called them I already said he wasn’t going and he tried to use it after that to say well you’re not invited well you can’t uninvite me to something I’ve already said I’m not going to go to and we all know Steph Curry model citizen great kid come from a gray background great family great father and so many different kids so many kids white black Hispanic all different races love what he’s doing and rightfully so there’s no reason for anyone to ever attack him you know and that’s how I felt whenever there’s something like he’s in trouble he can’t wiggle his way out of something he’ll bring up the national anthem thing and kneeling or standing do you think he uses black athletes as a scapegoat at times at times more often than not I believe he uses anything that’s popular to try to negate people from thinking about the positive things that they can actually be doing and try to just to get our minds to not be as sharp as possible right then sister you know either from kneeling from football players kneeling you look at Kaepernick who was protesting something he believed in and he did it in the most calm fashion way possible very respectful had it he did all this dude she was knowledgeable about it and everyone know why you did it you look at all the NFL players are still kneeling things that makes you look at stuff you look at and on Marshawn Lynch you look at all these instances why he’s trying to divide our sport but at the end of the day sport is the reason why we are coming what are you I just wonder where we go from here because Charlotte to a lot of people Charlottesville was just like it mean you that we did I think you said is this what our country is make America great again he said that I’m paraphrasing your Tweet but that was a sort of for everybody like alright that’s enough I can’t believe this absolutely man we all felt that I don’t think you you didn’t even matter what color you are to feel that feel that tension to feel like you know are great you know that we all wake up everyday in the land of the free as we believe with great opportunity to be even more than what people even expect you to become for that to happen you just felt like that was that was kind of the Tipping Point with you I guess maybe you were surprised me if you weren’t the whole n-word incident at your house when you had the n-word painted surprise more poorly it was the conversation that I had to have on my boys that that it was that hurt me but at the same time and also enlighten me and also knew that no matter as I stated you know you know what I did an interview after that I’m the no matter how big you can become no matter how successful you are no matter what you do in a community no matter what you doing your profession you know being African-American in America is always tough and they always going to let you know that you are the n-word no matter who you are and that was just a reset it when you have LeBron status LeBron in money that you think it’s harder to be when you see these and send it to just buy people live in just being black and white interior house all that you think it’s harder now or you think it’s it’s always been there with just seeing it because of cell phones and no I think it’s always been there, but I think the president in charge now has given people they don’t care now they throw do you would you ever run for office run for office would you ever run what would you have to be a politician to run for I don’t think so I don’t think so I don’t know to run for president they said listen they’ve got no one if you don’t run Trump’s going to win would you run well in that case I may have no one but let’s see first what do you hope happens from the school because I got to tell you I walkthrough impressed everybody’s impressed is a great thing you’re doing what do you to happen what do you want this to go from here what I want to happen every kid that walk through those doors every kid from the 240 kids that we starting with right now 34 upgrade to the note the 2022 are we going to have first through eighth grade now we want every kid to walk to the school to be inspired to come come away with something something where they can give back and it doesn’t matter could be anything but just for for kids in general all they were to know is that someone care and then when I walk through that door all day today notice someone care and you’re going to your going to LA because your heart here tomorrow is always do this is Akron Ohio’s that’s why I’m doing this school right here today one more question what would you say the present is sitting right here I would never sit across from you would never want to talk to him though I love sitting down you know what I really love about it is that he is his authenticity and I was sitting down with a celebrity who didn’t care about oh we’re going to we’re going to offend this demographic or somebody might buy my record might not by my record because of this is someone may not come to a game because of that LeBron is who he is he says it like he means it I am so glad that he’s around to do that and more people should continue to do that in this environment Sophie you very much LeBron James at the good things with present sweet about that professional athletes doing a really good thing for his community that would be nice to talk about
NBA star LeBron James discusses the 2018 political climate and the opening of his new school in Ohio, along with the power sports have to bring people together.

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