Legal Experts: Michael Cohen Claims On Trump Are ‘Enormous’ And ‘Criminal’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Legal Experts: Michael Cohen Claims On Trump Are ‘Enormous’ And ‘Criminal’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Welcome back and we’ll get right to it while his day comes to an end in Argentina tonight the president started his day in the usual manner attacking the Mueller investigation on Twitter quot. Did you ever see an investigation in search of a crime? When will this illegal, Joseph McCarthy style witch-hunt, one that has shattered so many innocent lives ever end, or will it just go on forever? Well, not long after that, we learned that his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, is now for the feds and confirming he was in fact. In touch with the Kremlin during the campaign, and then some listen to two prominent lawyers on two different networks tonight, both Neil Conti, all the former Chief government lawyer before the soup in court and Jeffrey toobin, the CNN legal analyst and author. Both men were asked how big they thought. Today’S news was. I think we very well could look back on this day November. 29Th. 2018, the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency as criminal. This is the president campaigning in 2016 and hiding all his negotiations with Russia and not the Russian, like businesses like Marriott Hotels or something, but with the Kremlin itself in the number two person, as you were saying that the Kremlin today’s the first day, I actually thought Donald Trump might not finish his term in office, and I think this thing is enormous in the Russia investigation. So far, the New York Times points out today that mother has quote issued more than 100 criminal counts against 33 people and three companies. They include colon former Trump campaign, AIDS, dozens of Russians in the president’s former National security advisor. So far there have been 7 guilty pleas. We should know that lobbyists and patents charge stemmed from Miller what was brought by prosecutors in Washington. We’Ve asked Frankfort, luzi and Jeremy bash to remain with us for just a few more minutes to take a few more questions. Jeremy, it appears the president will never put pen to paper and sign a bill that protects Robert Mueller. But do you think mother has de facto protections of his own now and are you convinced he already has left an unbreakable and indelible mark on this presidency? That’S far, unquestionably – and I think also with Democrats taking control of the house of, and people like Adam Schiff now in control of the house intelligence committee they’re going to want to accelerate the employee because of course they were lied to. They were lied to by Michael Cohen, as evidenced by today’s criminal information, and they were lied to by others. Another Point here, Prime, which is ours, was the individual who broke. Were the original business deal between Putin and Trump to build Trump Tower in Moscow? He was also the person who reached out to Don Jr through Rob gold to say the Russian government delegation wants to come talk to you about what the Russian government is going to get in exchange for all this help, namely relaxation of the magnitsky sanctions, and so The to Trump Towers – and I’ve said this – is a tale of two Trump Trump Tower. Moscow in the Trump Tower meeting in New York are inextricably linked, and this is what Bob Mueller knows about and is what he is zeroing in on Frankford bluesy again, the part of your resume that deals with counterintelligence. What does it say to you? That Cohen was talking to a guy in the Kremlin, a guy who had to say to Cullen. Hey, we probably shouldn’t do this over e-mail. Can you give me a call instead understand the significance of this right, even if Michael Cohen did not so you’re talking to the assistant to the press secretary for Vladimir Putin, the end you’re communicating via email, presumably via email, that is government, Russia, government, email and the Responses – hey, we shouldn’t be doing this on email, I’m going to give you a phone number to call me hun. This is a clue in the FBI. This means that you’re moving to a more covert music location, and why are you doing that? Because it’s the Russian government, because you’re not supposed to be talking business with that, because it’s covered by intelligence services and your move being moved to a line that they don’t think is covered. But ironically, when you, when you’re person, you’re talking to announces the phone number for you to dial your giving other intelligent services, but number that you should Now cover so we’re talking about the president running for the Donald Trump running for president United States. While his attorney, while his family, getting brief on business negotiations with an adversarial government,
How big of a deal is the latest Cohen bombshell legally for this president? We talk about what could come next from Mueller with Jeremy Bash & Frank Figluizzi.
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Legal Experts: Michael Cohen Claims On Trump Are ‘Enormous’ And ‘Criminal’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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