Liberal poll numbers rebounding after SNC-Lavalin scandal

Liberal poll numbers rebounding after SNC-Lavalin scandal
Liberal poll numbers rebounding after SNC-Lavalin scandal
Liberal suffered a massive blow in the wake of the sncf are, but numbers are showing a rebound from Ottawa with war. You show what do the latest number say tell us what this liberal yeah Marcia good morning to you. The recovery started a couple weeks ago and it really seems to be gaining steam, I’m going to bring up the board and show you where your, where we’re at right now, these numbers, according to Nanos research, UC, the lip Inn at 36 % they’re the conservatives at 30, the NDP at 19, The Greens at 8 and Maxine Bernie’s party at about 2 %. You know what we have heard from Nick Nanos is that the Liberals really doing well women. In fact, women, the weight of the female vote has a really helped the Liberals. The men, however, haven’t really budged. All that much but pulls are poles and poles are different. If you look at the latest numbers from anger, read it does show the conservatives. In fact I with about 38 % support and the Liberals at 8:30. So how do you make sense of this wilshere’s? Here’S? What Angus Reid to say is that, but even though that they’re they’re saying pretty much the opposite thing we’ve, what Angus Reid is noticing is that the Liberals are starting to move up. So it seems that a lot has changed after the whole snc Affair. The dialogue is changing and Liberals are seeing forward momentum, but again polls are polls and the election is still far away. Marcia vote based on the party and the Prime Minister, and that has a lot more weighing than a local representative, take a look at how different Justin, Trudeau and Andrew Scheer are Justin Trudeau, 33 % Diane Andrew Scheer 23. So that’s a 10-point gap that is quite significant and an NDP leader or anything Falls in at third place at 9 % and Elizabeth may just one Point behind at a maximum Bernier at 2. So you know, I think that what a lot of people are going to be watching as over the next couple weeks and months as we approach October 17th, is what kind of gains will Andrew Scheer be able to make showboy? Thank you will see you next.
Michel Boyer has the latest on polling numbers that show Liberal support has rebounded after the SNC-Lavalin scandal.


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