LeBron James speaks at opening of new school in Ohio

before we take questions I just want to thank all you guys rather come from all over some locally some all over to a lot of you guys are see me on a day-to-day basis and it means a lot for you guys there to cover this part of what I do if it means a lot Smiley myself but to my kids into the city so I truly appreciate you guys taking the time out of your day to yourself I think that’s the basis at the cherry on top you know just to know that was the journey that me and my mom has been on that’s why my 33 years for it to all come to fruition today and for her for her to raise the flag along the street when we struggled a lot and we were growing up like I said we grew up and I grew up with is called the but right there Hickory Street I’m not too far from here I used to walk this street I used to walk ignore if I used to walk Silver Street right down the street I went to I went to Crosby for for a few years so I know everything that goes on around these parts of town so that means everything you know you was asking me do I need help getting to where we going to my aunt about I’m from here but you know a lot of emotions definitely you know kind of start it’s a repeat of my head just a lot of these streets and then I remember exactly when that McDonald’s right there next door first opened it was like it was like a Disneyland for us as kids when they opened up I remember that that point I’m you know this is always been a part of me I have not I mean you guys know me I haven’t had time to sit back in I just made my first statement about what it even means to be a part of vehicle be a Laker the other day I’m not sign of a month ago I haven’t had really no time to really reflect on anything that I’ve done in my career but but I can sit here in 2 seconds and say it was a heck of a run obviously you know my first year when I came here I had I can’t even I didn’t believe that we can even compete for a championship and we took the Warriors full game sticks to my first you’re here and losing all star point guard and all star power forward I’m in the same playoff run and I’m and then being able to and I’ll come back the following year and didn’t win it and break the going to call the street but that the dropped break to draw the 50-plus yard Route that this city had endured few hours throughout the history of sports and then to add two more Championship runs to it for years I think it was a mess it was more than we think we all could imagine it was my goal my goal was to come back in to win a championship because I feel like I had something booked left unturned but to say that I would have knew either four straight finals with all the turnaround do we had, I could imagine it no matter if you’re doing it by yourself or you doing it you know what your fam especially it’s kind of and I was talking to cover my friend today is kind of a Bittersweet moment for myself because I want to hand them over at the school you know where you know I would love to be here every single day with my schedule and then another and I’m starting a new journey in my life where I’m going to other coast but you know when you have the support system you have so many people around you that’s helped you along the way you know you don’t have to ever travel alone so it makes the transition a lot easier we always have these like he’s brainstorming I don’t think meetings for that sounds too like formal we can have these brainstorming discussions School kind of came up and you know she can Michelle kind of looked at me and know what the notion of we’re not really really really ready to do that but I gave her the the command to like go do it and so I told her to go do it then it’s nothing that she can do if I tell her to go build a rocket to take his outer space Michelle can make that happen and you obviously do that through the grace of God Odyssey 1 Akron public school system and in the city Akron in the infrastructure that we have is so many people that helped us along the way so many different sponsor to help this long away I never see her today and one of our classroom so you know what’s up I’m leaving mama well I mean I wanted to keep it as consistent with I went through when I was a kid if possible and I understand you know the mental state that goes in with these kids where they come from well some of the trials and tribulations that they go through so I wanted to keep it as consistent and a hat and an ass authentic till when I was a kid, I just I remember being there like I said what I stated in the earlier and having some of the same nail pitfalls and in on good times and bad times and whatever the case may be as the other mentors in and everybody in place to help them to get to that point I’ll take a kid first notion is to be around people that when they feel like we take care of you that’s what kids want to know that you care about me and and we do here I mean so you know the greatness is going to be up to us to make sure we keep tabs on them everyday you know keeping them up to speed keeping them engaged and then having a lot of fun too I think learning should be fun as well we want never feel like today showed up to work would have felt they show until family reunions you know and I know you get so many great things out of there what does school mean to you back then vs. now I was late back there I mean I miss 82 days and there was just no way I could even attend school I was going to Harris Elementary that’s on top of North Hill and I was living on the west on moon Street which is by Lane’s field if anybody know where I played for the South Rangers and my mom and have a car and we have stability eunos day today we’re out of nowhere I’ll be living so is no way I could even get there you know what it was it was a surprise when to me when I woke up and I was actually going to school you know so I just felt like everyday I was waking up and I just had a bunch of time of nothing I mean I don’t have any siblings you know I had a lot of family members that were going in and out and things of that nature but it was just not empty days and 3 nights and it’s kind of a no future thought process to just kind of living in the moment so this is how I was what does that word mean absolutely I mean about 4 or 5 months ago we started to see everything coming to place and do it at the time it was going to be right on you know Michelle Continue to update me throughout the season and everything was coming into place and this is this weird how how timing is it just works and you know everything started to fall in place some of the things that we had to get approved on time you know some of the things I wanted to do was on time this building became available at the right time and was able to do some construction in and everything was just fall into place in front of falling right at the time line and that’s when we all kind of knew that this was this was going to happen on the both sides and the donation where did the idea come from are you proud of that and it was it was a tough decision Michelle kind of broke I do it for me that we wanted to kind of do you want to have all my shoes she didn’t give me the reason at first I was like like you know how I am about my shoes I give you a hundred fourteen pair of my shoes and you what do you do with them I have a plan I have a plan no you’re playing I’m not giving it to you but I’m always trust in her and then when she came with the idea and her thought process of what she wanted to do with the shoes I was like oh absolutely I mean if you need 200 I’ll give you 200 pair of shoes I really fit like a hundred plus but this is unbelievable for me to actually wear the shoes for people to actually be able to you’ll be a part of it get their name above the shoe today that they purchase again for the proceeds to go through our foundation just benefits the kids anything that benefits to kill them all for expected Yearwood with the Lakers why do I did my due diligence after season pros and cons of a lot of different things including the Cavs and including Philadelphia Clooney Los Angeles and um you know so it wasn’t as quick as it may seem it just wasn’t as July 9th as it was before so you know after the kind of talking to my family more anybody I feel like this was the next journey in my next step in my journey and I mean what my expectations are for the team we don’t we don’t have any right now but we definitely be better than we were in the previous year you know have Championship when it comes to the championship habits that doesn’t mean you can bring another championship but that mean you practice Excellence everyday and I expect that from the only myself but for my teammates that’s what Jenny that’s what magic that’s what the one that’s what Lucas on the one hand we shouldn’t sell yourself short of that so you know I think there’s going to be months will be really good at going to be month we’re not so good and that’s what’s going to become from just familiarity we’re not Royal new to each other besides ball Ingram cool do back I believe that’s the returning class that’s there and I but everybody else is all so new to this to the system so we will see what happens with that but as far as us there’s no reason that you become a Laker Yankee you become part of me and you become part of some franchise and clubs and you don’t think about winning championships or winning you know at the highest level that’s that’s just what that’s what the history thank you guys thank you all for coming
LeBron James spoke at the opening of the new public school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The appearance marked the first time James has spoken publicly since leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

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