Les Moonves is out at CBS

breaking news Les moonves the embattled head of CVS who has faced sexual misconduct allegations in recent weeks including allegations by six women new allegations just published today is out his exit part of an ongoing corporate battle for control CVS and we are just getting some new details of the settlement that was reached Brian stelter is joining us with these details Brian broke the story earlier today this is something here there will be a $20 donation to The me-too Movement quality programs to support equality for women in the workplace and it’ll come out of my big paycheck however much he ends up making that’s right is one of the ways that CBS is trying to be on the right side of history at this moment in time Ronan Farrow story comes out in the New Yorker with detail allegations of harassment by moonves the company did not suspend him he did not sit down fast forward 6 weeks a second story comes out from Vero today 6 more women even more disturbing and now it’s 7:30 eastern time moonves is out this is effective immediately it’s just been confirmed by the company one of his deputies will be taking over in an acting capacity but let’s just recognize the steaks here this is a CEO of a fortune most powerful men in media one of the best paid men in media all of a sudden out of his job largely because of these me to allegation but also because about courtroom Cortland Court boardroom battle that’s been going on for a month with regards to that the other side of the company is going to be shaken up in a big way with regards to moonves he is now potentially going to make a lot of money that’s a big question mark going forward tell about the fact that even is this was being negotiated in the last several days or weeks that let’s move this could lead with leave rather with tens of millions at one point they were times does pending but do we know what ultimately that number could be earlier in the day will be over $100 but the giant out here which is been confirmed by CBS is it all of these car payoff will be on hold until the law firms are investigating the claims against him finish their work in those law firms they’re not going to be done anytime soon so essentially CBS is delaying the really awkward questions about how much movies will be paid later but the headline they can take away tonight is it he is leaving and tens of millions or a hundred million dollars when he’s been accused by women not just anonymously all those are serious too but women claiming harassment claim in a salt some of these cases are from decades ago more recent hot together it’s a damning portrait of misconduct by one of the most powerful man in TV stations that are published today in Ronan story story some of the women in these are handled the back way I decided I had to say today is not so today we do see Botox in the company says it any payment to move in the future will depend upon the cost of the independent investigation appreciate it thank you
CBS chief executive Les Moonves is exiting the company, effective immediately, amid a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations.

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