Lemon, Cuomo praise Alicia Keys for Grammys performance

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Lemon, Cuomo praise Alicia Keys for Grammys performance
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Lemon, Cuomo praise Alicia Keys for Grammys performance
If sex, color and Creed and be replaced by Savvy confidence and character, we won’t be merely great again. We will achieve the greatness. That was imagine for us when America first came. You know that’s back when all the Great Men wore capes. Now we only have one and his name is the Don Don Lemon, and I give you her now. Thank you for that. I do have to say I was watching. I could have been prouder of Alicia Keys and I don’t know if you knew that she was doing that to Memorial to pay tribute to the late great Hazel, Scott beautiful, and I’m so glad to do that because I like to look at these things this week. Cuz, I’m weird right and I like to go on the internet and search things, but Hazel Scott was the first woman black woman to have her own television show is called Hazel Scott show and it was on Dumont Network remember that years ago. So she had that that was before my time, even before your time to shoot for the first, but then she got she fought for civil rights, but then she got caught up with the whole. You know Red Scare being called the Communists and she denied what TV show was canceled in many ways. Her her career went down because of that. But Hazel Scott was a legend and a genius and I think Alicia Keys paid could have paid a better tribute to to her and why she’s, not more people, aren’t saying that. But I think maybe it’s one of the few times you’ve ever seen a star hosting an award show that was equal, caliber star to the other stars were getting Awards in the show, and you don’t get better than Alicia Keys. Just thought that she was so perfect and that’s not an easy job. You and I do it all the time, I’m seeing events, let alone one of that scale and scope, and she just did in a way I’ve never seen before, and it was better than anything before and I felt the same way about Diana Ross. Put up a picture of Don and Diana is that this was a business as closer and listen. I’M not assuming. I got this close to Diana Ross at a party two summers ago and I cannot get a review. You don’t, like kids, uses cream over the Beatles right. I was like she was amazing. She still got it. She is about the same age as my mother and that generation just no one, does it better, redefines the age her voice. In the beginning, I was like nervous cuz. I got like the hardest thing. I remember when I had to do. Nessun Dorma Pavarotti dropped out that is nobody’s listening and how do you get the crowd and Acoustics are off and then you know there’s a vibration in your ear for it she was awesome. Last night Tracee Ellis Ross. I just love her. I think she’s amazing. I think she’s to me she’s, like the spitting image of her mom, but actress actress, just a comedian, comedic, actress, serious dramatic actress. There’S I don’t think there’s anything that she’s a fashion icon, she’s, also an activist what a message last night. I know for the masses for the masses, so I just have to let you know when you were talking about that. I don’t get me wrong. I love me some rap and hip-hop, but I also love to hear some people sing and I think we lost that for a while. I think it’s coming back, especially being in LA making my point I love to hear all of it. I think it should be inclusive. I want to hear rap. I want to hear hip-hop, but I also want to hear someone who can who doesn’t need to be auto-tuned right. We can actually see truly hard. She doesn’t have to pretend it to make it up. She came up hard, kept her dignity and for her to win female for not female, where women are marginalized yet, but she owned it and woman playing the piano down at the beginning of the show just so I think it was a great night for women. It was a great night for rap and hip-hop, and especially to a cardi B, and it also a great night for the country, fair country, music, at these at the parties before the country folks were performing. Such I mean the music is just so beautiful makes me want to go in and start listen to Country again, because I stopped for a all right and I just listen to rap and hip-hop. But I want to go back and listen to Country again, and I want to hear some great soul, singers and R & B singers, like like Alicia Keys again, and I want to give course I want to hear cardi B. How did they do? Well, I don’t even care, I don’t care Diana Ross. Is the best talk singer that if you, if you ever need me, just call me so she doesn’t have to sing. She can just she is Miss Ross. She can do it he’s amazing. She looks great our family all singing along everything, about everything about it. Last night I was surprised that the women 130 something over, but it feel like they dominated you know at the top of the categories. I think we saw women so well-represented, even JLo adistar turn they are doing the Motown stuff. I know there’s some controversy surrounding that, but for her that was a big that was a big deal Obama. I got a bunch of news, but it’s good with positive stuff. Everybody came together and it was great and that’s how it should be. This is America
CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo recap some of their favorite moments from the 2019 Grammy Awards. #CNN #News

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