Liberal support unchanged after SNC-Lavalin ethics report, polls suggest | Power & Politics

Liberal support unchanged after SNC-Lavalin ethics report, polls suggest | Power & Politics
Liberal support unchanged after SNC-Lavalin ethics report, polls suggest | Power & Politics
Summer is almost over, which means election season is about to go into overdrive. According to our own countdown clock, we are exactly two months away there. It is from voting day in this week. Can you report last week controversy? How much do Canadians care show us? Your number, so the pool tracker averages are almost entirely or their majority taken up by these post snc-lavalin. We not seeing much moving will take a look at the numbers where they stand right now and right now we have just under 34 % to live in in the margin of error kind of stuff. Any Democrats at 14 % degrees, are now at about 11 Bloc. Quebecois at 4 and people’s party at 3, so overall, when you’re looking at those numbers, really not seeing a lot of movement a lot of stability, I certainly not the kind of reaction in the pulling them that we saw back in February decline. That happens right in mid February and we’re just not seeing that not yet Welford lives. Right now will start in western Canada, which is not working out as well in the course, but in western Canada you can see the conservatives and liberals in British Columbia. The greens, of course, have a good amount of support very good spot, but the numbers in British Columbia are the interesting ones, because that is one of the Battlegrounds we can be looking at and it’s almost at four-way race leaves flip over to Central in Eastern Canada. This is where the Liberals are really in a strong position, because they still actually hold the lead in Cheerio. The conservative numbers that we’ve been seeing there are just not picking up a lot of that does seem to be related to Doug, Ford’s own unpopularity and then in Quebec. You’Re, seeing same kind of race for the Liberals are in first place. The conservatives are in second at the Block into third, and then grass and greens are fighting for that fourth position in finally, Atlantic analytical still holding a lead out there over the conservatives, the greens still favored to win the most seats. We look at these see, projection numbers right now. It is still more or less a toss-up. You put, the two parties are neck-and-neck in terms of who would likely win. The most seats for the littles are narrowly ahead again because they can win 4550 seats in and they can win most of the seats in Ontario. Just because of that got that have over the conservatives. New Democrats right now we’re in a position where up to half of the caucus is really in danger: block of aquatic knocking on the door of official party status. With those 12 seats, the greens are in a good to the pick up a 2 3 4 5 6
Several polls taken after the ethics watchdog’s report into the SNC-Lavalin controversy suggest news that Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act hasn’t hurt the Liberals’ popular support.
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