Lesbos: Migrants in limbo

Lesbos: Migrants in limbo
Lesbos: Migrants in limbo
Welcome to reporters Kia on front side, cattle France, 24 in English, twists and turns very few and positive. Is that many many real mental health issues? What made you Clap the song to look into the story on that humanitarian organizations were raising the alarm about what they calling a mental health crisis in lesvos, and we discovered children as well as teenagers were self-harming even attempting suicide. So we just wondering, what’s going on inside Moria Camp license therapy through play. These children have been off to pick up something green if they feel happy understone. If they feel sad, the humanitarian organization and assess is running a therapy class to help children deal with their emotions for Ross, not to film Dustin Emeril’s project chess board of these children of famous Kennestone. Before that parents decided to take them to Europe after crossing the sea from Turkey, they found themselves in the Greek island of Bantam Bagels, frequent, bedwetting, nightmares, angry behavior and refusal to talk common problems and MSS says it’s increasingly seeing children and teenagers who have self-harmed for Attempted suicide if there is no breast, if you have already if it come from country of contract, if you have a journey and now are here in a place where it’s cold last week, where is raining where there is no privacy where you have to share, send With another family that you don’t know, if there’s constant noise, constant lights, there’s no rest for the children leave office at the clinic in Moria Camp facility, Somali grants and refugees. Syrian woman and her daughter also live in the camp will call her tomorrow, but that’s not her real name. She asked us to conceal her identity. Nepal stop husband, 3 months ago, bucolic the helping to be transferred to better accommodation. So now they’re stuck in Moria. We wanted to see what’s going on behind the Camp’s wolves, we have authorization to enter for 45 minutes. everybody submit to The Authority near me. Account manager is an army. General came out of retirement 2 years ago. What is affix PlayStation Vue takes us to the area where unaccompanied minors list a seventeen-year-old from Afghanistan tells us at night. He doesn’t feel say what happens at night 2 days before on visit a 15 year old migrant got drunk and set fire to pontiff account. No one was injured, we told the visit is over to see the rest of the camp. With the majority of migrants live, the migrants spend their days waiting. Sometimes, tensions boil over to Afghan women are in a fight over who was for in line to see the doctor. We told it’s time to stop filming and leave, but a nice can man approaches us seem to show us where he lives. Could we leave behind to see what the Afghan and his family live Cedar house, my wife might one baby 7 family hair shipping container, where was school today, announced the count and migraines living in plants and up that they had we’ll plan to move off Lesbos quickly. On to Mainland Greece and other European countries, but they’re stuck waiting while their Asylum applications processed Meats from Iraq dressed in Disguise, we slipped through a hole in the fence six months already. What is something that you that the typo accolades app trees and make things Journeys to the European Union has a weight that hope is disappearing away from the camp safe private place. We meet up with them all and her husband. He was jailed after joining a protest against Bashar al-assad in the early days of the Syrian conflict. Call Estella agency Zoe in Greek Kuni, 2 coin, Trick Daddy when he was released, the family, reunited and left Syria immediately Seiya Japan, hello, welcome husband. What is to get treatment 107 year old has refused to Tulsi nearly two years. She was traumatized by the bombings during the battle for raqqa. You see like how they play, but she doesn’t play she sexy. Okay., Don’t worry, although there is a waiting list appointment on Tuesday yeah. I know Ventura joined a waiting list for psychological treatment, but they wonder how can I mental health ever improve while they living in Maury account they skate to Walser in medicine, Land and Sea? Now there, unless Boston, like thousands of others, they almost run out of Hope. A report bike laptop Clarity, report East Side that these people have come from such a horrible situation think you’ve ever getting some hope. I don’t seem to been taken away going out soon, as they arrived in Greece with still a glimmer of hope. They left the travel fall and I got show the scars on his forehead self pump. Vicks help these these youngsters call Amy Selena, which of the main town in lesbos, overwhelmed, played a psychiatrist and psychologist and counselor turn off vertical sources. Some of the time they have to go, see translators and I also need more manpower. I spoke to one of the few psychiatrist and he said to me: I can help people with the problem is that situation isn’t changing, they are still having to wait for their Asylum applications to be processed and well that situation remains uncertain. It’S a very difficult child for psychiatrist, mental health professionals, mental health professionals onto the island. Everyone is saying is that overcrowding in Maria is a big big issue. So what can we do about that speed up the application process for Asylum, but that’s not easy, because Grayson official coming out of its own economic crisis, another thing is: transferring more people from the island to the mainland to other parts of Europe. You need political well in Brussels and the member states, if you need to get that done with a very tricky problem. What’S really important remember is that these people are living in very difficult conditions, and that is exacerbating the troll. Thank you very much. Do you can see if cool and swords were pulled by a website from Sam & Cat adult come? Look the English click on reporters? You find the report that class. Thank you very much into this report.
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FRANCE 24’s reporters Claire Paccalin and Zohra Ben Miloud explore what humanitarian organisations are calling a mental health crisis among migrants and refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos. They say the 5,000 people living in Moria Reception and Identification Centre, a camp run by the Greek government, are particularly affected by poor living conditions and a sense of hopelessness.

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